Why Does My Circular Saw Keep Stopping (Dewalt & Ryobi)

Circular saws are common power equipment in the woodworking and construction industries. The circular blade cuts through wood, plastics, metal, and other substances at rapid speeds. Circular saw blades, on the other extreme, frequently cease rotating when slicing through your material. 

Most individuals are unaware of how to use a saw properly and then they think about why does my circular saw keep stopping. This is more probable to be the reason for the saw’s inability to operate.

why does my circular saw keep stopping

So, if you have the question: why does my circular saw keep stopping? here’s your answer. There are a few possible causes for this, but don’t fret; it’s a simple repair.

 It can stop working if the saw’s motor isn’t functioning properly. However, other variables, such as cable challenges, voltage problems, and so forth, could also be at work.

We’ll tell you why your circular saws keep halting midway in this article, and we’ll also show you how to solve it!

Factors Causing The Circular Saw To Break Down

A Circular saw halt can be caused by a variety of factors

1. Pinching of Blades

Your circular saw blade is most likely to stop spinning because your workpiece is pinching it. The blade may potentially kick back because of this.  Kickback is a reaction to an uncontrollable portable tool that lifts and out of the workpiece towards the operator because of a pinched blade. Tool misuse and/or inappropriate operating techniques or conditions cause kickback.

2. Gritty Circular Saw Blades

This issue of blades is the most common of all the problems. Edgeless or rough blades make it difficult for the saw to operate effectively. Working with worn blades is also difficult and complex.

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 Blades that haven’t been sharpened are prone to becoming stuck even before cutting. As a result, even if the other parts are in good condition, your saw may suddenly stop working.

3. Negligible Power

If the saw you’re using isn’t powerful enough to cut through an object, it won’t be able to do work and will keep halting. Most circular saws with a 7-1/4-inch blade have a power draw of around 65 watts.

Some versions, however, require up to 90 watts. As a result, ensure that your saw is powerful enough to cut through the material you’re working with. The blade will continue to stop until it receives enough electricity.

4. Failing or Dysfunctional Motor

Another possibility for why your circular saw keeps stopping is that the engine isn’t working properly. Check to see just how many times your corded circular saw stops while cutting wood if it has a motor problem.

5. Workpiece That Isn’t up to the Quality Standard

The use of an incorrect workpiece can cause the saw to cease working. If you utilize a workpiece that is thicker than the saw’s true depth capacity, it may become stuck.

Furthermore, you must inspect the workpiece to see if it contains any knots. The wood knots may cause the blades to come to a halt and be squeezed. More than likely, you’ll need to double-check that your work item is properly supported.

6. A Very High Voltage

In some situations, the electric source sends out exceptionally high voltage, which can be dangerous. High voltage eventually breaks the insulation of the power code, causing the saw to run out of current. This can potentially cause the motor to overheat and stop.

7. Frayed Power Cord

The circular saw will keep halting if the power connection is not correctly attached. You must make sure that the circular saw and the power outlet are properly connected.

why does my circular saw keep stopping

Check if the cables are still securely joined while cutting with your circular saw. Pause the saw and adjust the cables to make a very good connection if you notice any loose wires or connections.

Ryobi Circular Saw Blade Not Spinning

The restricted power capacity of your Ryobi circular saw is a common cause of it halting. When slicing a big, heavy workpiece, a larger circular saw blade may be required.

Unless you already have the 4.0 Amp battery, the Ryobi circular saw is perfectly adapted for thinner materials; however, if you have a much more long-lasting battery, you will be prepared to tackle stiffer materials.

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A worn-out blade, blade thickness, workpiece pinching blade, missing clutch bolt, or motor fault could also be the cause if power isn’t a concern.

Dewalt Circular Saw Keeps Stopping  

DeWalt circular saws are superb. They are light, precise, and come with a wonderful electric brake. Another aspect that appears to be a safety feature is that the saw appears to stop whenever the material pinches or becomes too thick.

This appears to be a kickback prevention function. However, if the Dewalt Circular Saw stops working, it could be due to a variety of issues such as the uncharged battery, blade issue, material problem, or a cable issue among others.


What causes circular saw to halt and smoke?

Smoking can be caused by an improperly set circular saw blade. Typically, it’s only a few millimeters. The teeth of the blade flare slightly to reduce friction. If your blade set is interrupted in any way, the body of your blade may come into contact with the wood during the cut, resulting in heat and smoke.

Why does my circular saw blade stop spinning?

If your motor spins but the blade does not, this signifies that the blade has lost contact with the shaft. Make sure that the blade is centered and aligned with all the locating pins if your saw has some. Then, using the necessary wrenches, secure the screw.

Wrapping up Stopping of Circular Saws

One of the most challenging tools to deal with is a circular saw. It’s regarded as a thorny member of the family. To prevent it from malfunctioning, operating with it necessitates a great deal of care and attention.

However, it may quit working for a variety of reasons if not properly cared for. Luckily, you now have all the reasons and possible fixes that you can imply to make your tool the best in its case. 

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