History of Woodworking & Ancient Carpentry

woodworking history

If you look at the history of woodworking, you’ll be amazed to study the deep relationship of wood with different civilizations to date. The wood relics show that the Egyptians, Chinese, Romans, and Greeks have had a deep connection with the material for years.  Everything in this world, be it …

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How to Cut Tree Limbs That are too High to Reach

how to cut tree limbs that are too high to reach 

Trees are considered an asset to our environment. They help to keep the environment clean, fresh, and healthy. We cannot deny the myriad of ways trees are significant for your surrounding.  When going for the cutting or pruning, most of the time it gets challenging that how to cut tree …

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How to Join Two Boards Lengthwise – Side By Side

how to join two boards lengthwise

In carpentry, one of the hurdles that woodworkers face is ‘How to Join Two Boards Lengthwise? Bringing your imagination into the existing product is a real game. One of the major challenges in woodworking is edge joining. It is necessary for every carpenter be it beginner or professional to get …

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