Bosch vs Dewalt: Which Power Tool Brand is Right for You?

When it comes to power tools, there are countless brands to choose from, each with its own strengths and weaknesses. Two of the most popular and respected brands in the industry are Bosch and Dewalt. Both of these companies have a long history of producing high-quality power tools that are reliable, efficient, and durable.

Dewalt cordless drill

However, there are significant differences between the two brands in terms of their product lines, features, and pricing. In this article, we will take an in-depth look at Bosch vs Dewalt and compare the two brands to help you determine which one is right for you and your power tool needs.

A Brief History of DeWalt and Bosch

DeWalt and Bosch are two of the most recognizable names in the power tools industry. While their stories couldn’t be more different, both companies have developed into brand leaders. They are leaders in producing high-quality power tools, gardening equipment, accessories, and safety gear. 

Bosch vs DeWalt — History at a Glance

Year formed18891923
Production and assembling countriesGermany, Switzerland, USA, Malaysia, Taiwan, China, MexicoUSA, Brazil, China, the Czech Republic, United Kingdom, Mexico, Italy
Product linesPower tools, industry, mobility, home appliances, outdoor toolsPower tools, outdoor tools, hand tools, safety equipment
InventionsA hammer drill, spark plug, digital car radio with a disc drive, hydraulic brake, cordless screwdriverRadial arm saw
USA, Brazil, China, the Czech Republic, the United Kingdom, Mexico, ItalyDIYers, serious hobbyistsProfessional contractors

The History of Bosch

Man using Bosch cordless drill

Robert Bosch started producing auto parts in 1886 in Stuttgart when he formed the company “Workshop for Precision Mechanics and Electrical Engineering.” The first piece of equipment Bosch produced was a magneto ignition system for automobiles. By 1914, Bosch’s company produced generators, headlights, and ignition systems. 

Between 1898 and 1912, Bosch expanded the company to other countries and had factories in London, Paris, and the USA. He also had trading partners in Europe, South Africa, South America, Australia, and China. 

In 1917, Robert Bosch formed the limited company Robert Bosch GmbH—the full name of the limited liability company today.

In the years until the second world war, Bosch expanded its product range of auto parts. They started producing direction indicators, electric horns, windshield wipers, diesel injection pumps, and car radios. Then, in 1933, Bosch produced its first electric refrigerator for homes. 

In the 21st Century, Bosch is a leading manufacturer in four core business sectors. These are:

·        Mobility: Injection technology, steering systems, communication, automated driving technology, and powertrain solutions.

·        Consumer goods: Power tools and accessories, gardening equipment, cordless tools, and web-enabled tools and services. In addition, consumer goods also include household appliances.

·        Industrial technology: Factory automation, packaging technology, and plant construction.

·        Energy and building technology: Security CCTV systems, fire detection, HVAC systems, web-enabled home security systems. 

Over the years, Bosch has been a favorite among DIY enthusiasts due to its superior quality and innovative features.

The History of DeWalt

Raymond E. DeWalt founded the company in his name in 1923 when he invented the radial arm saw. Over the years, DeWalt has concentrated on producing high-quality, professional-grade power tools. However, since its inception in the early 1920s, the company has undergone several changes in ownership. 

Dewalt Professional Miter Saw

In 1949, the American Machine & Foundry Co., Inc bought the company. However, they subsequently sold it to Black & Decker in 1960. In an effort to dominate the power tools market, Black & Decker took over ELU–a German company producing woodworking tools. Using ELU’s technology, the power tools were redeveloped and rebranded under the DeWalt brand to sell professional power tools. 

DeWalt is now owned by Stanley Black & Decker.

Unlike Bosch, DeWalt has remained firmly in the power tools market. They produce a range of gas-powered, corded, and battery-operated tools for professionals. These include contractor hand tools, mechanic tools, and a limited range of gardening equipment. 

DeWalt’s reputation for high-quality products has made it a go-to brand for many professionals and contractors.

Product Range Comparison Bosch vs DeWalt

You can’t go wrong with either Bosch vs DeWalt when choosing a power tool brand. These companies offer a wide range of products designed for professionals and DIYers alike. Bosch is renowned for its high-end and DIY tools, such as cordless drills, saws, and sanders. On the other hand, DeWalt offers a more traditional selection of power tools for professional contractors.

DeWalt Product Line

Regarding its product line, DeWalt has an impressive range of over 300 hand power tools and 800  accessories. Here is information on their range. 

20V MAX Cordless Power Tools

The 20V MAX is DeWalt’s flagship range of cordless power tools. In an industry where battery-powered tools are becoming more popular, DeWalt excels. There are over 300 cordless products in their 20V MAX range. These tools offer superior battery power and runtime compared to similar Bosch products. 

The range of tools powered by the 20V MAX system includes the following:

·        Impact driver kit

·        Impact wrench

·        Circular saw combo kit

·        Brushless hammer drill and driver

·        Coil roofing nailer kit

·        Reciprocating saw

Of course, DeWalt also produces a range of woodworking tools like jigsaws, drivers, multitools, grinders, and chainsaws. They have also produced an Android-powered smartphone for contractors. 

60V MAX Tools Powered by FLEXVOLT

DeWalt has produced outstanding battery technology with their professional range of 20V/60V 15Ah battery-powered tools for tradespeople. Their FLEXVOLT technology is a dual-voltage system that provides the best runtime and power on any professional cordless power tool. 

The range of cordless power tools in the 60V MAX series includes the following:

·        Rotary hammer kit

·        Circular saws

·        Reciprocating saw kit

·        Grinder with kickback brake

XTREME 12V Max Series

DeWalt also produces a range of standard home workshop compact tools aimed at DIYers and serious hobbyists. These are powered by 12V rechargeable batteries with a choice of 2.0Ah, 3.0Ah, and 5.0Ah. 

The 12V MAX power tools include the following:

·        Cordless drill drivers

·        Screwdrivers

·        Impact wrench

·        Line lasers

·        LED Worklights

·        Worksite radio

·        Inspection camera

·        Thermometer kit

Bosch Product Line

Bosch Circular saw

Compared to DeWalt, Bosch has an outstanding range of products, with everything from auto parts to cordless power tools and home security systems. However, we will only look at the range of Bosch power tools marketed for contractors, professionals, and DIYers. 

Bosch 36V Battery-Powered Tools

The highest battery capacity Bosch offers for professional tools is 36V at either 2.0Ah or 4.0Ah. Compared to DeWalt 60V rechargeable batteries, there is an obvious lack of power. However, Bosch 36V power tools perform exceptionally well compared to other brand names. 

The only two cordless tools in the Bosch 36V series are the following:

·        Cordless hammer drill and impact driver

·        Rotary hammer 

18V Cordless Power Tool Range

Bosch markets its cordless power tools in the 18V range for contractors and professionals. Compared to their 36V range, many more tools and kits are powered by 18V rechargeable batteries.

These cordless tools with 18V batteries do an impressive job at a worksite but lack some of DeWalt’s power. On the other hand, the 18V tools generally have a cheaper price tag than DeWalt, making them more affordable for the average person. 

Here are some of the tools in Bosch’s 18V range:

·        Impact drills and drivers

·        Right angle drills

·        Rotary hammers

·        Band saws

·        Drywall tools

·        Circular saws

·        Oscillating multitools

·        Miter saws

·        Sanders

·        Reciprocating saws

·        Table saws

·        Planers

In addition, Bosch also manufactures several useful accessories like LED lights, rotary lasers, and vacuum cleaners for workshops.

Comparing the lists, it’s clear that Bosch has a wider range of tools and combo kits. 

Bosch 12V Cordless Power Tools

Bosch has one of the best ranges of cordless power tools aimed at amateurs, keen hobbyists, and DIYers. Their 12-volt models provide outstanding performance for affordable prices. In this respect, Bosch excels over DeWalt in their home consumer range of products. 

Here is a small sample of some of the Bosch battery-powered tools they produce:

Bosch Woodworking Tool-Jigsaw

·        Angle grinders

·        Jigsaws

·        Drill driver with interchangeable heads

·        Impact drivers

·        Impact wrenches

·        Cordless drywall screwdrivers

·        Sanders

·        Angle drill drivers

·        Cordless shears

·        Router trimmers 

Additionally, Bosch has an outstanding range of accessories for serious DIYers. These include inspection cameras, job site radios, laser levels, LED work lights, and wall scanners. They even produce a cordless heated jacket for working outdoors in the cold.

Both companies have multiple product ranges tailored to different types of users.

It’s clear that Bosch targets a wider audience, including amateurs and professionals. But on the other hand, DeWalt has a full range of cordless tools specifically designed for jobs where contractors need the power and runtime of corded tools.  

Bosch vs DeWalt: Customer Reviews and Satisfaction

dewalt saw and stand -Bosch vs Dewalt

Customer reviews and satisfaction are key when choosing the right power tool brand. In addition, reading customer reviews provides valuable insights into a product’s performance in real-world use. Then, armed with this information, you can make an informed decision.

Both Bosch and DeWalt consistently receive positive reviews from customers. DIYers and professionals alike appreciate Bosch’s range of innovative tools that offer excellent performance and value for money. When looking at reviews, it’s clear that Bosch tools consistently get highly-rated reviews, with many users commenting on value for money. 

On sites like Amazon, Bosch power tools are consistently rated with 4 stars or more. 

On the other hand, DeWalt is praised for its robust build quality and reliability. This is why DeWalt power tools are the “go-to” choice for professionals and contractors. Like Bosch, DeWalt tools get consistently good reviews online. 

A quick review of DeWalt power tools on Amazon shows that customers highly rate them for quality and performance. However, many users seem to complain about DeWalt’s lack of customer service. For example, on Trustpilot, the company is rated at 1.2 stars from five, with 86 percent of users giving only 1 star for customer service. 

Bosch vs DeWalt: Price

Regarding price, the main difference between Bosch vs DeWalt is the price tag. However, across the board, Bosch tools are less expensive than DeWalt, which makes the brand popular with homeowners, amateurs, and anyone who enjoys doing odd jobs and home repairs. 

Suppose you are willing to pay a little bit more. In that case, DeWalt offers outstanding quality compared to Bosch, Makita, and other top brands in the power tool market. However, depending on the type of tool, the higher cost may not be too significant. For example, DeWalt tools can cost $20 to $200 more than the equivalent Bosch model. Therefore, shopping for the best model and price is a good idea.

Bosch vs DeWalt-In Conclusion

Bosch and Dewalt are two well-respected power tool brands, each with strengths and weaknesses. By comparing their history, product range, customer reviews, and prices, you can make an informed decision on which brand is right for you.

In this review of Bosch vs. DeWalt, it’s clear that Bosch comes out on top for its wide range of power tools designed for home repair enthusiasts. However, if you are a professional contractor or work in the construction industry, you should purchase DeWalt tools.

Whether you’re a professional or a DIY enthusiast, both brands offer high-quality products to help you tackle any project.