Dewalt vs Milwaukee – An Independent Review of Both Brands

If you’re a professional or a person who is into tools, you might have come across the Dewalt vs Milwaukee debate. The fact that both are high-end power tools manufacturing brands, makes it harder for the users to choose one from the other. 

Both are American based brands that are famous for making high-end power tools. It can be confusing which brand is superior over the other, is it Dewalt or Milwaukee? But no need to stress, just read on to discover our views. 

milwaukee vs dewalt

In this article, we have put both brands under the microscope and have highlighted the features and benefits of both, this will make it easier for you to choose the most suited for your job type. So, this is the Dewalt vs Milwaukee debate.

Difference Between Dewalt vs Milwaukee

The main difference between Milwaukee and Dewalt is durability and technology. Milwaukee provides more durability in their products and Dewalt is ahead in terms of technology, they are always looking for something new to improve their products.

Well, we all know there’s tough competition between both brands. A beginner or a person who isn’t brand conscious would be well advised to learn the difference between Milwaukee and Dewalt. Making the buying decision easier for a newbie, this article can be of great help.

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Dewalt –  Brand History

Dewalt is a renowned brand for manufacturing power tools for woodworking, construction, and manufacturing. The company started its operations in 1992 with the launch of its first-ever portable electrical tools. The tools were made keeping in mind the needs of re-modelers, contractors, and professional woodworkers. 

After a couple of years, Dewalt added 30 new cordless tools into their product line. The products in the line were listed as impact wrenches, saws, flashlights, screwdrivers, impact drivers, and the first-ever drill-driver-hammer drill.  The 14.4-volt cordless drill and the 5 to ⅜” cordless saw proved to be the most powerful tools of that time. 

By the year 2001, DeWalt managed to produce over 200 electric power tools along with 800 accessories. Soon it stunned the market with the development of its own SHOCKS active vibration and control system in 2005. The system was able to reduce vibrations up to 50 percent than that of hammers without that system. 

dewalt vs milwaukee cordless

Next came the year 2010 in which the company unveiled its earliest 12V MAX system of lithium-ion tools and batteries. With that, the metal cutting diamond blade aka diamond Edge was introduced. The specialty of the blade was that it offered a hundred times longer life than that of Dewalt’s standard chop saw blade. 

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The series of launches never stopped after that and a 20V MAX system of lithium-ion tools made its appearance in 2011. And then in 2013, Dewalt presented its 20V MAX  – XR line of brushless power tools including brushless motors with high capacity lithium-ion batteries. 

And then in 2016, the brand launched a FLEXVOLT battery with a feature of automatic voltage changing on the swapping of tools. 

Top Rated Dewalt Power Tools

Dewalt has never failed to deliver quality power tools to its users over the years of operations. There are a variety of tools it manufactures to ensure maximum power delivery. Let’s have a look at some of its products. 

Dewalt Circular Saw

The circular saws line of the brand is famous for the impeccable cuts they make through different materials. Dewalt DCS393 bare tool 20V MAX is one of the top-rated saws in the collection that delivers 3700 RPM with a better bevel angle to deal with various woodworking tasks. 

With its FlexVolt feature, it provides a faster cutting rate. The saw is highly manageable and controllable, thanks to the brake and the dust collection port. 

Dewalt Reciprocating Saw

Reciprocating saw is a tool that is widely used for construction and demolition projects. The top-rated reciprocating saw of Dewalt is DCS380B 20V. The saw offers a variable speed range from 0 to 3000 RPM that enables it to make flawless and accurate cuts. There’s also a 4-position blade clamp, which you can use to do flush cutting as well. 

Dewalt Impact Drivers

In an extensive range of brand impact drivers, Dewalt DCF887B 20V MAX XR Impact Driver is the most popular. It delivers up to 2800 RPM speed. It features a brushless motor and XR lithium-ion battery that offers a considerable run time as compared to the other power tool. This saw is an outstanding drill that gives more power than Milwaukee’s. 

The fact that it’s plastic made, you can carry it easily for your construction tasks. You won’t find it tiresome when working for long hours. You can also set the speed at your desired level with its 3-speed settings. 

Dewalt Hammer Drill

Hammer drill is another powerful tool that has assisted in Dewalt gaining a foothold in the power delivery service. Dewalt DCD985B 20V is a powerful drill that works on patented technology to offer innovative features. It’s a perfect pick for various woodworking, residential building, and commercial tasks. 

The three-speed ranges 0 to 600 RPM, 0 to 1250 RPM, and to 2000 RPM facilitates you to choose the speed as per your task’s requirement. You can get a brilliant performance out of its 535 unit watts motor. 

Dewalt Services and Warranty Claims

Dewalt facilitates the users with a range of warranties and guarantees on its tools. 

Some of Dewalt’s machines come with one year’s limited warranty. These devices include heated gear, compressors, and pressure washers. The user can get free repair and the product can be replaced as well if any improper use of the tool isn’t detected. The power tools however offer 3 years or 5 years warranty. 

milwaukee or dewalt

The limited lifetime warranty is offered on power tools of Dewalt. The repair and replacement of faulty tools are included in the deal. It is only claimed for the accessories such as earmuffs and eye wear but not against the misuse of equipment. 

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Dewalt offers a full lifetime warranty for mechanics tools, such as wrenches, sockets, ratchets and drive accessories. It means the tools that stop working can be replaced. One thing about Dewalt is that it doesn’t require any purchasing proof at the time of warranty claiming. 

One month money back guarantee is given for footwear and you can claim it if the label is on the product. The receipt is required at the time in order to avoid any chance of refusal. 

The no-break guarantee is given on the SDS MAX high impact carbide and SDS plus 2 cutter masonry drill bits. The tools will be replaced for free by the company if the drill bits stop working but the anchor wear mark is still there.

After the year 2004, Dewalt started offering three years free repairs and a one-year free services contract for its tools. The company replaces the faulty parts without any issues.

Dewalt claims to provide free repairs on the malfunctioning materials and workmanship. Additionally, the customers can get one year of free service for tools that goes under normal wear.

Innovative Technologies of Dewalt

The reason behind the fame of Dewalt is the incredible technology it uses to develop most of its innovative tools. Some of them are;

Flexbolt Batteries

It is a hybrid voltage battery pack that is only developed by Dewalt. The battery, depending on the placement position, has the ability to switch between 60V and 20V systems. They use the same battery for all of their cordless and rugged power tools.

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E-clutch system

Unlike other standard clutches, E-clutch minimizes the instant torque reactions in Dewalt drills after the detection of motion of the tool and shuts it down when a bind-up is observed. Whereas, in the case of grinders, it shuts down the motor within a tenth of a second when an obstruction is detected. 

XR Brushless League

The XR brushless motors offer up to 57% increased runtime than other standard motors. These motors run smoothly without generating friction like other carbon brush motors. This increases the runtime of the motor per charge. 

Power Detect

It helps to adjust the power accordingly for the battery of the tool it is paired with. It is found in most of the tools of Dewalt.

Tool Connect

With the help of a tool connect, the users can track, manage and customize their battery and tool inventory. The data can be provided to a central inventory management software to help the business to keep a track of how their tools are used.

Why Choose Dewalt?

Considering all the features and services that Dewalt quality power tools, you can never go wrong with choosing Dewalt for your next power tool. 

The tools are ergonomically built that provides you with ease of handling while working. The easy handling and controllability matter a lot when you have to work for long hours with your machines. Especially in the case of hand-held tools, a tiresome experience with any tool will consume all of your power thus affecting productivity as well. 

Another reason to prefer Dewalt is the propriety technology integrated into most of its equipment. This adds more controllability to your device usage. You can steer the tools using their special software to get more excellence out of them. 

The warranty claims are another thing that is attractive for the users to rest assured that their investment won’t go in vain in case of any fault in the machine. The replacement and repair policies are quite flexible and the brand accommodates the customers in the best way possible. 

Milwaukee – Brand History

Milwaukee was established roughly as a brand back in 1918 after the first world war. The company began the operations after Henry Ford collaborated with A.H Preston to manufacture a ¼-inch one-handed power drill. 

The company caught fire in 1923 that caused a huge loss financially to a point where it couldn’t resume its operations anymore. It was again started in 1924 when one of the company’s owner’s purchased the left assets and renamed it to Milwaukee Electric Toll Corporation. 

After it gained stability, it started to bombard the market with the development of power tools. The ¾-inch electric hammer drill and the reciprocating saw were introduced in 1951. After that, the 18-volt contractor cordless power tool along with miter saws was unwrapped in the 1990s. With that, Milwaukee introduced itself as the first tool manufacturing company that used lithium-ion battery technology. 

dewalt or milwaukee

The research and development work of the company is done at its Wisconsin offices. Its operations are made under its parent company which is a multinational investment company. Milwaukee is established worldwide and has production plants in Mexico, Europe, China, and the USA. 

The company’s product line consists of over 50 power tools and 3500 accessories for professional applications. It is recognized today as the world’s largest power tool manufacturer.

Top Rated Power Tools made by Milwaukee

Milwaukee power tools are made as per the caliber of professionals. The tools deliver high precision and accuracy in their application. Here are some of the top-rated tools that you can give a shot too!

Milwaukee Circular Saw

Milwaukee’s circular saws are one of its high demanded power tools. They lack nowhere in offering high performance. Milwaukee’s M18 2630-20 Circular Saw is one of their most hyped saws that is the favorite pick of most professional woodworkers. 

The saw has an electronic brake installed in it which allows smooth and quick shut off of the tool when it’s no longer in use. You’ll be satisfied with the ergonomic build of the saw and its portability as well. 

Milwaukee Reciprocating Saw

Milwaukee 2621-20 M18 18V Lithium-Ion Cordless Sawzall is a top-rated saw among other brands. With a stroke length of 1-⅛ inch, it offers 3,000 RPM speed. The build quality of the saw is tough and you can use it on construction and demolish project sites. 

Milwaukee Hammer Drill

In hammer drills, Milwaukee’s 2804-20 M18 Fuel Hammer Drill is the best hammer drill one can find in the market. The tool is powerful enough to deliver 1200 lbs of torque, making it way better than Dewalt’s hammer drills. You can effortlessly perform the high-capacity drilling tasks using this drilling tool.

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Milwaukee Impact Drivers

Milwaukee manufactures a number of high-end impact drivers, one of their top-rated drivers in Milwaukee’s 2853-20 Impact Driver. Its 4-speed modes help to deliver a 30% speedy driving capacity. The brushless motor offers impeccable power performance to double the productivity. 

This impact driver is unbeatable in high torque and speed delivery. This is one of the most useful and versatile tools you can add to your toolbox.

Services and Warranty Claims of Milwaukee

Milwaukee has a policy that the warranty is already added to their tools, you don’t need to get registered for it additionally. But the buying receipt is mandatory to keep as proof for the company to check the type of warranty and the age of the product. 

For most cordless power tools, it offers a five year limited warranty. Whereas, for specialty tools, you can get a one to three years guarantee depending on the product line. 

Milwaukee offers one of its better warranties on the purchase of its hand tools. You can get a limited lifetime warranty in which you can get limited repairs and replacements by the time you hold possession of the tool. 

The company has some cordless outdoor power equipment on which you can get three years warranty. Furthermore, a number of portable power tools come along with a five years limited warranty that compensates for malfunctioning and defective workmanship. 

Innovative Technologies of Milwaukee

Unlike Dewalt, Milwaukee develops its own technology to add more innovation to its products. Its innovative and powerful tool is the reason why it stands out from the other brands available in the market.

FUEL lines

Milwaukee has a product line of M12 FUEL and M18 FUEL power tools that are used to fulfill the high capacity demands of the equipment. These tools deliver extra power and increased durability and extended life using three of the main attributes, POWERSTATE brushless motors, REDLITHIUM-ION batteries, and REDLINK PLUS. 


The POWERSTATE brushless motors have advanced magnets, no wearable brushes, and components made of better quality copper and steel that prevent overheating of the tool during delivery of high speed, more torque, and that automatically add to the durability of power tools. 


This prevents the equipment from getting overheated. Its basic function is to increase the compatibility between hardware and software that will eventually result in improved performance and extended tool life. 


The lithium-ion battery gauge of Milwaukee informs you when you’re left with a short time during work. They are high-quality built batteries that can resist water and any fall damages as well.


It is software that is integrated into Milwaukee tools. With that integration, the users can easily steer the precision of the tool with the help of their smartphones. This adds to the safety of the tool as well and above all, the detailed record of inventory can also be kept using the software. 

Why Choose Milwaukee?

Milwaukee is also no less than Dewalt in providing better services and products. Their power tools are highly durable and well constructed. Milwaukee is most construction and woodworkers’ first choice. 

The innovative technology integrated with the well-constructed pieces of equipment is a great mix. The batteries Milwaukee provides comes with an extended life that adds to the durability of their machines. 

milwaukee vs dewalt

It also offers a variety of warranty options in which no registration is required. All the equipment is automatically eligible for warranty claims. In short, the company doesn’t bother the users much regarding the extra fatigue of repair and replacement. You just need to keep the receipt as proof. 

The bottom line for Dewalt vs Milwaukee

After looking through the great products, features, and services both companies provide, you must be having a clear idea in the head that, among Dewalt vs Milwaukee, which meets your power tools expectations the best. In order to avoid any biases, we tried to keep the comparison neutral so you, yourself decide who makes the better quality power tools. 

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FAQ’s-Dewalt vs Milwaukee

1. Which is better Dewalt or Milwaukee?

Milwaukee offers better tool tracking along with the high durability in their tools. Their easy warranty and guarantee offer is another add-on to their better services. Whereas, Dewalt is no less providing the proprietary technology. The brushless motors in its tools are considered better than that of other equipment available in the market.

2. Dewalt vs Milwaukee impact driver|which is better?

Dewalt’s DCF887B 20V MAX XR Impact Driver is better than the number of impact drivers available in the market. It delivers up to 2800 RPM of speed with its XR lithium-ion battery. There are three-speed settings available, so you can adjust the speed as per your work requirement. The plastic build body is easy to handle and offers great portability as well. 

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