The 5 Best Trim Router of 2023 – Corded & Cordless

A carpenter’s best buddy is a decent trim router. These little tools may be quite useful for trimming lamination or shaping panels. Many people believe that a trimming router is one of the greatest instruments for enhancing and embellishing edges.

best trim router

Others believe it is ideal for concealing joints and correcting faulty joints when constructing, but in any case, if you’re really into woodworking, acquiring the best laminate trim router is the aim. Customers want firms to deliver high-quality goods. When it relates to the trim router genre, a lot of firms claim to offer the best trim router for the money.

Are you in hurry? If you don’t want to read the full article, let me tell you, we have selected Dewalt DWP611 as the Best Trim Router of the year for various technical reasons.

There are so many trim routers on the marketplace that finding one that meets your wallet and demands might be difficult. A high-end laminated trimmer that is popular among professional woodworkers may be too strong for amateurs. Or you might be a local DIYer who has a few projects on the go but isn’t sure if it’s worthwhile to invest in a costly item because it may not be better in the long run.

Choosing the appropriate trim router may be a difficult and time-consuming process. Fortunately, we’ve taken care of the misunderstanding for you. You’ll be well-equipped with the bet router for trim work, if you comply with this comprehensive list of our best products and the preceding buyer’s guide.

Best Trim Router – Product Reviews

Below, we will show you the top 5 trim routers that are available on the market. We hope our reviews and buyer’s guide will help you choose the best router for trim work.

1. Dewalt DWP611 Fixed Base 1-1/4-HP Max Torque Router – Overall Best

Dewalt DWP611

Dewalt is an American power equipment manufacturer that has been in business for almost 95 years. The firm has been growing its name for a great many years, with over 200 different types of power tools and 800 different accessories. The majority of customers enthusiastically suggest their power tools, indicating that they are the best available, and the DeWalt DWP611PK is no exception.

With good power, a variety of options, and a reduced, lightweight style, Dewalt takes the top spot on our list. This DeWalt trim router is a massive router that every woodworker should have by now. The DeWalt DWP611 boasts a strong 1.25 Horse power engine that can provide speeds between 16,000 and 27,000 Revolutions per minute, making it ideal for heavy-duty applications. Despite its strong construction, the DeWalt DWP611 is intuitively built and incredibly light, ensuring that transportation is not an issue.

If you enjoy the convenience of predetermined depths and are new to woodworking, this router is a wise option. These routers eliminate the bother of physically regulating the depth using their current depths. Another advantage is that they are the finest palm routers for cutting edges. From afar, a DeWalt router may be identified.

It has a speed control setting that you can supervise and adjust according to your needs, as well as a gentle starting motor with digital speed control that retains the pace when confronting different resistance, allowing you to switch among different types of woods with convenience and reducing the risk of contorting.

It also includes combination packages and a three-year limited guarantee. It features a strong motor, which is ideal for more complicated tasks, and it can simply transition among fixed and plunging bases. A rack and pinion depth control mechanism is also included with this product. For its simplicity of use, the concept is employed in a variety of different tools, machinery, and even automobiles.

The DEWALT DWP611PK package comes with a soft nylon carrying bag and two bases. A permanent base for all of your trim and edge requirements, as well as a plunge base that transforms your trim router into a full-featured plunge cutter.

Added control is provided via a molded grip near to the worktop. It has LED illumination as well as a transparent plastic base for better visibility. Bit change is done with a single screw and a locking system, making it much easier than other types that need two wrenches. With an adjustable ring that is accurate to 1/64 inch, depth changes are simple.

  • Compact and lightweight
  • LED lighting included
  • Base is made of transparent plastic
  • 3-year warranty
  • There are no power outages
  • Long-term usage loosens the bit

This combination kit’s outstanding performance makes it ideal for beginners, enthusiasts, and specialists in the woodworking sector. Both the fixed and plunging bases include novel designs and practical features that increase the router’s actual quality, making it a better choice than competing combination kits. In general, this is a fantastic tool with very few problems. The problems that do occur are minimal and may be avoided by exercising caution.

2. Milwaukee FUEL Cordless Compact Router – Premium Pick

Milwaukee FUEL

Milwaukee appeared to be a latecomer to the cordless router scene. That added time, on the other hand, allowed them to benefit from their rivals’ flaws and create the most top notch solution now available.

The Milwaukee M18 Fuel is a terrific alternative for a battery-operated small router solution. The M18 Fuel small router spins at 31,000 Revolutions per minute, which is rather fast.

That makes this one of the best cordless trim routers on the marketplace, and Milwaukee claims it delivers the 1 1/4 Horsepower that trim routers are known for. It converts well in terms of actual cutting power and is among the most powerful cordless routers we’ve tried.

You can adjust multiple settings using the speed control dial, which goes all the way downward to 10,000 RPM on the lowest heat. The dial is advantageously located on the side, where it and the power supply are both easily accessible. In usage, LED lights increase the visibility.

These are very useful when it comes to achieving the ideal height and modifications. These are below the bit, yet they still have a lot of visibility. Milwaukee incorporated two modifications: a Micro dial for fine tuning of up to 1/64th of an inch, and a macro-adjustments for making bigger adjustments quickly. The M18 Router has a total range of 1.5 inches.

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The micro-adjustment slider is conveniently located next to the power button and works smoothly. Similarly, the clamp has a push-button rapid release that makes major changes or swapping bases simple. The router weights 3.01 lbs. without the battery, and 4.63 lbs. with the battery.

The dust collecting adapter is one area where Milwaukee truly shines. Routers are notoriously dirty instruments, so they did a fantastic job of including an incredibly simple dust collector converter that collects a significant amount of material while in operation.

Milwaukee also designed an easy-to-change bit mechanism, and also a collet and lock scheme that is simple to operate yet extremely secure. When required, it is simple to attach and remove. Milwaukee knocked the router industry down in terms of a first-generation release. This router runs very smoothly and has all of the necessary capabilities for those that want power, speed, and precision, making it a fantastic choice for almost everyone.

Milwaukee has done an outstanding job designing a router that is both small and powerful. Small routers have limitations, which should be expected, however given that it isn’t meant to fight with a 2-3 Horse power router, this router astonished us at how much it could perform.

  • Strong and quick
  • Depth modification on micro & macro scale
  • Lighting using LEDs
  • There is no battery supplied
  • While operating, depth changes

It’s not weak when it comes to power, and it’s more than competent of doing every task that a corded small router could. It simply cut right through the task, regardless of how hard or soft the hardwood was. The M18 battery family provides excellent run time, which we can praise them for.

3. Makita RT0701CX7 Compact Router Kit – Budget Pick

Makita RT0701CX7

Makita is a very well-known brand. Their goods are both simple to use and inexpensive. This Makita device appears to be comparable to the best compact trim cutters on the market. Precision, fantastic performance, and flawless design are only a few of its numerous characteristics.

The Makita RT0701CX7 is a small router set that is ideal for both novice and experienced carpenters. This strong and durable router has a soft start engine function that allows users to become acclimated to the sudden power before performing the first action.

The base is a fixed type that takes any standard pattern guideline, so you won’t have to bother about finding a special pattern guidance for this Makita router. The base shape is also extremely visible, so you can be confident that your line of vision will not be obstructed. This also improves the user’s equilibrium condition and handling.

Because the engine is massive, you can count on long-term reliability and peak performance from this Makita small router. The fixed base may also be easily removed, allowing you to employ other base types as required without constantly worrying about upkeep. Bit-changing is a breeze because of the convenient shaft locking on opposing sides of the router.

The depth indicators, when coupled with the 14-inch shank router parts, are also very straightforward to see and comprehend, so you won’t be confused when using this Makita small router set. The Makita rt0701cx7 router has a power rating of 1-1/4 hp and a current rating of 6.5 amps. The speed control dial does have an effective range of 10000 RPM and a maximum range of 30000 Revolutions per minute! The convenient speed control lets users to quickly switch between different speed levels without compromising cut accuracy.

You’ll be pleased to learn that this fantastic Makita small router also comes with a plunging base, allowing you to effortlessly switch between the two techniques as needed. The body of this remarkable small router is made of double insulated brass, which makes it scratch and corrosion resistant.

The device’s housing is built of heavy-duty aluminum, which boosts the product’s sturdiness and lifespan. In terms of technological specifications, this incredible router has a very quiet pinion and racks precise depth adjustment factor for more precision. With the aid of the rapid lock mechanism, you can effortlessly modify the depth.

  • The engine’s soft-start function is useful
  • Speed control dial is easy to use
  • Guarantee is for one year
  • Amperage that is modest
  • A case is not included with the item

The best part about this fantastic item is that it weighs only 3.9 lbs. and has a flat top construction, making it easy to take practically anywhere, at any moment. You’ll be pleased to learn that the MAKITA RT0701C includes a 1-year lifetime warranty, during which you can enjoy friendly customer assistance. 

4. PORTER-CABLE PCE6430 Laminate Trimmer Router


Do you require a dependable and traditional laminated trimmer for everyday use? If you answered yes, then this model from Porter Cable is a great option for you. The PORTER-CABLE PCE6430 is a strongly recommended and top-rated trim router that is suitable for a wide range of woodworking tasks. You will get a lot of bang for your buck with this version from PORTER-CABLE.

It is claimed that the tools individuals employ determine the sort of results they achieve. Expect disappointing results if you buy a poor wood trimmer to save cash. However, if you get a well-designed, dependable trimmer like the PCE6430, you can expect to get a lot of value for your cash.

This router, which is driven by a 4.5 amp engine, can achieve rates of up to 31,000 Revolutions per minute. This allows users to work on the majority of their tasks with ease. The cast-aluminum frame of this high-quality laminate trimmer helps it endure misuse. It has one of the greatest engines. You will never fight to personalize the functionality of this laminate trimmer from PORTER CABLE when using it.

The locking clamps, for example, allow you to swiftly detach the motor and secure it when required. This wired router is lightweight at 3.6 pounds, making it very easy to use and reducing stress and fatigue. It also comes with a 14-inch collet for improved performance and delivery.

The power configuration of a router has a considerable impact on total performance and related delivery. The PCE6430 is a corded router with a powerful 4.5 amp 120 volt engine that assures proper and easy operation. It is not like most other routers that provide variable speeds. This motor spins at 31,000RPM at a steady pace.

This model definitely has adequate power and sturdiness to chop through timbers of varied thicknesses at this speed. The ability to fit most trim, hinge routing, edge shaping, as well as other professional carpentry tasks determines this model’s quality and speed.

The PCE6430 comes with a slew of features that make it a breeze to operate. One of these benefits is its comfortable design. This model has a one-handed controller that makes it simple to operate and lets you to swap among hands if one becomes exhausted. The variant has a Led bulb and a glass sub-base for better visibility while in use. The LED light is very useful in low-light situations.

For further stability and longevity, it comes with a cast-aluminum permanent base. This model contains features that make it easier to maneuver and modify. To detach the engine from the base, it includes quick-release clips.

The PCE6430, like any other mechanical tool, may require maintenance over time. This model’s supplier, on the other hand, provides maintenance and repair services. This strategy aims to guarantee that the product is repaired in a safe and dependable manner while also increasing its durability.

The PCE6430 comes with a 3-year warranty coverage for workmanship and components, as well as a 1-year totally free offering for services and a 90-day money-back promise, making it the best corded trim router on the market!

  • Relatively inexpensive
  • Easy mobility with a single-handed control
  • No speed range to choose from
  • Depth latching system isn’t very secure

Overall, the PCE6430 is a compact single-speed router that may be used for cutting, pruning, minor hedge construction, and hinge routing. This router is suitable for a variety of people, including DIY enthusiasts and households looking for a low-cost router. Due to its ease of use and flexible capabilities, this router type is also appropriate for beginners and novices. Contractors who could use a router for large and medium cutting tasks will appreciate its portability and mobility.

5. Makita RT0701C 1-1/4 HP Compact Router

Makita RT0701C

Compact routers are ideal for tasks such as creating a stylish edge, creating a profile for hidden carpentry joints, and smoothing the edge of board. Routers such as the Makita RT0701C are perfect for chores because of the small motors, which have made the cutting process more effective at an inexpensive price.

You may have read about Makita before; the company has been making hardware components for well over a century. The craftsmanship of this router is excellent, and it is a well-liked device in the small router class, with many woodworkers recommending it.

A motorized unit and a fixed base are included in the basic kit. Additional base variations and attachments can be purchased individually or as part of a more costly kit. Both the foundation and the motor component have superb fit and polish. The RT0701 was clearly designed with expert carpenters and technicians in mind. The engine unit’s single-piece housing is very outstanding. There are no missing components or ill-fitting joints to be discovered anywhere. This router will survive a lot of years on the work site with a little maintenance. 

The motor of this product is evaluated at 1.25 Horsepower and runs on 120V 6.5 Amperes. It does the job, despite not being the most robust motor available. Drilling holes, trimming chores, and cutting on both hard and softwood are all possible with this power.

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The soft start mechanism is a key element of the motor. The router bit receives minimal quantities of torque, which steadily rises until the desired speed is reached. This not only keeps the router secure to operate, but it also protects your material from being damaged. Its flexibility stems from its speed control range of 10,000 – 30,000 RPM. You may simply adjust the pace based on the material you’re working with.

Shifting between multiple speed levels on this gadget is actually rather simple. A special note should be made of the electronic variable speed. It constantly operates at a linear pace, which offers you a more professional image whether boring shafts, trimming, or cutting. In truth, the device’s precision is derived from its electrical speed that is also its uniqueness. The fixed base plate is likewise the usual choice for this router, however a plunge base is also available.

The difficulty with the Makita RT0701C fixed base choice is that it has a very limited hole. For clean cuts or edge trimmings, it’ll suffice. The cam lock system allows you to rapidly remove the router from the base. Another benefit is that having a permanent base makes operations like guiding bushing and making holes or any other pattern on your wood easier.

The plunge base features a convenient shape and comfy side handles that allow you to use it for longer duration without becoming fatigued. For most commonly used planks and wood slats with thicknesses of less than one inch, a bit depth of 1-3/8 inches is sufficient. This model allows you to modify the thickness to any level and does not impose any predefined depths on the task. However, because the motor descends every moment the base is left unfastened, adjusting depths is challenging.

So, before you go out and purchase a router table, be sure it will fit comfortably and without too many sacrifices. The motor housing is built of aluminum, that is light and effectively distributes heat. The metal alloy chosen for the router’s entire housing is also sufficiently sturdy. This model’s elegant and sleek design is quite amazing. It is comfortable in the palm and does not cause tiredness when used for lengthy periods of time.

  • Provides a lot of value for your money
  • Handles the bulk of broad routing jobs
  • Flexible
  • No LED light for better visibility

When purchased as a plunge and fixed base combination kit, the RT0701C offers exceptional adaptability and a decent number of technologies. It is fairly cost effective for all of the quality it provides. Please remember, though, that you should only use it for informal and general-purpose carpentry tasks. Anything that requires more high action will necessitate a purchase of a product with greater power and higher specs.

Buying Guide For Choosing The Best Trim Router

Choosing the best wood trim router might be difficult with so many alternatives available. There are a number of moving elements and alternatives, all of which might have advantages or disadvantages. Use the buyer’s advice below, together with the reviews previously, to create a well-thought-out checklist instead of a haphazard selection. The features to consider when making your selection are listed in the following guide.

Controlling Depth

This feature allows users to alter the product’s depth. Any item you wish to buy should have a reasonable depth spectrum in order to increase its uses. It’s also a good idea to have a trim cutter with a mechanical or dial lever that allows the user to control the cutting level from above the tabletop. This function, also called as above the table adjustment, is in charge of interrupting the operation whenever the depth has to be modified.

The best laminate wood routers include a mechanism that allows you to make changes as little as 1/64 of an inch. You’ll also need a router that maintains its depth. Seek for routers that have a solid depth stability. Many undertakings will not be damaged as a result of this.

Controls that are electronic

Variable weights while routing can put a huge strain on the engine, causing it to slow down and even damage your venture or cause it to become clogged. Electronic control systems are available on more modern routers. These enable the router to detect larger loads and adjust router speed accordingly. This ensures that the project runs at the same speed continuously.

Furthermore, these systems frequently have a gentle start feature, which helps to avoid a messy router cut begin. This also includes electronic feedback circuitry. This section of the trim router is responsible for regulating the motor’s power based on the device’s production and the load it receives from its clients.

Customers are liberated from altering the tool’s pace thanks to this wonderful feature, allowing them to focus more on the job. This characteristic influences the quantity at which work is completed.

Plunge Base vs. Fixed Base

For smoothing out corners, contouring, and other basic routing tasks, a fixed base trimming router is widely employed. When contrasted with plunge routers, this tiny instrument is lighter, and many novice users find it a lot easier to handle.

Dovetailing, carving, and cutting channels are all frequent uses for a trim router with a plunging base. A plunging base router is appropriate if you want more leeway when it comes to depth adjustment or if you want to create complete cuts. If you’re fresh to woodworking, you’ll probably need a lot of practice to grasp this specific power tool.

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Trim routers with engines that may be linked to a fixed or plunging base have been recently been developed. While these laminated trimmers are more costly at first, due to their replaceable construction, they will demonstrate to be more valuable in the long term.

Controller and Engine Speed

When it comes to choosing which trim router to purchase, the motor speed is crucial. Because most people lose power when the pace is too rapid or exert too much strain when the speed is just too slow, a normal manageable speed is essential. Manageable motor speed is employed in a variety of ways at various bits. Tiny bits produce cleaner cuts at extremely high speeds, but larger bits are necessary for slower speeds to minimize accidents.

best trim router

You may regulate the tool’s working speed with a trim cutter with varying speed. If you’re utilizing a bigger bit size or operating with plastic, acrylics, or slimmer work pieces, changing the flow rates is critical. Not only will operating the router at a reduced feed rate increase the lifetime of your bit, but it will also keep the router from injuring the product. It’s also healthier for your hearing to turn it down a few pegs.

Soft Start

If you’re a newcomer to woodworking, Soft Start Routers are effective tools that might be tough to manage. When you switch on a trim router without a gentle start, it might shock in your fingers, which can be surprising. With a soft start lamination trimmer, the device takes a brief pause before gradually improving the velocity to the required level. There is no uncomfortable jerk to harm your product or scare you when you switch it on.

Dimensions and Weight

In detail-oriented circumstances, smaller routers are safer to overcome.  The smaller your trim router, the more preferably it will be. Aim for a weight of less than five lbs., and the shorter the dimensions, the greater. There are a few routers on this listing that meet those requirements. They’re also simpler to store and transport because they’re smaller.

System of Bit Changing

Replacing the bit on certain routers might take a long time since it requires two wrenches to extract one bit and replace it. One wrench holds the shaft in place, while another loosens or tightens the collet. Spindle-lock routers, on the other side, just need one wrench. After you’ve pushed the bit through into the collet, utilize this wrench to keep it in place and compress it.

Velocity and Adjustments to Speed

Don’t merely seek for a vehicle with a high top speed. Look for a changeable speed dial and a variety of speeds. This makes it easy to customize your speed to the job at hand. Routers with a speed control spectrum of 10,000- 32,000 Revolutions per minute are ideal.

Port for Vacuum

The product’s design allows it to remove undesirable sawdust from your surface. Because it manages the elimination of undesired sawdust bits, this mechanism should be among the characteristics you guarantee is smooth.

What Else To Consider For Wood Trim Routers?

When you are choosing trim routers, there are many factors to consider but some of these are most important, check out below I have explained every factor with what to look in them.

Options for removing the base

It should be simple to remove the base. Superior routers include a simple clip which, when removed, allows the main base to slide away from the motor. It’s also beneficial if there are a range of foundation selections. Permanent square or circular bases, as well as plunger foundations, are examples.


Routers may be equipped with a number of add-ons. Work surface illumination, vacuum cloaks, and edge guards are the most common. Look for things that will make your professional life easier.

Arbor Dimensions

The minimal diameter of the bit that will be utilized for your work is determined by the collet diameter, also called as the arbor size. Collects are typically 14″ in size, with certain routers accepting up to 12″ of collet.


When it comes to tiny routers, comfort is key. Any tiny router you choose should have characteristics that make working more comfortable. It should have broad anatomical grips for a secure grasp and non-slip coverings consisting of rubber, PU, or cushion for a secure grip that won’t slip when the router shakes. In addition, the tiny router should be made so that the charging wire does not obstruct your work.


Sound levels should be a major consideration when purchasing a small router for usage at home. You want a small router that runs silently. A tiny router’s sound level is largely affected by whether it has a brushing or brushless engine. Because there is no electric connection among the stator and the rotor in brushless dc motors, they are extremely silent. Any machine’s sound rating will usually be expressed in decibels. 

FAQ’sBest Trim Router

What is the best trim router?

The Dewalt DWP611 Router is the best handheld trim router in our list. With ergonomic features and a highly functional motor, this model takes its place at the top and is justified. It’s LED lighting system and soft start features really help a woodworker perform his job effectively.

What can I use a trim router for?

For valid reason, a trim cutter has become an integral power equipment in most workplaces. Cutting for inlay holes and hinged mortises, smoothing over edges, flush cutting hardwood border, and a number of other chores are all possible with them.

Who makes the best trim router?

Makita Power Tools is well-known for making some of the best trim routers available. It began as an electric engine sales and service firm in 1915. Makita is now a worldwide brand with a presence in over 40 countries, creating highest quality products in ten sites across eight nations. One of the best-rated goods on our list is the Makita RT0701CX7 Compact Router Kit.

Wrapping Up The Best Trim Router

When it relates to routers, we’ve performed the legwork for you by trimming away the extra. With these evaluations and the buyer’s guidebook in hand, you should be able to make a more informed selection about your new router. However, let’s talk about the top three models which we have:

Dewalt DWP611 Router: Because of its light weight construction which is about 4.4 lbs. It has an aerodynamic design that makes it more useful. The motor in this device is extremely powerful, capable of speeds up to 27,000 Revolutions per minute. Additionally, a dual-LED lighting system is featured, which aids users in driving and maneuvering their major projects, making this the best wood trim router on the market.

Milwaukee FUEL Compact Router: Because of its adaptability and mobility. This model has excellent depth adjust-ability. It can alter the thickness on both the coarse and fine scales. It also has a lot of visibility. A huge opening at the base allows you to keep track of your progress. Two Led bulbs light it as well. The small size of this device makes it easy to handle while maintaining steadiness. It’s light, weighing only 4.84 lbs. The 4-inch base contributes to the unit’s overall stability.

Makita RT0701CX7 Compact Router Kit: Because it’s the ideal router size for home projects. The machine’s gentle starting helps to reduce the stress on the motor. The speed control also has a range of 10,000- 30,000 Revolutions per minute. This one also includes nearly all of the necessary equipment. It’s advantageous since you won’t need to purchase anything extra, making this one of the best trim router with plunge base.

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