How to Cut Tree Limbs That are too High to Reach

Trees are considered an asset to our environment. They help to keep the environment clean, fresh, and healthy. We cannot deny the myriad of ways trees are significant for your surrounding. 

When going for the cutting or pruning, most of the time it gets challenging that how to cut tree limbs that are too high to reach. Especially if you aren’t arborvitae and can’t cut them standing upright. 

If these are issues you’re facing regarding the grooming and right care of the tree. This article is the right guide for you. If you stick right till the end, you’ll know every minor detail about the process.

How to Cut Tree Limbs That are too High to Reach

Why trimming Is Important?

The growth of trees is tremendously fast and heavy. It is very essential that you make sure they look beautiful and maintained. The maintenance adds more beauty and fascination to their appearance. That’s why its important to know that How to Cut Tree Limbs That are too High to Reach.

One of the best ways to add more to the beauty of trees is trimming and pruning. It is a method in which extra material like branches and limbs are removed. It ensures their productive and healthy growth.

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The right time for trimming

Most people are aware of the trimming and the cleaning of trees, but they aren’t aware of the right time to get this job done. The very right time to trim a tree is during winters. During winters, trees are in their slumber zone. 

They can contract pests attacks and diseases due to open woods during cold weather. So, in order to refrain from the transmission of diseases, it’s better that they’re taken good care of. 

The pruning isn’t restricted to season, you can do it whenever you feel like they cause any danger to their surroundings or just to make them look presentable and avoid any sort of hindrance.

Tools Guide – How to Cut Tree Limbs That are too High to Reach

Here’s our detailed guide about the tools you can use to cut high branches from the ground. You can use these types of equipment to make your job easier.

1. Pole Saw

Pole saw ideal to use for the branches having a diameter more than 11/2. It makes cuts by pulling the branches. It has an extendable pole that can approach branches with a maximum of 20 feet of height. 

Pole saw is available in both variants, manual and electric. But no matter which one you choose just remember, always start cutting the limbs with a suitable gap. This will avoid tearing off the branches.

2. Pole Pruner

Pole pruner is a type of pruner that comes with an adjustable length. The trees with branch diameter less than 2 inches are easier to cut with this. You can adjust the length of the pole as per the tree’s height. 

Pole pruners are of two types, telescopic or one with a fixed length. 

It is basically a tree trimmer with a feature of height extension. But when making cuts, it is essential that you pull the limbs incorrect direction. The wrong cuts can cause deeps wounds to the tree which is why you should know How to Cut Tree Limbs That are too High to Reach.

How to Cut Tree Limbs That are too High to Reach

3. Pocket Saw with a rope

Cutting the branches using a rope saw is one of the cheapest methods to get the work done. It is a chainsaw with blades attached to both sides of the chain. There’s a rope attached to either side of the chain. 

Just throw the saw over the branch you intend to get rid of. Pull the ropes to set the accurate position. Make sure that the saw blades are adjusted in the right direction. Drag the saw to the right point to be cut.

Once the adjustment is done, start pulling it from both sides with equal force. Pull it faster in order to get more accuracy and efficiency in the work.

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4. Ladder along with a pruner

Unlike the other conventional method of cutting the tree limbs, the ladder is used when you have to get rid of the branches above the ground. For this, get a ladder and adjust it against the tree trunk in a slanting position. 

The important thing in this method is the height and position of the ladder. Any mistake can cause a serious accident. 

Once the position is set, now start cutting the limbs with your desired tool. 

5. Bucket Lift

If reaching the height of the tree is a big deal and you don’t wanna go for other tools mentioned above, you can hire a bucket lift. Bucket lift is of different types and capabilities.

The trailer type can lift you for 4 ft. and the rest of the self-propelling types can reach 125 ft. But you can choose the right one in correspondence to your requirement.

6. Tree Climbing

One of the easiest ways to get rid of the tree limbs is to do it by climbing the tree. This way you can easily get the job done. But for climbing all the way up you need a climbing harness and a rope to approach the distant branches. 

But there are different tree structures and types of trees. For instance, some trees have delicate branches and can cause you to fall if you try to climb up. 

When climbing you need to carry the cutting tool along. You can use a pruner or saw with yourself. But try to carry it safely as any negligence can hurt you. After you reach the point, start making the cuts to get rid of extra limbs. 

While cutting the branches make sure to cut them properly without barks and splits that may affect the tree’s health and growth. 

7. Hire a professional

The main question shouldn’t be how to cut branches from a tall tree? but how to get the work done in a safe manner. 

The different trees have different structures that, if you are a novice to understand can cause some hurdles in the task. Secondly, if you choose any of the tools, their proper use can be a question.

And last but not the least, the safety of your life is the topmost priority. So considering every minor aspect, make a decision if you can perform the job yourself. If the answer comes no, then call a professional arborist. 

Letting the professional handle the task would be the best choice. He can inspect the health of trees as well and can cut the limbs without any danger.

Significant Elements to consider – How to Cut Tree Limbs That are too High to Reach

When you’ve made your mind to get the work done, it’s crucial that you are aware of how to cut the branches from a tall tree in a proper way. Following are the guidelines to follow when you’re going to complete the task.

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Put on the Safety Gear

Pruning a tree can be a very risky job. There are specific equipment and safety gears that you should wear at any cost to ensure your personal safety. If you don’t wear the proper safety equipment, getting rid of the tree’s extra limbs can put your limbs in danger. 

Safety gear more specifically the 

  1. outfit made of non-conductor of electricity
  2. Spectacles that protect your eyes from needles, dust, or cut wood pieces 
  3. Non-slippery shoes for a strong grip

Accurate Ladder Positioning

Be very choosy when it comes to positioning your ladder. The wrong position can cause a major accident or make you fall down. Spread the ladder properly near the trunk of the tree. This angle would offer a great hold. 

If possible, make another someone standing next to the ladder to prevent it from dispositioning and falling. A step ladder is the most ideal for this cause.

Inspection of the wood cracks To Trim High Branches

The cracks and fractures in the tree can make you fall down. Because when you put your weight on the weak or craked branches, it won’t be able to handle your weight and can cause you to fall down and get a fracture. 

To avoid any mishap, don’t put your whole weight on the tree branch. It’s better that you take the support of the person standing next to you to prune cut the branch without getting yourself hurt.

W suggest using an aerial lift to prevent the danger.

Cutting Guides

Now as you are done with the initial preps, it’s time for making the cuts. Start the work by dealing with the smaller branches. This will make your work much easier. Small branches can be a hurdle for you to reach or clearly see the main branches. 

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Cutting them off first will clear your vision and avoid any obstacles in the work. For this purpose, pole pruner is the best tool you can use. In a pole saw, it is very easy to pull the trigger and is very convenient to use. 

Now, once you’re done cutting the smaller limbs, move towards the larger ones. 

Avoid Improper Cutting

Cutting the extra limbs is beneficial for the tree’s growth. But improper and unsuitable cuts can even cause the death of the tree. Inappropriate cuts can be of two types. The first one is ‘Flush cut’ in which a tree is cut closer to the trunk. This can give the tree an extensive wound and it slower down the healing process. 

The second improper cut is ‘stub cut’ in which the cut is made distant from the trunk. This can cause the death of trees eventually. The ideal way for cutting is to keep a distance of at least 6 inches from the branch.

Things To Keep In Mind For How To Cut High Tree Branches

Cutting the branches of the tree shouldn’t be the only goal. Precautionary measures are needed to be taken in order to make sure the healthy healing and regrowth of the tree. Here are some of the measures to be taken when completing the task.

Cutting length of the limb

The branch collar in a tree is responsible for its growth after healing the wound. It helps in tissue recovery and helps it heal faster. So, avoid cutting off the tree parallel from the branches, this can damage the tree collars and its healing would be affected.

Likewise, leaving the collars longer than required can also interrupt the healing process. It actually can make more damage to the healing process.

Relief Cuts

Make sure to make relief cuts when trimming the limbs. If these cuts aren’t made, they can cause the splitting of the branches due to the extra weight of the limb. This can also make the tree more vulnerable to diseases and pests infections.

Concluding How to Cut Tree Limbs That are too High to Reach

In the above guide, we have explained almost all the necessary precautions and tools to be used for trimming the tall trees that are high to reach. You can use the tool that is best suited as per your need. But make sure that you fully know the functionalities and usage of the one you choose.

Using our guide map you can take better care of your trees and can make sure their appearance is fascinating. Because a well-groomed tree is more pleasing to the eye than a rough and ugly-looking one.

FAQ’s-How to Cut Tree Limbs That are too High to Reach

1. How to cut tree limbs that are too high to reach?

 In order to cut down limbs that are unreachable, you can use different tools that are specifically designed for this type of task. These are :

  1. Pole Saw
  2. Pole Pruner
  3. Pocket saw with a rope
  4. Ladder with a rope
  5. Bucket lift

2. How to cut down a tall tree by yourself?

Cutting down tree limbs is a technical task. But if you think you can get the job to jobe by yourself, you can go for choosing different types of tools available for it. Choose the right one according to your need. 

One important thing to consider in this type of job is personal safety. Put on the safety gear and inspect the tree before getting the work started. Look out for any cracks and damages in the tree. Then make the cuts accordingly. Beware of making inappropriate cuts because they can affect the regrowth and health of the tree. 

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