What Is Friction Ring on Impact Wrench – Friction Vs Detent

Are you interested in knowing what is friction ring on impact wrench & learning more about friction rings and pin detents? Have a look at these details to help you!

If you are wondering about what is a friction ring on impact wrench, then keep reading. The friction ring impact wrench is designed to change sockets on a frequent basis. Most impact wrench users replace sockets far more regularly.

what is friction ring on impact wrench

What Is Friction Ring On Impact Wrench?

Friction rings are rubber rings that are used to keep the socket on the square; they are simpler and make removing the socket easier. It can be used in situations when more than one socket is needed.

You should prefer a friction ring if you don’t have a special necessity, the friction ring is compatible with any socket, extension, adapter, or other spiny device that has the appropriate drive size.

Friction rings are ubiquitous, and they function admirably in almost every application, including virtually every application seen in general maintenance.

Friction Ring Vs Pin Detent 

As pin detents and friction rings are both used for sockets, many people believe they are interchangeable and that you may use either one. However, you cannot ignore the notable difference between a pin detent and a friction ring.

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The friction rings are the rubber rings that keep the socket in place on the square, on the other hand pin detents are locking pins that keep the socket in place.

However, the dilemma of whether to use a pin detent or a friction ring comes in our minds. Read the following material to learn more about them and to make an easy selection between friction ring vs pin detent based on their finest characteristics.

Variety of choices

Friction rings come in a wide range of colors and sizes, and they’re quite versatile. You may pick from a variety of friction ring drills based on your budget and requirements, such as small, medium, and high-power drills. The detent pin does not provide as much flexibility as the friction ring, making it less appealing to users.

Installation comparison

When we examine the installation features of friction rings and detent pins, we find that installation is straightforward. Friction rings, on the other hand, are more pleasant and flexible than detent pins. As a result, friction pins are preferred over detent pins.

Removal Comparison

In terms of removing features, a friction ring is preferable to detent pins. The socket’s friction ring is easy to remove; you can do so at any time by applying a little force. Simply turn off the drill when it comes to a complete stop, then remove the friction ring out of the socket. After each use, you can remove it.

The detent pin does not have a removal feature; once it has been attached to the socket, it cannot be removed. It secures itself to the socket and remains connected. Because friction rings are easier to remove than detent pins, consumers favor them.

Cost Comparison

Friction rings are more costly than detent rings as friction rings are newer. If you’re a low-level user, the detent ring may be a better option than the friction ring because of the lower cost. Friction rings, on the other hand, are appropriate if you wish to simplify work with complex features.

Performance comparison

When it comes to performance, the friction ring is a standout. However, when you’re working, the friction ring might come loose from the socket owing to vibration. A detent pin is ideal in this aspect; once it is attached to the plug and properly secured by inserting the lock, it will not exhibit any effect no matter how much vibration you experience while working, and it will never dislodge from the socket unless you detach it manually.


Friction rings are more flexible than detent pins, and they also have more contemporary characteristics.

What does it mean by a friction ring kit?

It’s an actual replacement friction ring made by the original supplier, and it’s made for Milwaukee impact wrenches. It also helps maintain the O-ring on the anvil and in place. This friction ring is made of high-quality metal and offered singly.

What does it mean pin detent kit?

The ball or pin detent method is more durable than ring friction and secures the socket more firmly. However, releasing them is a terrible pain. When used on a fresh socket with a new gun, these are quite helpful and secure. Even if your hands are damp and greasy, it will multiply.

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How do you use a pin detent?

The pin detent is spring-loaded and aids in keeping the sockets on the driver. The sockets are held in place by a spring-loaded bearing on one side of the square end of the driver. You can tighten the ring, which might be beneficial or inconvenient, depending on how you replace the socket.

FAQ’s-What Is Friction Ring on Impact Wrench

How do you use a friction ring?

All the sockets are kept on the square by the friction ring. They are simple to set up and take down, and they may be utilized for a variety of applications.

What is better friction ring or pin detent?

Detent pins, such as those seen on ratchets, maintain the plug-in place with a spring-loaded ball, whereas friction rings keep the connection in place with a steel ring in the groove over the square drive. Friction rings are more finicky to fit into sockets to keep them on and off form and in better shape.

How do you remove a friction ring?

The socket’s friction ring is easily removable; you may do it at any moment by exerting a little pressure. Simply turn off the drill when it comes to a complete stop, then take the friction ring out of the socket. After each use, you may remove it.

Wrapping Up-What Is Friction Ring on Impact Wrench

For the socket of drill machines, detent pins and friction rings are commonly utilized. They help the socket while also enhancing overall function. Both are identical, yet the ways in which they retain the socket are vastly different.

 In the preceding material, we discussed some of the key distinctions between a detent pin and a friction ring. The friction ring has become increasingly common in recent years, and it performs better than the detent pin.

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