6 Best Sanders For Removing Paint From Wood Furniture or Deck

If you are considering working on DIY projects around your home or re finishing your deck. The first step is to sand back your wood to remove the old paint. To get the best results whether painting, staining or varnishing the wood, you need to have the right sander for the job. As preparation is one of the most important parts of the process. You require the best sander for removing paint that won’t damage the wood and that you are comfortable using.

As, there are so many sanders on the market as well as different types of sanders, we have done the research for you and come up with a list to help you decide which one to buy. Our list has come about by researching the types and brands of sanders as well as customer reviews.

Best Sanders For Removing Paint

Best Sander for Removing Paint

1. DEWALT (DCW210B) 20V MAX Orbital Sander – Overall Best

Best Sander for Removing Paint

The Dewalt 20V Orbital Sander is the ideal sander for getting your sanding work done quickly. The model includes a good speed regulation with a brushless motor which you can vary between 8000 and 12000 OPM depending on the work.

This revolutionary 5-inch sander from Dewalt, is another product in the 20v max collection that will produce positive outcomes. Instead of searching for an adapter and dragging a cable behind you, DEWALT now supplies this sander, that produces the same level of power as corded models. 

The minimal height and portable design of this cordless sander are two features that stand out. It makes polishing easier by enabling you to reach closer to the surface for high accuracy. You can sand more conveniently with the rubber over-mold handle.

Furthermore, the cordless unit allows you to work in regions where there is no connection to a power source. Because there are no cables, you can take the sander anywhere you want as long as it is completely charged. When it comes to charging, the unit is relatively quick compared to other cordless sanders. Also, the 20V Max batteries lasts for ages, so you won’t run out of energy.

Another fantastic feature of the sander is the dust vent. This feature serves to maintain your workspace clean by removing sawdust as you sand. Dust collectors DWV010 are suitable with the sander. With a vacuum attached, the dust collector system works better, ensuring that no wood or debris is thrown into the air. You can also use the speed adjustment knob to slow down the machine for better grit and dust control.

  • Packs a lot of power
  • Switch is dust sealed
  • Speed dial
  • Long lasting battery
  • Can not be used with large wood

Your vintage painted wood planks have quite a lot of strength left in them, from just a basic picnic table to an excellent garden canopy! And what greater way to bring them back to life than with a Dewalt orbital sander? Choosing this model will not go in vain, and it will prove to be the best sander for removing paint from wood.

2. Bosch ROS20VSC Palm Sander – Best Sander For Removing Paint From Deck

Best Sander for Removing Paint

If you’re searching for a palm sander that can get into small spaces and remove tough paint from wood, Bosch has a product that you’ll appreciate. Because of its ample speed settings and flawless sanding effects, their ROS20VSC is the best sander for removing paint from a deck!

To start with, it’s a one-of-a-kind sander that includes a dampening ring, additional sanding mats, a vacuum converter, a dust container, and a convenient carrying bag.

Its simple design also allows users to work on various types of wood as well as difficult-to-reach areas. Given how well it avoids swirl marks from appearing on hardwood surfaces, the installed dampening cushion was a lovely bonus.

Even with its 3/64th inch orbit size, the Bosch ROS20VSC is remarkably good at removing residual paint. This palm sander has a dust removal port with micro filters that is unique. Bosch has made a great deal out of the dust collecting system included with the ros20vs family of orbital sanders, which is understandable given how well the dust collection system operates on this orbital sander.

 It’s called the Bosch micro filter technology, and it claims to be capable of filtering dust particles as tiny as 1/2 micron in size. These filters now capture fine particles, ensuring that your desk and garage remain spotless!  The canister displays the filtered dust amount, which is a function we have not yet seen in other palm sanders before. 

Because, unlike many other single-speed models, the Bosch ROS20VSC may drop or raise its velocity depending on the process, it serves as a metal polisher as well.  Whether you choose to clear away a dirty tabletop without getting stuck with scuffs or sand over raw wood, this model is fairly trustworthy.

  • Gears can be switched easily
  • Powerful 2.5-amp motor
  • Revolutionary micro filter system
  • The packaging is not very good

The Bosch ROS20VSC Sander is known for being the most ergonomic orbit sander on the market. It’s self-explanatory how to use it. You switch it on and run it uniformly over a particular surface until it is thoroughly smoothed out. The model will appeal to both beginners and experts.

3. Mouse Detail Sander, TECCPO TAMS22P

Best Sander for Removing Paint

Remove the chemical strippers and scrubbers from the equation and give your fingers a break. TECCPO has an electrical sander that may comfortably accommodate into a limited budget and accomplishes all the paint-stripping! To finish it off, it includes twelve sandpapers, so you’ll be prepared for a great many years.

Featuring its all-in-one sander, TECCPO is coming to the forefront on the market, incorporating a reusable dust bag and a sanding disc. The item is small and light, weighing just under three pounds.

There’s almost nothing this sander can’t handle, from shining furniture to leveling wood- just throw anything at it, and you will surely be impressed.

Still having trouble with the dust that comes from your work? This issue’s savior is the TECCPO mouse precision sander. The wood shavings are promptly transported to the dust bag by a fan powered by a constructed high-efficiency copper motor.

This system makes dust collecting easier than other sanders, and the built-in fan and excellent sealing guarantee that dust drawn into the bag does not blow out again. We were particularly impressed with the way sandpapers clung to its orbit.

Sandpaper replacement is now a breeze thanks to the hook-and-loop mechanism. You’ll also observe that it has a different orbit geometry than a conventional orbital sander. Indeed, its triangular orbit resembles that of a clothes iron.

A sophisticated sander such as this one comes in helpful when it comes to creating distinctive patio and poolside furnishing. Consider, for instance, a backyard pond and planter set. You can effortlessly do the task with old flooring and banister, and this sander will do the job perfectly!

  • Can reach narrow spaces easily
  • Compatible with a wide variety of sandpapers
  • 1.1-amp powerful motor
  • Does not have variable speed

This electric mouse sander weighs only 2.6 pounds, so you won’t get fatigued even if you’re using it for a long period of time. Its small size and low weight make it ideal for minor tasks, and it is arguably the best sander for removing paint on our listing!

4. Wagner Spraytech 0513040 orbital disc sander

Best Sander for Removing Paint

While the Paint Eater’s highest ranked features are tool-free disc removal and variable positions, we’re here to inform you that this Wagner sander is nothing short of spectacular! Power tools that are both inexpensive and efficient are the rage these days.

When they’re from a company like Wagner, you can be certain about their long-term durability. The Wagner Spraytech 0282180 is a specialist paint removal equipment for repairing vintage furniture and flooring. 

This model’s powerful 3.2-amp motor is the key feature. Although it is not a brush-less motor like the ones, we previously recommended, its strong amperage rating implies that it will run more efficiently and produce less waste!

It also has a useful strap for suspending the device from a ladder. We discovered more about its ergonomic properties while looking up its specifications, particularly the Velcro strap and cross surface versatility. 

This sander is safe to use on old furniture, cement, Masonite paneling, steel, wood, and other materials. Get rid of arm strain right now by working your way around that classic patio furniture! Owing to its 3M- spun fiber disc, you can use this model not only to remove peeling paint, but also to level up the edges of marble, and even metal in just one stroke.

  • Arbor Lock to change discs
  • Retractable handle
  • Reasonable price
  • Cannot be used professionally

If you’re a DIY enthusiast searching for a decent equipment to help you prepare a smooth finish for a new coat of paint, the Wagner Paint Eater is a phenomenal machine you can depend on! It can easily clean away old sticky paint, paint oxides, and fungus without leaving your task tiresome or dull.

5. ENERTWIST Orbital Sander- Best Sander For Exterior Paint Removal

best sander for removing paint from wood

We’ll suggest a sander-polisher pair if you’re wondering what’s different with a random orbit sander. The ET-OS-280 isn’t like your average hook and loop sander. It’s both a sander and a polishing tool in one!

EnerTwist is around to demonstrate you what contemporary sanding machines can accomplish, at fantastic rates. You can peel off old paint from wood and then polish it with this wonderful tool.

This is, easily the best, sander for exterior paint removal and deck refinishing, with six speed control levels, a concealed dust port, quick disc replacements, and a wonderfully quiet motor.

Its 5-inch sanding pad may appear little at first glance, but with a robust 12,000 OPM, stripping paint from your outdated decks is seldom a day’s effort. Moreover, the rubber handle can be adjusted to three different positions to ensure a secure hold on the sander.

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The speed-controlling lever is conveniently placed so that you may use your other hand to grasp the object or the ladder.  Carrying on, this model also comes with a plethora of accessories. In addition to six sandpapers in light, moderate, and rough grits, the set includes two polishing and foam buffing wipes.

The clear dust collector not only takes sawdust off the job site, but it also protects newly generated dust from blocking the sander’s internal equipment, making your jobs easier and quicker.

  • 6 variable speeds
  • Comes with many accessories
  • Easy to use
  • The size may be too small

With this orbital sander, EnerTwist continues their legacy of producing high-quality tools. It’s quick, with a 12,000 RPM output, and the dirt collection is excellent. The ET-0S-280 is a genuinely exceptional model that will surprise even the most seasoned pros, thanks to its excellent build quality, current features, and smart design.

6. Makita 9903 3″ x 21″ Belt Sander For Wood

sander to remove paint

Quality matters more than you might realize when it comes to power equipment. Then again, these items are used every day for an extended period, therefore they must work properly. Makita is one of the companies that is well-known for its high-quality goods. 

Makita’s most recent belt sander is the 9903 Belt Sander. This tool was developed for expert use, so it has all the capabilities that are required for this specific application. The electric motor in this model is 8.8 AMP. It is strong enough to work with any sort of wood. On the other hand, it is quite quiet when in use.

Only 85 decibels are produced by this motor. Amongst belt sanders in the same budget range, this is regarded for having one of the smoothest electric motors. Furthermore, the electric motor’s parts are manufactured to be utilized every day. This renders the belt sander ideal for woodworkers on the go.

The belt rate is the most significant control on belt sanders. Softer woods typically necessitate a slower pace. Hardwood, on the other hand, necessitates a faster belt movement. The speed can range from 690 feet per minute to 1.440 feet per minute. Also, owing to the functional dial, altering speed on this Makita sander is quick and easy.

This belt sander also comes with a dust bag. This tool’s main objective is to attract all dust and dirt, eliminating any need for cleaning. The dust bag isn’t particularly large, but emptying it is simple. If you’re working in small, enclosed spaces where sanding dust can be hazardous, this feature is a must-have.

It’s a breeze to use this belt sander and it’s remarkably pleasant to use as well. The handles are one of the several causes for this. They’re designed to be as comfortable as possible. It is feasible to spend more than 8 hours every day working with this impressive tool.

  • 8.8-amp motor
  • Dust bag included
  • Sanding shoe available
  • Bulky shape is not comfortable

The Makita 3″ x 21″ Belt Sander offers quick, effective stock clearance with silent operation for long hours of use. Woodworkers, architects, furniture makers, flooring installers, deck designers, and contractors will benefit from the 9903 Belt Sander. Makita can handle whatever task you throw at them.

Buying Guide For Best Sander for Removing Paint

When it comes to purchasing a sander, novices as well as some experts make significant blunders. When reviewing the various options available to a customer, it is easy to become perplexed. As a result, they seem unable to determine which sander is most suited to their carpentry requirements.

Have a look at these factors before indulging in your purchase for the best sander for removing paint

Kinds of Wood Sanders Available

A random orbital sander and a belt sander are the two main types available on the market. Random orbital sanders are shaped like a disc, that vibrate and produce orbital movements while sanding wood. They create precise results and provide high-quality sanded surfaces.

Orbital sanders are ideal for diy projects that don’t necessitate a lot of sanding. They don’t create scratches on surfaces because of their rotating approach. They’re the ideal kind of sander for fine-grit sanding because of this.

Belt sanders, unlike orbital sanders, are great for sanding big surfaces. Besides massive sanding jobs, they can also perform tiny jobs, as can be seen with less strong belt sanders. Now that you’ve learned about the various sorts of sanders and what they’re used for, you can pick the one that perfectly serves your sanding requirements.

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Speed Settings on Wood Sander

Do you have an antique wardrobe that needs to be refurbished? If that’s the situation, investing in a high-quality sander is a great place to start! You’ll need a sander that can go from very low to high speeds. A speed range of 8,000 to 14,000 OPM is ideal since it allows you to remove paint more quickly and accomplish some serious polishing all at once.

Wood Sander Size

Orbital sanders and belt sanders come in a variety of sizes, with most of them falling within the 5-inch category. Smaller sanders are easier to transport than larger sanders. They may not, unfortunately, be as strong as the larger ones. Consider purchasing the best sander for your needs.

Sanders To Remove Paint

Power of the Sander

When shopping for a sander, consider the power. Removing paint from some surfaces necessitates a lot of power, which not all sanders have. To have a professional job done, make sure the sander you purchase has the appropriate amp. If you wish to sand aggressively, we suggest sanders with six amps or more.

Diameter of the Orbit of the Sander

An orbital sander is your closest companion when it comes to medium to large woodworking projects. Due to their small 14 sanding sheets, doing the job with a palm sander will take a bit longer. In a nutshell, the diameter of the sanding disc determines how much area you can efficiently sand each pass.

Variable speed and lock

You should also think about the variable speed option. This setting on the sander allows for more control over the sanding process, contributing to the achievement of better results. Additionally, select a sander with a speed lock. You can lock the sander at any rate with a speed lock. It doesn’t have to be the slowest or fastest speed possible.

Quality of the motor

When it comes to removing paint quickly and effectively, motor performance and amperage are crucial. Because the velocity isn’t high enough, even a huge sanding disc won’t be enough to cover the full surface.

For a variable orbit sander, everything just under 2 Amps is a loss. Count yourself fortunate if you can get your eyes on a sander with a 2.4 Amp brush-less motor.

Consider Your Budget When Buying a Sander

The strength and capabilities of sanders have a big impact on their pricing. The more capabilities and energy they have, the more expensive they get. When purchasing a sander, look for one that has the functionality you require to save money.


Most sanders last over ten years, however they usually come with a one-year warranty. While guarantee is an important consideration when selecting the Best Sander for Removing Paint, how you care and use it is also important. If you take good care of your sander, you may expect to use it for a great many years, regardless of the guarantee.

Frequently Asked Questions-Best Sander for Removing Paint

Can I use an orbital sander to remove paint?

orbital sander sands paint

An orbital sander sands paint from the area with rotating heads. It just spins as the sander is carefully moved across the layer of paint. This reduces the likelihood of a circular pattern being left on the surface.

These sanders are ideal for removing paint from horizontal or curved surfaces due to their tiny, portable nature.

What is the best way to remove paint from wood?

With the necessary knowledge and tools of using them, anybody can erase paint from wood. Chemical paint strippers, thermal guns, sanders, and organic products without toxins are the most frequent techniques to remove paint from wood.

What is the best sander for removing paint?

The best sander to remove paint on our list, is the Dewalt 210 B model from the true pioneers of power tools. It’s light, robust, and comfortable to grasp. Furthermore, it has a simple speed dial that allows you to set the frequency from 8,000 to 14,000 OPM easily. The cleverly engineered paper clamp holds sandpapers tightly and ensures a hassle-free setup every time! 

Can you remove paint by sanding?

Yes, sanding is an effective way to remove paint. This method is simple to master and involves few tools. Sand paint with a sanding instrument or heavy-grit paper. It is recommended that you wear a dust-filtering mask and sand outside to avoid spreading dust throughout your home.

Wrapping up Best Sander For Removing Paint

When it comes to picking a sander for a paint removal project, you want a tool that will allow you to finish the job fast and without hassle. All the sanders that we have discussed so far are excellent instruments for achieving your desired results. You’ll be able to swiftly remove the paint and finish your work, within the nick of time. 

Nevertheless, here are our top three recommendations for paint prep, polishing and removing paint from wood.

  • DEWALT 20V MAX Orbital Sander (DCW210B) with the brushless motor, gives you more endurance and efficiency while doing the work. It also has a texturized rubber handle for sanding convenience. The dust port has been meticulously engineered to fit neatly.
  • Bosch ROS20VSC Palm Sander – For the sanding pads that attach to the hand sander using Bosch’s distinctive Hook and Loop disc connection technology. The powerful 2.5 AMP motor enables for quiet operation.
  • Mouse Detail Sander, TECCPO TAMS22P packs reliability and efficiency in a single package with a powerful copper motor and dust bag for dust collection which knows no bounds!

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