How To Get Rid of Spray Paint Smell – 5 Steps Amazing!

Spray paint is something that we have all used at least once in our lives, and there is definitely no doubt about the fact that using it is not only incredibly easy but also very appealing to the eye which is why it is a must-have for everyone.

There are several benefits of using spray paints which are spread over a huge range, the first of which is that spray painting saves a lot of time when compared with normal painting. It also reduces paint wastage, thus making it cost effective and allows for a better finish and an even paint.

how to get rid of spray paint smell

But with all these benefits of a spray paint, not only comes beautiful looking walls with graffiti but also the horrific spray paint smell which is not very pleasant. Not only can it cause several health issues but can also be responsible for fatigue, headaches, and dizziness. In this article we will tell you how to get rid of spray paint smell.

Steps On How To Get Rid of Spray Paint Smell

Here are a few ways you can implement the next time you’re getting your house painted to make sure that the paint odor does not become a hassle to and your family.

1. Use Low-VOC Spray Paint

One of the most important things you can do to prevent your house smelling like paint all day is simply to use a spray paint which has contains less Voc’s, which when simply put are spray paints with lesser volatile organic compounds.

There are also several paints which claim to be entirely non-toxic, but as we know, that when we are talking about something like spray paints it is not always easy to keep away from the use of toxins. Hence, it is best to use spray paints with less or no VOCS.

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Even with non-toxic paints there are several options. One of them is a natural non-toxic spray which uses natural colors and is considered to be the best to use. Another option Is the zero non-toxic spray paint which although might not have zero VOCs but are still very efficient with bright colors and minimal harm.

There are also several other non-toxic spray paints, and many brands are jumping on the bandwagon of creating these to reduce pollution, health issues and ensure safety, as much can be guaranteed with spray paints.

2. Ventilate the Area Well

Nobody likes their house to be smelling like spray paint, but we all love to see a beautifully painted or sprayed wall, which is why we must deal with its repercussions, even when they might include ugly odor or constant headaches.

When an area is being spray-painted, it is viable that there is going to be a lot of smell at least until the paint dries down and thus, the next most important step after investing in a low VOC spray paint is to make sure that the room or wall which is being painted is ventilated to the maximum capacity.

The air which enters the room will direct the paint fumes outside the windows, making sure that there is no space for odor or harmful fumes. It is also highly recommended that one keeps all the windows and doors wide open while painting a house, as it ensures better and quicker drying of paint along with lesser pollutants within the room.

It is also recommended to use an air purifier and box fans while the painting is in process to ensure off-gassing. One can also paint in a temporary booth outside the home or warehouse thus firstly, the spray paint is not restricted within a room and secondly, there is minimal long-term exposure to the fumes.

Alongside that, portable booths for spray painting can be used anywhere and everywhere thus making sure that we don’t have to go through a lot of trouble to merely paint an area. Painting on a booth also makes it easier to clean, without being exposed to the paint fumes for a longer period. This way you will be able to get rid of spray paint fumes in house

3. Place Activated Charcoal in the Room

If you aren’t already someone who uses activated charcoal on a usual basis, then after reading this you will not only use it to get rid of paint fumes after spray painting but also use it for several other purposes.

One of the main things with spray painting is that with it come a range of volatile active compounds which are not appreciated because of the huge range of skin, respiratory and eye issues they create and here we bring you activated charcoal, which is the one step solution to these issues.

In a nutshell, activated charcoal is simply charcoal which has been processed through another heating step in the manufacturing process which rids the charcoal of its own impurities and increases the surface area of the charcoal, allowing more space for micropores.

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This makes it effective to catch odors which are not needed. The pores in the charcoal also do not provide any moisture, thus, the bacteria in VOC are simply left to die, which is surely a plus point for us.

You can use activated in several ways including by placing it in activated charcoal bags or even pellets and then placing those in the middle of the area you are painting in, inside a bucket. This will make it easily accessible to all the fumes and your room will smell great instantly.

It is also important to note that crushed charcoal will not be effective for this purpose and only using activated charcoal will do the trick to make your room smelling heavenly, without you doing a lot.

4. Using Air purifiers

We have already discussed the importance of ventilation and how letting air in is extremely crucial to get rid of toxic fumes. Often, when only simply using fans, windows and natural air does not work in getting rid of fumes, the best solution is to simply invest in an air purifier system.

Air purifier or systems are extremely helpful in neutralizing paint odors after you have spray painted indoors and are specifically made in a way that they remove contaminants from the air including allergens, chemicals, and odors.

how to get rid of spray paint smell

This may seem minuscule but is very important considering that the paint fumes can become a huge headache if not dealt with in due time.

Most new air purifiers also have a system where they not only remove contaminants but also break down the respective contaminants in such a way that when they throw the chemicals back into the world, there’s no to less bacteria, ensuring that no one must go through any harm. This is a great option to get rid of spray paint smell

5. Place Onion or Coffee Grounds in the Corner of the Room

If you’ve ever been to a shop with tons of perfumes, you know that they have a minuscule bottle of coffee grounds just to absorb the smell and give you a refreshing experience the next time to smell a perfume. Well, the same is the case for spray paints as well, although on a different level.

The coffee beans act as an eliminator for paint odor which will help in case the paint fumes get too overwhelming. You can place the coffee grounds in the middle of your room to absorb all fumes and they will also enrich the smell in the area.

Another thing which can be done to reduce the odor is by placing onions. This may seem very odd to some, but it works wonders, exactly like coffee. For this step one needs to cut the white or even yellow onions into pieces and then place these pieces across the room.

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They will eventually absorb the disgusting odor existing in the room and after keeping onion pieces overnight, you can easily dispose it the next morning.

These two strategies of using coffee beans and onions to reduce odor are extremely efficient but also very easy to do with materials already present within the home, making it so much more convenient and doable.

Frequently Asked Questions-How To Get Rid of Spray Paint Smell 

How long does paint smell last?

It can be quite a difficult task to get rid of paint odor but within usual circumstances, paint smell that too specifically spray paint smell can be removed within a couple of days, although the effect of it can linger in the house for weeks.

Standard paint smell usually takes fourteen to twenty-four hours in a week to be fully eradicated, even though when we use the correct ways, we can easily lower this rate down.

How to get paint smell out of a room?

Place a pail of water in the center of the room and let it be overnight to get rid of the paint odor. Fill small bowls halfway with water and add some lemon slices as another option. To absorb paint odors, scatter the bowls throughout the room.

Wrapping Up How To Get Rid of Spray Paint Smell

In today’s times, spray painting has received the much-deserved hype. It is more than easy to do and so accessible, but the odor that it leaves behind with itself is exactly why using several tactics to reduce paints is necessarily important.

The strategies include use of a low VOC spray paint, which has less to no pollutants and ventilating regularly, even after the paint has been dry for a long time. Another part of ventilation is also using air purifiers consistently which is surely effective.

Using onions, coffee grounds and even activated charcoal can also work extremely well to absorb the odor which is unwanted.

These steps are very important and should be taken to make sure that spray paint fumes don’t leave behind people with any harmful side effects including health problems that may be hard to deal with in the long term.

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