5 Best Wood Router Under 100 – Budget Picks 2024

A Wood Router is a versatile tool that has a lot to do with woodworking. It has various applications around your workspace. In addition, to increase work productivity, it adds more fun and ease to your woodworking tasks. 

If you are in hurry, our top pick for Best Wood Router Under 100 is Makita RT0701C. It is affordable and is full of all the incredible features that a versatile wood router should have.

But at times, it gets hard to find the wood router that offers great features and is light on the pocket as well. In this article, you will find some of our top picks for the best wood router under 100. Their inexpensiveness doesn’t indicate that they lack in any way at all. 

Best Wood Router Under 100

Why Choose Best Wood Router under 100

The fact that a wood router is a small and versatile tool makes most people cautious with their purchase. The thought might arise in the mind that a tool with this many features requires a heap of money to make the purchase.

Whereas that is not the case at all. The market is full of wood routers that are not only inexpensive but packed with a myriad of features. The below mentioned are top picks is the evidence that a cheap tool can also be full of features and offer durability at the same time. 

Best Wood Router Under 100

1. Makita RT0701C Wood Router Under 100 – Best Overall

best wood router under 100

Makita is a Japanese brand renowned for making power tools. Makita RT0701C is our top pick for the best wood router under 100. 

The router is a big beast when it comes to delivering power to woodworking tasks. Its heavy-duty aluminum 6.5-amp motor has 1.25 with a variable torque with 6-speed levels.  

This wood router has a variable speed controller of which speed ranges from 10,000 RPM to 30,000 RPM. It allows the user to set the speed at the capacity required for their projects. The rack and pinion system of this router offers a more controlled depth to add precision to the cuts.

Makita RT0701C comes with a quick-release cam lock system with which you can do various depth adjustments and installation. Using its electronic speed controller, you can manage constant speed under a heavy load and the soft start feature for easy startups.

This compact wood router with its ergonomically designed body adds more to its likeability and comfort. Its base gives no issues of compatibility with template guides that are up to industry standards. 

The base is designed to offer high visibility and that ensures easy handling and delivery of excellent performance. And not only that, the base is removable as well. 

All these features in this compact machine make it a whole package for you to get your hands on.

  • Ergonomically designed
  • High power delivery
  • Portable and durable 
  • Items aren’t included for the offset base

Key Features of Makita RT0701C

1. It has variable speed ranges from 10,000 to 30,000 RPM.
2. It comes with an electronic speed controller. 
3. Its soft startup feature ensures easy startup.

2. Bosch PR20EVS Wood Router

best wood router under 100

Bosch PR20EVS is one of good wood routers that comes under 100. It is a high-powered wood router. It operates on a 5.5 amp and 1HP motor to generate variable speed ranges from 16,000 RPM to 35,000. 

It has a constant response circuitry that helps in maintaining a steady speed and detects if any load interrupts the power delivery. This way, the router makes certain that the speed range is sustained up to the adjusted mark. 

You can get the depth adjustment system that proffers the adjustments to be set for both macro and micro levels.  In addition, the clamp system helps in base-to-base motor adjustment

This palm router is easy to handle and best suited for fine woodworking projects in which delicacy is the requirement. 

This router offers smooth operation with its angle cord exist that ensures the cord doesn’t interrupt amidst work. It offers a straight edge guide to usher the router 3 inches away from the work piece edges.

Furthermore, Bosch PR20EVS has a solid aluminum base that adds to its durability and precision capacity. It ensures stability whilst trimming edges with its finger support pockets. 

The spindle lock along with a wrench makes enables you for easy bit changes for its bit changing system. All of these incredible features make it a cheap wood router offering great versatility. 

  • Highly accurate and precise cuts
  • Easy base movement and depth adjustment
  • Variable speed controls 
  • Poor adjustment and locking mechanism

Key Features of Bosch PR20EVS

1. It works on 5.5-amp heavy-duty motor 
2. Its soft-start circuitry ensures speed maintenance under load. 
3. The solid aluminum base adds more to the durability of the router.

3. Ryobi R1631K Router 1-1/2 Best Budget Wood Router

Ryobi R1631K Router

Ryobi R1631K is a cheap router tool that is highly versatile. This cordless router is powered by an 18 V lithium-ion battery that runs for hours without producing any power interruptions. 

This device weighs 3.3 pounds that make it highly portable and you can transfer it from a job site to a Job site. It is ideal to be used for field jobs for tasks like making round overs, mortising, trimming, etc. 

The router comes with an onboard installed set of LED lights that offers great visibility during work. It offers a strong grip and easy handling with its rubber coating and grip zone installed over the mold.

It comes with a depth adjustment knob which you won’t have to worry much about the quality of fine cuts, because it can be easily handled by this adjustment. 

Just so you know, the batteries compatible with this router are P 100, P 102, P 103, P 104, P 105, P107, and P108. So look for these whenever you plan to change the battery. 

Overall, Ryobi R1631K is great value for money and is the best budget wood router. At one low price, you will get a versatile tool that is highly portable and provides excellent powered performance with great accuracy. 

  • Strong base
  • Highly portable
  • Great finishing 
  • Thunderous

Features of Ryobi R1631K

1. It comes with a set of LEDs for increased visibility than the optimal lighting conditions. 
2. The depth knob adjustment helps to make fine cuts
3. It weighs 3.3 pounds that make it highly portable

4. Avid Power 6.5-Amp 1.25 HP – Best Wood Router Under 200

Avid Power 6.5-Amp

The AVID compact router is the best wood router under 200. It runs on a 6.5-amp motor that generates 1.25 HP for impeccable trimming and routine tasks. 

It comes with variable speed dials that range from 10000 RPM to 32000 RPM. You can choose the speed range as per the requirement of your task.  

The router has a smooth rack and pinion depth and a quick-locking adjustment system. This makes it easier for you to set a certain depth limit. This feature is highly useful when it comes to performing cabinetry and woodworking tasks.

This inexpensive wood router has dual LED lights that make it easier for users to work with the dark working areas of the projects as well. 

The AVID compact router is equipped with a dust hood that allows you to do mess-free work. Its aluminum body base is one of its features that adds up to the durability and longevity of the router. 

On your purchase of this router, you will get the following accessories.

  • 5 router bits
  • Wrench with tool bag
  • Dust collector
  • Vacuum attachment
  • 3/8 and 1/4 inch collect
  • Edge and roller guides.

Overall, This is the best router for beginners and for those who are planning to work on some small level projects. 

  • Inexpensive
  • Installed Speed dials
  • â…œ collects available 
  • Gets heat-up fast

Key Features of Avid Power 6.5-Amp

1. Its 6.5-amp motor delivers 1.25 HP power to perform accurate trimming tasks.
2. The durable aluminum body base.
3. It has dual LED lights installed for better work precision

5. Wen RT6033 Plunge Woodworking Router

Wen RT6033

Wen RT6033 is our last pick for the best wood router under 100. It is highly useful to create delicate patterns accurately and precisely. 

This power tool runs on a 15-amp motor to produce a variable speed that ranges from 8,000 to 23,000 RPM. 

You can easily use it for your various woodworking tasks, be it creating dados, dovetail, v-grooves, and champers, etc. 

Its ½ inch collect comes with an extra ¼ inch adapter to be used for high compatibility with a wider range of bits. The soft starter attribute of this router prevents the extra damages and untidiness of the work done. Its controlled speed can have a strong hold over the tool that eventually results in impeccable work. 

The precision of the tasks is increased due to its 7 stop turret that can easily handle both micro and macro adjustments. The fine-tune adjustments dial advances 1/128 inch, quarter per turn. Whereas, the depth adjustment dial stops at 5/16 inch, quarter per turn.   

Its guide fence helps in making straight lines accurately enabling it to create dadoes and grooves on the wood pieces. The router comes with a template guide with the help of which you can rout edges of planks easily. 

  • Powerful tool
  • Highly precise
  • Fine-tune adjustment 
  • Low built quality

Features of Wen RT6033

1. Its soft start 15-amp motor offers great power ranges from 8000 to 23000. 
2. It can be used as both a fixed base and a plunge base router. 
3. The macro and micro dial ups offer great precision.

The Ultimate Buying Guide To Choose Wood Router Under 100

After diving deep into the types and features of all of our top picks for the best wood router under 100, you must have got an idea that what which model suits you best. But still, there are some of the key features and routers reviews woodworking that you should consider before making your final decision. 

Variable Speed of Motor

One of the most significant features to look for is the variable speed that a motor offers. This increases the versatility of the router. The speed variation allows you to set the range as per the requirement of your project. 

The bit’s rotation depends on the speed, i.e. slower the speed, slower will be the bit’s rotation and vice versa. Speed dials available on the router helps to achieve more accuracy and perfection in your woodworking.

Power of the motor

Budget Wood Router

The power of the motor measures the quality of your woodwork. Router with an under powered motor you will not be able to work on larger projects that require a heavy-duty motor. The best router is considered to have a horsepower below one. 

A powerful motor enables the router to cut through hardwood smoothly. Compromising the power of the motor is more like drowning your investment in the tool. So, choose the power according to the nature of your project. 

Soft Starter

A soft and smooth starter is the indication of flawless work done. If the router’s start isn’t smooth, then it will create a jerk and can mess with your project affecting the accuracy and precision of the cuts.  

It helps you to adjust the speed as you desire without threatening the tidiness of your work. Thus, enables you to keep the task under control with a smooth flow. 

Dust Collector

The dust collection port makes sure that the tool doesn’t create any mess during work. The tidiness of the workspace matters a lot in deciding how your whole work will turn out to be. A filthy and dusty environment isn’t good for health as well. 

Ergonomic design and durability

The ergonomic design of the router provides easy holding, ease of use, and comfort ability to the user. You’ll have to work for long hours with your projects so it is highly preferred that you choose a well-built tool that provides ease of handling. 

Durability is another feature that shouldn’t be undermined while you deciding to make your purchase. The reason because you cannot go your invested wasted and neither you can take out time after every while to go buy a new tool for your projects. So choose your router wisely that is of high quality and undoubtedly durable. 

Size of Bits

There are different sizes of bits available for the router. The most commonly used sizes are 0.25-inch to 0.5-inch. The later is most commonly used by professionals and is easily available in the market. We prefer that you choose the size according to the need of your project. 

LED Lights

Most good routers contain an LED light to provide the users with high visibility and job site illumination. The increased visibility plays a vital role in the flawlessness and precision of the work. The light enables the worker to see every possible flaw of the work and take action accordingly to make it better.

Sizes of the router

Wood routers are available in different sizes. Each size somehow differs in performance and it depends on you which one you go with according to the nature of your project. 

Palm Router

palm router for small-level woodworking

A palm router, as its name suggests can be held in the hand. It’s suitable for small-level woodworking. It is easily to store and transport. 

Full-sized Router

It’s a high-powered router that is best suited for heavy-duty jobs. It is highly durable and used for large-level projects. 

Compact-Sized Routers

The compact-sized router is highly portable and is high is no less in power. 

Closing Remarks On Best Wood Router Under 100

In this article, we tried to mention all the highs and lows of the wood router. We hope that you now can pick the best wood router under 100 for yourself. The different tools may slightly differ in some of the features but, more or less each router provides the best qualities that do justice with the price. 

You can blindly pick any of these routers as per your work requirement. Keep in mind the guidelines we’ve provided. They can better support your purchase decision and will make you end up buying the best device for yourself.

Best Wood Router under 100 Frequently Asked Question’s

1. What is the Best Wood Router under 100?

Makita RT0701C is the best wood router you can choose. It delivers high power and enables you to deal with wood materials effortlessly. The ergonomic design adds more to the durability of the tool. Its precision for small-level projects is remarkably excellent.

2. Who makes the best wood router?

Makita is a brand that is highly renowned for its power tool manufacturing. All of its tools are highly durable and high in power as well. Its router Makita RT0701C is the best router when it comes to delivering power and offering durability. 

3. How to cut curves in wood with a router?

Start by cutting the wood into circles. Then start making holes on the circles with a gap of one inch after every hole with the help of a jig. Now cut the clean circles then sand dowels and put them on both sides of the router. Finally with the help of a router, cut an arch and you are good to go. 

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