Can you Cut Vinyl Flooring with a Miter Saw? How it works?

Vinyl tiles are about the best common kinds of flooring nowadays because they are attractive, stylish, and economical. Vinyl flooring is a great substitute to hardwood floors, which is costly and takes a lot of ongoing maintenance. You must cut the slabs to fit a certain spot on the floor while laying vinyl flooring. You could be thinking if you can cut vinyl tiles with a miter saw if you own one.

Can you cut vinyl flooring with a miter saw? A miter saw can be used to cut vinyl floors, it’s that’s for specific cuts. Creating crosscuts, shortening vinyl flooring planks, cutting vinyl plank with miter saw and trimming angles on floorings planks to fit around obstructions are all easy with the miter saw. A rip cut is the only cut you can’t make with a miter saw on vinyl floor planks. The miter saw is made for cutting cross cuts.

can you cut vinyl flooring with a miter saw

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Nevertheless, because they generally come in specified sizes, you might have to cut it to accommodate around items or along the corners of the wall. Although the prospect of needing to cut tiles might be intimidating, the procedure is actually pretty basic. In this article, it is discussed how to make vinyl flooring with a miter saw.

Before you begin, make sure you have everything you’ll need for the work. The materials and tools you’ll need for cutting the vinyl flooring are Vinyl floor tiles, straight edge, measure tape, pencil and a miter saw.

 Allow vinyl floor tiles minimum of 48 hours to acclimate to the changed temperatures and humidity conditions in the area where it will be fitted. Also, create a clean score just over tile with making use of the the Straight Edge. A pen or erasable marker can be required to indicate exactly where the cutting will take place on the tile and a measuring tape is to be used to measure both the area where the tiles will be placed and the tile which has to be trimmed. And lastly to cut vinyl flooring with miter saw, this tool is required.

How does a Miter Saw Work for Cutting Vinyl Flooring?

Miter saw operates in a similar way to a table saw. In contrast to the table saw, in which the tile is driven into the blades, the blades in the mitre saw blade for vinyl flooring is pushed down to the tile. Rather than being forced into the rotating blade, a miter saw moves the blade to the workpiece. Since it is difficult to move the blade along the height of a vinyl floorboard, this process can make rip cuttings hard.

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The kind of edge users receive after sawing the vinyl floor plank depends on the blades that they have placed on the miter saw. Installing a blade with a high tooth per inch (TPI) counts will result in a finer and smoother edge.  If you own a blade with such a high TPI value, you must inspect it to make sure there are no voids or gaps. Although with a higher TPI value, a blade having multiple gaps would not puritan a finer cut.

Wrapping Up

It’s quite simple to cut vinyl flooring. Nonetheless, the tools you choose will determine how fast you do the task and how precise the strokes are.

The majority of people choose to use a vinyl tile cutters or miter saw for the work, but there are a variety of saws that may be used. When dealing with saws, the one and only factor to consider is the blade’s TPI score; you should opt for the maximum value possible for clean, smooth cuts.

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