What is XPS Technology on Dewalt Miter Saw?

It is asked quite often that what is DeWalt xps? so, DeWalt XPS technology works by projecting light up either side of the blade, casting a shade of the cutting tool in the working space. The shade sharpens, thickens, and reveals precisely how broad the cut would be when it’s done as the blade descends.

The light is hardwired within the saw’s current supply and does not require batteries. It does have its separate on/off button, which allows it to function even though the blade is not spinning. It not only casts a shadow, but it also illuminates the whole work area, improving the security and accuracy of the cuts.

Let’s look at the advantages and disadvantages now. This light is wonderful for giving a precise vision of where the cutting will be done, and the excess light is excellent for making a clean and secure work area. There have been no batteries to change because it is directly connected in. Because the light has its own on/off switch, it remains on even if the blade is really not whirling. That’s also useful when connecting it in to ensure that the outlet is operational. The long-lasting LED is simple to attach and would never ever have to be changed because to its sturdy metal frame.

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what is xps technology on dewalt miter saw

When it comes to the XPS technology dewalt light’s drawbacks, users have only one complaint: the shadow pattern can be dim or difficult to notice when it is operated in broad sunlight. Simple solutions for this issue include blocking the light or relocating the tool to a shadier location.

What is a Shadow Cut Line System?

The shadow cut line guide system unlike the laser guidance, this method functions in a completely different way. Dual led lights flash on each side of the tool’s blade, creating a shade on the sawing surface which allows you to see precisely where the cutting tool will create the cuts. The shadowing will be accurate even when the blades are changed. Woodworking pros favor the DeWalt DWS779 miter saw’s DeWalt XPS cutline feature over earlier laser light choices found on cheaper miter saws. The LED light comes placed right above the miter saw blade, having a shadow casted of the cutter kerf over the workpiece.

The XPS shadowing mechanism’s main benefit is that it allows you to function much quickly and effectively. You don’t need to continually check the saw to ensure that cutting line is exact, and the shadowing will alter as the blade changes. This is a boon for craftsmen who rely on their reputation for high work.

What is the Price?

The best part about this technology is that it isn’t limited to high-end devices. DeWalt has included the XPS shadowing cut technology in all of their latest miter saw versions, first in the DeWalt DWS774 gliding miter saw all the way up to the DeWalt DWS780 professional’s edition. It implies that everybody who purchase a latest model will get a system which is definitely ahead of lasers.

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A simple compound miter saw costs $100, whereas sliding blades miter saws cost $125. Miter saws including dual bevels begins at $200, while professional-level miter saws featuring extra capabilities can cost up to $800 but it all includes this shadow cutting technology so it’s worth all the money.

Is a 12 inches Compound Miter Saw Featuring XPS Technology?

The DW716XPS 12 inches Dual-Bevel Compound Miter Saw which comes with the XPS Light features an inbuilt XPS crosscut alignment mechanism for enhanced efficiency and transparency. This also includes stainless steel miter detent plates as well as a cam miter lock for repeated precision and durability.