7 Best Spray Gun For Small Compressor 2023 – Low CFM

Painting with a spray gun is an exclusive way to get the job done perfectly and quickly. Unlike the other conventional methods, spray guns not only save time but you get impeccable results. Using the guns with small compressors is a great idea. It saves effort and is easy to carry as well.

If you don’t have sufficient time to read the whole guide, Get your hands on NEIKO 31215A Gravity Feed as the Best Spray Gun For Small Compressor. Many features and performance in our personal projects makes it our top notch pick!

If you already have a compressor and finding the best spray gun for small compressor, then you’re at the right spot. We already have prepared a list of tools that will eliminate your efforts for a market survey.   

Best Spray Gun For Small Compressor

Following spray guns are short-listed after a rigorous market survey. All of these machines do more or less the same job. The difference is in their prices and in some of their features. That adds value to each and every one of these guns and makes them distinct from one another. 

1. NEIKO 31215A HVLP Spray Gun For Small Compressor – Overall Best

best spray gun for small compressor

NEIKO 31215A Gravity Feed HVLP Air Spray Gun is our top pick of the best spray gun for small compressor. It is equipped with three valves that give you a wide choice of selecting the type of spray you want. 

The steel sturdy gun body along with stainless steel nozzle is built to provide high durability. This gun is ideal to be used for heavy-duty jobs. 

This gun comes with a PSI regulator using which you can change the air pressure from the gun, instead of approaching the air compressor to adjust it. 

Using this gun, you can attain an operating pressure of 40 PSI and working pressure of 10 PSI. And it uses an average air volume of 4.5 CFM. All of these features collectively provide the fine finishing and the gun to automatize well.  

Its 1.7mm nozzle is the most highlighted feature. It allows you to conveniently work on multiple projects. It works amazingly for various automotive, metallic base coating, and other household painting projects. It is of great use for professionals and amateur DIYers. 

On your purchase, you’ll get a metal gauge and regulator to control air pressure, a cleaning brush for cleanup, and different-sized wrenches. 

  • Durable steel body
  • Great for heavy-duty jobs
  • Fine finishing
  • The issue with dissembling of the nozzle

Apart from all the excellent attributes, this low CFM spray gun has some issues with the dissembling of nozzles. You need to be very vigilant when changing it because it’s a bit tricky.

2. Critter Spray 22032 Auto Spray Gun For Small Compressor

best spray gun for small compressor

If you’re looking for a spray gun that is easy to use and provides great service, then Critter  22032 118SG Siphon Gun is your product. 

The gun is attached to a 16-ounces mason jar that can carry a considerable amount of paint. So you can easily complete your job sitting without any refill requirement. But its refilling is quite easy when you need to do it. 

The material of the jar is quite simple and easily washable. 

It offers a pressure level of up to 90 PSI. This much pressure is more than enough to deal with various painting tasks. You can achieve a perfectly finished and smooth coated surface. 

This lightweight mini gun is best to be used for both indoor and outdoor jobs. Critter  22032 118SG Siphon Gun best low CFM spray gun that requires 3 CFM to operate. 

  • High pressure for multiple painting jobs
  • Comes with a Mason jar
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to clean
  • Air Compressor isn’t included

You’ll be a bit sad on hearing that this versatile mini spray gun doesn’t come with a compressor. This means you have to spend some extra bucks to buy a compressor. 

3. TCP Global HVLP Spray Gun For Small Compressor

best spray gun for small compressor

TCP Global is a 9 piece set of low CFM HVLP spray guns. It is our third top pick of the best spray gun for the small compressor. This spray gun kit is highly versatile when it comes to dealing with painting jobs.

You’ll get three types of guns in the set with different tips that are used for different coating purposes. 

1.4 mm tip gun offers you fully optimized patterns for flawless finishing results. You can effortlessly do smooth clear coats, base-coats, and all types of light to medium viscosity stuff. 

The 1.8 mm fluid tip gun can deal with oil bases, latex, primers, and the rest of the medium to high viscosity tasks. Whereas, the 1.0 mm gun is ideal to be used for touch-ups and tight surfaces. 

Consuming 3.5 to 7.1 CFM of air these guns offer 29 to 50 PSI pressures for excellent paint application. 

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On the purchase of this low CFM HVLP spray gun set, you’ll additionally get extra fluid cup fillers, hex wrench, spanner wrenches, and a cleaning brush. 

Apart from great performance, as you know there are three guns in a set, so might have to compromise with the quality. 

  • Smooth finishing
  • CDo multiple coatings
  • Deal with liquid of different viscosities
  • Stucks at times during operation

And if you’re from one of those who prefer quality equally as performance. You can go for NEIKO 31215A Gravity Feed HVLP Air Spray Gun. 

4. Campbell Hausfeld HVLP Spray Gun For Small Compressor

best spray gun for small compressor

Campbell Hausfeld is a spray gun for small compressors. This paint gun uses 4. SCFM at 40 PSI to offer a great application. 

You can easily adjust this gravity feed spray gun to make both fluid and airflow spray patterns. Its fine atomization allows you to deal with automotive painting, various equipment, and furniture painting.

It can be easily used for base coats, clear coats and polyurethane, and urethane topcoats. It is an ideal pick for both DIYers and professionals. This needs no prior skills and experience to make it in use. You can easily adjust the settings and start the job. 

This low CFM spray gun avoids over-spray and can be effortlessly adjusted to specific settings to keep the spray patterns under control. 

The 600mL gravity design of the gun makes it easier for you to keep the workplace mess-free. The waste material is stored in the canister to leave the rest of the surface tidy and clean. 

  • Applies clear coats
  • Easy adjustments
  • Creates smooth patterns
  • Doesn’t last long

In addition to all the great features, this gun has some longevity issues. You cannot make the most out of it for that long. If durability is your priority, then you can check out DEWALT HVLP Gravity Spray Gun.

5. NEIKO 31207A – Best Low CFM Spray Gun   

best spray gun for small compressor

If you’re looking for a spray gun for small compressor, then NEIKO 31207A HVLP would be of great use to you. 

With high atomization and air pressure of 50 PSI, and low nozzle air pressure, this spray gun works wonders to achieve evenly coated surfaces. 

It consumes 8.8 CFM to make it able to deal with a variety of projects. You can do touch-ups, paints, and coatings, and almost all types of small painting projects easily using this spray gun. 

You can save the extra costs of over spraying thanks to its HVLP design. Its stainless steel nozzle and handle adds more to the ease of usage of this gun.  

The gun offers three pattern adjustments such as circle, ellipse patterns. You can add more amazingness to your projects using its material volume and air volume adjustments as per your task’s requirements. 

  • Cost-effective
  • Sprays well and even
  • Multiple pattern adjustments
  • Issues with dissembling of the components

The machine’s nuts are a bit overly tight and you might face problems while loosening them for cleaning. The tools they send along for that purpose don’t support it at times. 

6. Astro Pneumatic 4008 Spray Gun For Small Compressor

Astro Pneumatic Tool 4008

Now we have Astro Pneumatic Tool 4008 as another spray gun for small compressor. It is a versatile spray gun that can deal with all kinds of painting jobs effortlessly. 

With the gully adjustable fan of this tool, you get to deal with minor details of your projects. The pattern controller makes it easier for you to do fine details.

The 1.8 mm nozzle helps you to achieve impeccable coating results. The gun features a 1-quart capacity dripless cup that makes it ideal to be used for your household tasks. 

It comes with an exclusive valve design to make it easier for you to achieve perfect finishing. It is a spray gun for small compressor. You can do all the great stuff with this little guy. 

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Overall, the gun is durable, easy to clean, and light on the pocket as well. 

One thing about it that I don’t like is that it isn’t that ideal for heavy-duty projects. You’ll need to keep refilling it if planning to use it for longer tasks. 

  • Easy handling
  • Durable construction
  • Easy nozzle adjustment for painting
  • Not suitable for heavy-duty jobs

If you want a gun for high viscosity tasks, you can either go for TCP Global Complete Professional 9 Piece HVLP Spray Gun. I believe that would be the more suitable pick for you. 

7. DEWALT (DWMT70777) HVLP Spray Gun For Small Compressor


A lot of DIYers and professionals are there who can’t work with heavy and ginormous tools. DEWALT HVLP Spray Gun is designed especially for this kind of people. 

It is our last pick as spray gun for small compressors. This compact-sized gravity feed spray gun will give a pleasant experience of working. You can work with this for long hours without getting any tiresome feeling. 

Its 600cc aluminum paint cup with a lid makes the refilling task easier. Means no product filling fatigues at all and you can work butter smooth!

On this purchase, you’ll get a product that is heavy in duty and light on the pocket. In short, one can never go wrong by choosing DEWALT tools over other manufacturers. 

One of its key features is the 3 years warranty. It means you can rest assured that your investment in this tool can never go wasted. 

  • Highly Durable
  • Works butter smooth with a small compressor
  • 3 years manufacturer’s warranty
  • Not so easy to clean

There are some issues with the adjustments, but there are myriad ways to learn them. That won’t be a big issue at all. 

How To Choose Best Spray Gun For Small Compressor

When you go to the market to get the best spray gun for small compressor, you’ll find a lot of different options.  Picking any considering the brand reputation of the alluring construction tool wouldn’t be a wiser choice. 

There are a few key specifications that you must look at when picking the right tool for yourself. This way, you’ll get the ideal spray gun as per the requirement of your dream project.

Nozzle Type

Different spray guns come in different sizes of nozzles. You need to pick the one that fulfills the requirement of your project type. For instance, if you have to deal with thick paint or to do larger walls, then a larger nozzle is your type. 

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On the other hand, if you have to work with base coats and clear coats then a thinner nozzle would be of great use. But if you choose a gun set that comes with different types of nozzles, we recommend not to miss that one. This will allow for more versatility in the application.

Air Pressure

The air pressure or PSI of the nozzle determines how much fluid can come out in one go. It has a significant effect on the finishing of the surfaces. The nozzle that delivers high pressure helps you attain flawless fine finishing and it can be used with thick paint as well. 

But it depends on the type of task too. High-pressure nozzles can end up creating a mess and can cause over-spray as well. On the other hand, a low-pressure nozzle can take some extra hours to get the job done. The pressure requirement is only determined by what you need.

Best Spray Gun For Small Compressor

CFM Range

CFM is air volume that is provided cubic feet per minute. This indicates how much air volume your spray gun can offer. CFM value can vary according to your task needs. For instance, primers need different values of CFM and painting jobs to require different ranges. But with the greater value of CFM, you can use the spray gun for multi-purpose jobs. 

Handling of the Spray Gun

Handling the spray gun also matters a lot when you’re working on some longer projects. If the handling isn’t easy and the gun is ginormous in size, it will make your work more tiresome. You can’t work conveniently with a tool that is problematic in any way. 

Some other factors that are to be considered as well are the easy dissembling of nozzles and refilling. All of these collectively help you decide whether you can go along with your tool or not. It’s obvious that you would like to pick a device that doesn’t affect efficiency and productivity in any way. 

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Value for money

It’s important that you choose a spray gun that is great value for money. Looking at all the available features, durability, and ease of use, pick the one that lacks in nothing, and that is light on the pocket as well. 

Because this isn’t the type of tool that needs some heavy investments. So, avoid spending your hard-earned money on the tools that delude with high prices. You can definitely get a great spray gun at an extremely reasonable price. 

Final Words For Best Spray Gun For Small Compressor

NEIKO 31215A Gravity Feed HVLP Air Spray Gun is our choice for the best spray gun for small compressor. You made you walk through all of the great spray guns available in the market. It’s now your decision if you’re able to make out of this guide. More or less all the products serve the same purpose but still need to determine which one is best suited for your type of job. 

What People Ask-Best Spray Gun For Small Compressor

1. How to use a spray gun with air compressor?

First of all, connect the spray gun with the compressor. Now prepare yourself i.e. wear your protection glasses and gloves so that the spray droplets don’t harm you in any way. The next step is to prepare the surface you want to work on. Then comes the important steps in which you prepare the paint and your compressor. Assemble the right size of the nozzle and adjust the pressure that boom, you’re ready to go!

2. What is the best hvlp spray gun?

NEIKO 31215A is the best gravity feed HVLP air spray gun. It offers impeccable finishing not only for small projects but for heavy-duty projects as well. This spray gun is constructed with sturdy material that makes it durable as well. Overall, it’s a great value for money. It’s a wise choice to pick this among the other myriad of products available in the market. 

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