What To Do With Old Circular Saw Blades – 3 Amazing Tips

Are you a person who doesn’t what to simply dispose off your circular saw blades but to make something creative out of it? Well, disposing of the blades isn’t a good idea that you can hop on. Sometimes there’s a lot you can find to do with your elderly blades.

The blade is the part of the circular saw which is quite expensive. No matter how durable it is, it too has a life span that reaching that you cannot make better use of it with the machine. So the question here is What To Do With Old Circular Saw Blades when you don’t want to simply throw them in the trash can?

What To Do With Old Circular Saw Blades

If you’re also bothered by this question, then you don’t need to anymore. We are here with a solution to your query. In this article we’ll share some creative and great ideas with you, using which you won’t be left with these pertinent thoughts of making the best use of your saw blade.

What Indicates Old Circular Saw Blades?

The blade is the sturdiest component of the circular saw. Its life span is expected to be more than the rest of the parts of a circular saw. But no matter how long it rips of materials, it also needs to be changed after a while. But you might be thinking when do you need to change it? Well, there are several ways that indicate when your blade needs to be swapped. 

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Quality of cuts

What use of a blade is if it doesn’t make accurate cuts? If your circular saw blade is giving you a hard time while making cuts, or the quality of cuts that you achieve isn’t up to the mark, that’s the very time when you need to change it. 

You may face difficulty in following cut lines. The inaccurate and flawed trims can be annoying and can affect the diligence of your work done. So beware of the quality of cuts that your blade offers. 

Wood Burns

Another way to monitor the performance of your circular saw blade is through the burns it leaves on the woods. If you use the blade for wood cutting, examine the pieces thoroughly to ensure it doesn’t leave any burn marks. If you see any marks be sure that your saw blade is on the verge of its expiry and needs to be replaced.

Saw Uproar

We all know for a fact that metal and wood saws are rowdy while operating, but if you feel them becoming significantly noisier, it points out that the motor is struggling hard to deal with the job. And the motor faces hard times to operate when the saw doesn’t work at its full efficacy to deal with the work-pieces. 

Additionally, you can visually scrutinize the blade as well. If it looks rounded and seems to have lost its sharpness and pointiness, just switch it away. The blade starts losing its sharpness and becoming dull after an average sharpening of 15 to 20 times. 

Is It Possible To Recycle Old Circular Saw Blades?

If putting your circular saw blade in the blue is the option available near you, then you’re good to go. But if the case is another way around, you can simply go to the recycling centers to get the matter resolved. These centers have metal recyclable bins installed onsite. 

The recycling centers can happily accept your steel possessions because of the great value it holds as a metal. These recyclers know the best way to handle these sharp and dangerous metals.

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One more option is to take your rusted saw blades and sell them away in exchange for a few bucks to the metal dealer. This is the most suitable way to get rid of your old blades without any hassle of throwing them for free. 

Interchanging Old blades With New Blades

The idea of exchanging your old saw blades for new ones will not only save your money somehow that you spent on the blade, but you can get a new one at a discounted price as well. You can discover a company or a local business near you that offers these exchange deals. This way you can kill two birds with one stone by getting a new saw on the exchange for the older one. 

Re-using The Old Circular Saw Blades

You can re-use your saw blades easily by putting a little effort to sharpen them. You can get some sharpening tools easily that can hone the blade for re-use purposes. This is a great way to save money from buying a new one. If you feel like sharpening the saw isn’t your thing, you can simply go to nearby hardware or metal sharpening store. Or else you can get the work done from local vendors as well. 

How To Re-purpose Old Circular Saw Blades?

Old Saw Blades

If you’re a creative thinker and art and crafts lover, you must be wondering about what to do with the old circular saw blades that save the cost and go out of the box as well. You can get a lot of ideas of re-purposing your blades from websites like Etsy and Pinterest where a myriad of people have already displayed their re-purposed artwork. We would like to draw your attention to some of the re-purposing ideas that we liked.  

Turning Blades Into Home Decorative Pieces

One of the best re-purposing ideas is to turn your old circular saw blades into some creative decorative pieces. You can easily paint them at home after picking an art pattern from the internet. Use some cool colors to them look like modern and vibrant pieces of art. 

If you don’t know how to paint them or if you have a painter near you for that purpose who you think can handle the work better, go for it. An expert can add life to your old blades and can convert them to some elegant pieces that will help change the overall outlook of your home sections. 

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Another option that you can go with is to turn the blades into wall clocks. For that intention, you’ll need to have a clock mechanism, clock dials, and some paints to make it a little bit fascinating. 

Turning The Old Circular Saw Blades To Some Other Tools

If you aren’t an art lover and wondering what to do with old circular saw blades to make them look aesthetic yet useful, then cutting them to make other useful tools might be a better option for you. 

The first thing that you can make out of your saw blade is the pizza cutter. If you have a smaller-sized blade that can fit the size of a pizza cutter, we suggest tearing it apart to make one. The shaft and handle are the extras that you require to complete the task. 

Making the knives out of your bitter saw blades is the other idea you can go with. Depending on your spare time, you can choose to make your own knife. This will eliminate your time and efforts to go out for searching the type and size of your requirement. 

Circular saw blades are made up of some good quality steel that offers high durability. Converting that metal into knives will make them last longer than the ordinary ones. It is a great way of saving the spending on knives and the cost of old circular saw blades as well. 

Final Words-What To Do With Old Circular Saw Blades

It is expected that your query of what to do with old circular saw blades is answered well now. After looking through the whole article, you can choose the best way to get rid of the old blades. Otherwise, utilizing them in the best way options is available as well. If you have enough time to bring out your creativity and think out of the box to get some unique items out of your old tool, you can give it a shot!

I hope you have liked the article and now you know what to do with your old circular saw blades :p

FAQ’s-What To Do With Old Circular Saw Blades

What can I make from old circular saw blades?

There are several ways to utilize your old saw blades to create some amazing products. You can go for making some home decor pieces such as wall clocks and side table pieces. The other option is to cut them in order to create some knives out of them. 

How to paint on old saw blades?

The best way to paint your old saw blades is to pick any art design from the internet and start applying paints on it as suggested. If you don’t think you can paint diligently, you can get the work done by a painter. A skilled person can convert the blades to some elegant and aesthetic-looking pieces. 

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