How to Unlock Dewalt Miter Saw – 8 Steps Chop Saw Guide

Dewalt is one of the renowned power tools manufacturers available in the market. You can never run short of power using its innovative and durable tools. Miter saw ranks among the top tools of the brand that users never miss out on. 

If you just got your hands on its miter saw, you must be overwhelmed to you make in use to deal with a number of woodworking tasks. But one issue that most users face is how to unlock the saw to get your job started. But if you’re reading this, we already have you filled in for how to unlock Dewalt miter saw. 

How to Unlock Dewalt Miter Saw

You need to unlock the miter saw every time you use it. But once you’ve learned it, it won’t be a burden each time you go for unlocking it. Look through the whole guide and follow each step as it is and you’re good to go. 

What is a miter saw?

A miter saw or a chop saw is a stationary tool that every woodworker must-have. You’ll find it in the toolkit of both professionals as well as beginners. This versatile tool is used to make a variety of cuts i.e. crosscuts, angled cuts, bevel and compound angled cuts, etc. 

How To Unlock Dewalt Miter Saw-8 Steps

First thing first, start by unlocking the head. Look for a knob or pin on the top that keeps the head locked and block the heat and trap it inside. 

There’s no rocket science behind unlocking Dewalt Miter saw. All you need to do it do be a little more cautious when dealing with rotations of the knobs and pins. We’ll walk you through the whole process step by step. Just stick with us to make the most out of your Miter saw. 

1. Be aware of Your Tool First

Dewalt’s tools are a bit powerful and sometimes not so easy to handle. We suggest you read the user’s manual first in order to have deep knowledge about your machine. Because it will make the rest of the process easier for you if you about the proper functioning and components of the equipment. 

2. Head unlocking

First unlock the head. find a knob or pin on the top that keeps the head locked and block the heat and trap it inside. 

The pin is built with a metal sliding rail and you can find it easily attached to both inward and outward sides of the rail. The knob would easily come off if you apply some amount of pressure on it in order to unlock it. 

3. Free the Locks

After you’re done with unlocking the head, move down to deal with the downside locks. These locks are secured with knobs and you have to cope with these first to proceed with the system unlocking. 

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You’ll find these knobs smooth to handle. Exert the lightest force to push it down. And with that, you’re done with the third step of unlocking your chop saw. 

4. Deal With the Angles Locks

You can easily find these angle locks on the forepart of the Dewalt miter saw.  The purpose of unlocking them is to make it possible for you to deal with different materials such as wood by putting them in between objects. 

Initially, find the knobs that help to keep the angle locks fasten. These are either locked by knobs or pins that are fixed succession ally. 

how to unlock dewalt miter saw

You have to push the pin or knob, whatever is given in your model of the miter saw. Do it with the presiding finger of your hand and you’re good to go with a single push. 

5. Knurled knob Rotation

The next step is to twist the knurled knob. The knurled knob in the Dewalt miter saw is the easiest to deal with. You just rotate the knurled knob counterclockwise direction and boom, you’re all set!

6. Unlocking the Bevel

The bevel unlock depends on the bevel cut facility in your miter saw. If your model of Dewalt miter saw offers the bevel cut feature, you have to unlock it as well to make the cuts. There’s a variation found in bevel angle adjustment. One is tilted and the other is fixed. 

In the case of a fixed angle, there is no need of unlocking but in the case of a tilting angle, you have to unlock it. Dewalt miter saw commonly offers bevel cuts to be made at 45 degrees and 90 degrees. 

You need to find out the lever or pin that controls the locking mechanism of the bevel. Then push or pull it accordingly to release the lock. Then fix the bevel angle as per the need of your project.

7. Base Unlocking

If your model of saw has a moveable base, then you have to release it as well. The base is usually adjustable that offers added user convenience. It can be fixed as per the project demand and you can effortlessly deal with your wood pieces placed on it. 

You can find the adjustment knob locks at the bottom of the base. Rotate the knob and fix the base in whatever way you like and then lock it to that position. This knob adjustment will allow you to work on a fastened base without giving any interruptive sliding. 

8. Slider Unlocking 

For some of the Dewalt compound saws, you get a slider that is located on the base of the saw. You can slide your arm in inward and outward positions when the slider is released. To unlock the slider, rotate the slider in an anti-clockwise direction and fix it at your required position and you’re all set!

Some Issues of Dewalt miter saw and their solutions

After you’ve got an answer for how to unlock Dewalt chop saw, there are some issues that you may face with your equipment. These issues can vary from model to model. But you need not worry, we’re here with the solutions to those as well.

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Troble in tunring the miter saw on 

After unlocking of the components is done, there could be a power turn-on issue you might face. This can be caused when your saw is locked and needs to be unlocked to deliver power.  

You need to check if the lock-off button is released. If it isn’t, you need to set it free to activate it to avoid a sudden pause in the miter saw power. The other way is to look for the battery level and cord of the saw. Make sure that they don’t obstruct the power in any way.

Issues in the lifting up of miter saw

If you face any hurdle in lifting your miter saw up, look for the position of the pin. Move it inward or outward to make your saw released for the movement. 

If that doesn’t work, check if the blade guard or cover is clean or not. Sometimes dust is collected in the blade and cover cases the saw to stuck and doesn’t move upward. 

When the saw gets stuck

Likewise any other power tool, Dewalt miter saw can jam at times as well. In order to avoid any obstruction during the project completion, you need to fix the issue as soon as possible. 

how to unlock dewalt chop saw

This can be possibly caused when the bevel is not released when you’re working with your miter saws. You need to carefully do the adjustments and look for releasing the lock-on button in case it was pressed unintentionally. 

Precautionary Measures To be Taken to Unlock Dewalt Chop Saw

Dewalt’s tools are undoubtedly high in power and aggressive to deal with. Especially when it comes to the miter saw, you need to be more vigilant in order to avoid any accidents while using it. You can follow these simple instructions in order to make your work easy peasy and safe. 

  • Make sure you work in a clean and managed area while planning to deal with a miter saw. A lot of mess can cause hurdles in your work and can end up messing the workup. 
  • Be very careful when releasing the knobs and making adjustments. Try to do this when the saw isn’t plugged in. Otherwise, there’s a chance of you getting hurt by the current input in any way. 
  • Don’t forget to wear safety spectacles before you get to work. You never know when a wooden piece jumps off and hurt your eyes. 
  • Make sure that you clean the saw beforehand when planning to o adjustments. This will avoid any extra jams in the functioning of the Dewalt miter saw. 

Closing Remarks For How to Unlock Dewalt Miter Saw

We hope after going through this guide you’ll no longer be perplexed about how to unlock Dewalt miter saw. To make the most out of your work, try to follow all the instructions and safety measures carefully. There can be slight differences in your miter saw models, but the adjustments to be made are nearly the same. Follow the guide and make your tool work better for your dream projects!

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FAQ’s-How to Unlock Dewalt Miter Saw

How do you release a miter saw lock?

To release the miter saw lock you have to unlock it using the knobs. Locate the knobs in your saw and slightly push it to make it work. These knobs are easy to handle. You need to give a slight push and your miter saw is unlocked. And boom! you’re ready to go. 

Why is my chop saw locked?

In order to ensure the user’s safety, the chop saw comes in a locked position by default. All the adjustments are made by the user as per his requirement after opening it up. A chop saw is a powerful tool, so it comes in a locked state to avoid any sudden start-ups and unnecessary cuts. 

How do I unlock the chop?

To unlock the chop, you either have to look through the user manual or any of the guides. The unlocking system is easy to learn. The relevant knobs and pins are released or rotated as per the need. You have to learn it once and you’ll face no hurdles when you do it over and over again. 

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