Our Privacy Policy

Our privacy policy is quite transparent. Keeping your privacy is our utmost priority. When you visit our website, information like your time zone, Ip address, and browser information is automatically collected by our system.

No other ambiguous information is extracted and we keep all the details hidden and do not share them with any third party.

Do Not Track:

We respect your privacy concerns and do not access any sort of data in case you turn on the ‘do not track mode’ in your browser.

Affiliation Partner

We are associates of Amazon Affiliate program and we earn commission on every qualifying purchase from our links.

Age Restriction

Our website content is not for users under 18 years of age.

Updates in Policy

Our privacy policy gets to change after a while. But to view the changes, you can visit the privacy policy page

We gather no extra information from your browser except for what is mentioned above already. Wish you a safe visit to our website!

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