5 Best Table Saw For Dado Cuts & Blades 2022

If you’re a professional woodworker or just joined the league, you must be aware of the importance of dado cuts in carpentry. Many people think that the job can be done by putting a dado blade on the normal table saw, but that’s not the case. You need a table saw that is designed to support dado blades.

In this article, we’ll walk you through the best tools available in the market as per your need. We have walked some extra miles for your and tested all of the listed table saws in our workshop. We’ve chosen DEWALT DWE7491RS as the Best Table Saw For Dado Cuts for its amazing performance on making great cuts.

Connecting the dado blades with a random table saw can be risky. Finding the right table saw for the dado blades is a real task. You can get puzzled by a lot of products available in the market for that cause. But you need not worry because we have prepared a list of the best table saw for dado cuts.

Best Table Saws For Dado Cuts

What Is a Dado Cut?

Dado cuts are made to connect two pieces of stock in woodworking. These are the slots used for the secure joining of two pieces. In woodworking, dadoes are made to hold drawer cases and door panels mostly.

What Is a Dado Blade?

Dado blade is the type of blade used to create dado cuts. It is installed in the table saw to make it work. And if you’re a professional woodworker, you must know that not every table saw is compatible with a dado blade. The saw with dado capacity is slightly different than that of the ordinary table saw.

Top 3 Best Table Saws For Dado Cuts

  • 15-amp motor
  • Collapsible Rolling Stand
  • Great Portability
SKIL 3410-02 10-Inch Table Saw with Folding Stand
SKIL 3410-02
  • Self-Aligning Fence
  • Heavy-Duty
  • More Stability
  • Worm Drive
  • Makes Great Dado Cuts
  • Highly Durable

Best Table Saw For Dado Cuts

These products are filtered after thorough research. We considered all the aspects of an ideal dado cut table saw while shortlisting these products. These all are based on authentic user reviews without any biases towards any brand. 

1. DEWALT DWE7491RS Table Saw For Dado Cuts – Overall Best

Best Table saw for dado cuts

DEWALT 7491RS is one of our top picks from the best table saws that accept dado blades. It is a product of the high-rated brand DEWALT that is unbeatable in designing reliable and durable power tools.

This supports a dado blade of 8 inches with 13/16 inches width and 5/8 inch arbor size. This table saw is 10 inches in size and gives an incredible rip capacity of 32½ inches.  

Its 10 inches carbide blades and 24 teeth blades give impeccable cuts through wood quickly and accurately.  

This table saw is perfect for applications like cabinet installation, deck building, remolding, and hard floor installation. 

Its motor produces a 4800 rpm blade speed that’s enough to cut through tough materials easily and smoothly.  

The  2.5” vacuum dust cleaner in the table saw allows woodworkers to do a mess-free job. With a dust collection rate of approximately 99%, it makes the work manageable and hassle-free. 

The measuring meter and holding clamps make the job even easier. It has a lot of features to count on that make it the best dado table saw.

  • Highly portable
  • 32.5 inches capacity
  • Supports dado blades
  • Poor quality Controls

Key Specs

  • It comes with a 15-amp motor.
  • 2 inches dust collection port that can be easily connected to your vacuum cleaner.
  • It has A collapsible rolling stand that offers great portability in your workspace.

2. SKIL 3410-02 10-Inch Best Table Saw For Dado Blades

Best table saw for dado cuts
SKIL 3410-02

The SKIL 3410-02 ranks is our second pick as the best table saw for dado cuts. It accepts dado blades and creates impeccable dado cuts. This table saw comes with a lot of features that will make you drool over this one. 

This table saw is also compatible with dado blades. It is able to make dado cuts up to 13/16 of an inch. The dado cuts created are perfect that makes it a nice table saw with dado capability.

The most highlighted features include 1 inches table saw, carbide blade, blade wrenches, miter gauge, adjustable rip fence, and most importantly, a heavy-duty steel-built folding stand that offers great mobility. 

A 15-amp motor produces 5000 RPM speed for blades to make flawless cuts. Its versatility for woodworking and carpentry makes it a go-to product for most carpenters be it, professionals or beginners.

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With its high capacity of 3.5 inches, it can easily go through the material 4 times. The range of bevel angle is ranged from 2 to 7 degrees. The cut is 3.5 inches at 90 degrees and is 2.5 inches at 45 degrees.

It is more suitable for beginners as in it doesn’t deep any complicated assembling when you purchase it. It comes already assembled and adjusted. Just bring it home and you’re good to go!

  • Creates impeccable dado cuts
  • Light on the pocket
  • Provides high stability
  • Easy adjustments
  • Poor adjustment of the miter gauge

Key Specs

  1. Wide 20 x 26 inches table for easy working.
  2. Self-aligning fence and easy view measurement system.
  3. The quick-mount system is easily adjustable.
  4. The heavy-duty metal stand provides more stability 

3. SKILSAW SPT99T-01 8-¼ Table Saw With Dado Capability

Best table saw for dado cuts

SKILSAW SPT99T , a table saw with dado capacity is a perfect blend of durability and innovation and It is the best dado table saw. It offers great precision for fine woodworking. With its worm drive ripping mechanism, it can handle the toughest of materials without any hurdle.

Its dual-field 15-amp motor produces 5300 RMP torque that helps the blade make incredible cuts through different materials. It offers a rip capacity of 25 inches and deep cuts of 2-⅝ inches in depth. It is able to handle full sheets of plywood precisely and effortlessly. 

It creates 1-⅞ inches deep cuts at 45 degrees and 2-5/8 inches at 90 degrees. The rack and pinion fence, and bevel adjustments from 0 to 45 degrees add more perfection to the cuts. 

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The table saw has a steel roll cage that’s super sturdy with a nice rubber grip on the sides. The weight of the device is around 49 pounds that makes it highly portable. You can easily move it around your workspace and can shift it to different job sites.

SKILSAW SPT99T-01 has a steel roll cage that can handle rough worksite conditions easily. The hex wrench, blade, miter gauge, and push stick are onboarded with storage and are easily accessible. 

You can get your hands on this table saw with a dado blade. The performance and accuracy of this device will make you fall in love with its application. 

  • Adjustable rack and pinion fence
  • High performance
  • Anti-kickback system
  • No folding stand

Key Specs

  1. The worm drive offers great power and torque. 
  2. The rip capacity of 25 inches makes great dado cuts.
  3. The all-metal constructed body is highly durable.

4. Dewalt 7491X Table Saw For Dado Cut


Dewalt is a highly recognized brand in tool manufacturing. Dewalt 7491X is one of the recently launched DIY tools. It has made itself enter the list of table saws for dado cut. 

This model of Dewalt is an improvement of Dewalt 7480. It is compatible with dado blades and can accept blades of up to 13/16 of an inch.

It offers a rip capacity of 28-inches that allows this tool to make incredible cuts through hardwood. 

FOr dado insertion, you need to get a separate plate of number DWE7402D1. For this dado cut table saw, Avoid using dado blades of diameter more than 8 inches.

To make this table saw used for dado cuts, first set free the lever to pull the guard or riving knife. This step is important because the blade guard’s assembly has to be removed before dado blade insertion.

On its purchase, you’ll get a 10-inch carbide blade, a push stick, miter gauge, folding stand, a rack, and pinion fence for better faster fence adjustment.

  • Dado blade insertion available
  • Accurate fence adjustment
  • Highly portable
  • Issues with riving knife adjustment

Key Features

  1. Its 15- ampere motor produces high power to cut tough limbs.
  2. It makes 3⅛ inches of deep cuts at 90 degrees angle and 2¼ inches deep cuts at a 45-degree angle. 
  3. Its site-pro modular grinding system provides easy tool-free adjustment.

5. Hitachi C10RJ 10inch Jobsite Table Saw With Dado Capacity

Hitachi C10RJ
Hitachi C10RJ

Hitachi C10RJ is a 10 inches table saw and one of the table saws that accept dado blade. Its 40 tooth blade with carbide tips offers excellent capacity dado cuts. It is compatible with up to 8-inch dado blade width of 13/16 inches.

It operates on a 15-amp motor that generates a 45000 RPM blade speed that can easily handle and make cuts on tough wood materials. 

75 x 22 inches provides a wide workspace for users. Its telescoping table extension gives 35 inches of ripping capacity to the right and 22 inches to the left.

It has a storage capacity as well that is great for users to keep their tools while working. With its adjustable blade angles and table height, your work experience can be made more pleasant. 

Hitachi C10RJ is a very inexpensive table saw with dado capability you can find in the market. You can get wrenches, push sticks, blade guard assembly, miter gauge assembly, and more with its purchase. 

Included Tools

  • Blade Guard Assembly (371647)
  • Anti-kickback Pawl Assembly (371648)
  • Miter Gauge Assembly (371651)
  • Push Stick (371532)
  • Rip Fence Assembly (371649)
  • Outfeed Support Assembly (371650)
  • (2) Blade Wrenches (371633)
  • 5mm Hex Bar Wrench (371644)
  • 4mm Hex Bar Wrench (371645)
  • 2.5mm Hex Bar Wrench (371646)
  • Large cutting space
  • Storage Capacity
  • Easy to handle
  • Poor Quality Controls

Key Specs

  1. Foldable and rolling stand for portability
  2. Easy blades and height adjustments
  3. Adjustable fence

Guideline For Buying Table Saw For Dado Cuts

Here are some of the guidelines you need to consider when going to buy a table saw with dado capacity. These are more or less the same features you look at in a normal table saw as well. But for a dado-supported table saw, a few more technicalities should be examined in order to make the best buying decision. 

Blade and motor performance

The motor power can vary considering the type of project you want to work on.  If you want to make the dado cuts on some hard material, then go for a high-powered motor. The motor with aggressive power can be a bit costly as compared to the one with less power.

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For making dado cuts, specific dado blades are used. But in addition to dadoes, other cuts are equally important so lookout to choose the best blades for your table saw. 

Cutting accuracy

Cutting/ rip capacity is one of the key features to look for when planning to purchase a table saw. The performance of bevel, miter, and fence size and the accuracy and effectiveness of these parts play a very important role in examining the precision and accuracy in the performance of the table saw.

The dado cuts aren’t the only preference to consider, the table saw has a lot more other applications as well. All of these are to be considered to make your product worth the money. 

Size of Arbor

The Arbor size of the saw is the most important thing to consider for the dado cut. Arbor is the width of the arm of the motor of the table saw. It determines the thickness of the blade to be used over it. As dado blades contain two chippers as well to be installed on the arbor, make sure that you get considerable with of arbor in order to get the best cutting results. 


Though mobility isn’t the key feature to look at when planning to make the purchase, extra add-ons like storage capacity, dust collector, collapsable table are the features that can make your work a lot easier when working to bring your dream project to reality. 

Types of Dado Blades

There are two types of dado blades that can be used according to your need.

1. Wobble-style dado blades

This type of dado blade is adjusted on a disk. The disk makes the blade rotate as well when gets power. This type of dado blade makes smooth grooves that are rounded at the center. But it can cause some vibration in the table during its operation

2. The stacked dado set

This dado blade consists of saw blades and some chippers. The chippers get fit into the center of the blade on the arbor of the saw. The placement of the chippers between the saw blades affects the width of the dado.

Final Words For Table Saws That Accept Dado Blades

We hope that after going through the above-detailed guide, it’s now easier for you to choose the best table saw for dado cuts.  The pros and cons and features of all the products will make a crystal clear idea in our head that which product you should go for  

Price is also a factor that can affect your purchase decision. You can choose the tool that best suits your requirement and type of job and the one that’s light on the pocket but heavy in duty.


1. How to cut a dado with a table saw?

There are specific types of blades for dado cuts. All you need to do is to adjust those blades on the table saw to get the job started. Both types vary in adjustments and there’s a small difference in the type of cuts as well. The two types of blades are:

  • Wobble-style dado blades
  • The stacked dado set

You just have to choose one of these blades, adjust them on the table saw and you’re ready to get started!

2. How to make a dado cut with a table saw?

Put the type of dado blade as per the type of dado cut you want to the arbor of the table saw. Adjust it and tight the nuts properly in order to avoid any accident during work. Bring the piece of wood to the working table and tie it with a clamp. Now slide the wood piece through the blade and you’ll get the dado cuts as per your adjusted width. 

3. What size dado blade for 10 tables saw?

The dado blade of 8 inches in diameter is ideal for a 10-inch table saw. The maximum limit is 10 inches but you should leave some margin in order to make it work smoothly. You can also go for a 6 or 7 inches wider blade as well. It depends on the types of cut you want to achieve as well.