The 10 Best Miter Saw of 2023

Mitering is the technique of joining two boards at an angle, and miter saws are useful for a variety of other cuts too, like cross cuts, end cuts on wood flooring panels and angle trims on roof rafters. as you can see, a miter saw has multiple uses. Most DIYers and professionals consider them essential tools.

best miter saw

If you are short on time, lets go directly to our best choice. We have selected the DEWALT (DHS790T2) as the Best Miter Saw for it’s superior features. Before recommending, we have analyzed this product at length to provide our readers with the best possible information.

Miter Saws are among the most durable and trustworthy power tools you can buy, built to the highest standards of quality, security, and simplicity of use.  The best miter saw for a woodworker is determined by the tasks he or she works on. When shopping for the best one, consider speed and reliability, as well as cut quality, precision, features, and price.

Continue reading to learn all about this important woodworking instrument and why we selected the sliding compound miter saws listed below as the best for builders, DIY enthusiasts, and even experienced trim carpenters. Because of the high quality of these miter saws, almost any of them would be a good buy. You won’t have any problems with these, so pick the best sliding compound miter saw for your budget and discover what you’ve been missing out on all this time.

What Are The Benefits of Best Sliding Compound Miter Saw?

Because of their sliding functionality, these highly practical saws provide you with the adaptability that a standard non-sliding compound miter saw just does not. When slicing, you can rotate the blade back and forth, which effectively means you can extend the duration of your cuts.

Miter saws can also perform bevel cuts, which are slanted cuts made by sawing through the board’s width. Circular saws can be used to make both miter and bevel cuts, but this isn’t always a good idea.

Best Miter Saw – Product Reviews

1. DEWALT DHS790T2 FLEXVOLT Sliding Compound Miter Saw – Overall Best

The DeWalt brand, which is a division of Black & Decker, is well-known throughout the United States. Professionals, craftsmen, and enthusiasts alike utilize their tools because they are extremely durable.

DEWALT DHS790T2 is an excellent choice for people wanting to buy their first miter saw, and it’s also an excellent choice if you’re thinking about switching to a sliding compound miter saw.

The Dewalt Flexvolt is a fascinating example of a compound sliding miter saw, because it provides users the benefit of two power options, DC cordless or AC corded.

So what exactly is Flexvolt? It is a very special battery which automatically changes it’s voltage according to what tool is attached. As part of this kit there are 2 x 60 volt batteries supplied. Each battery will reduce automatically to 20 volts when attaching it to another tool in the Dewalt Max range of power equipment.

Features of DEWALT DHS790T2 Miter Saw

Features of this miter saw includes a brushless motor, to give a longer life expectancy. Integrated into the sliding saw is an Adjustment Free Cutline Blade Positioning System (now that’s a mouthful isn’t it!). In short, an LED light is directed onto the cutting blade producing a shadow indicating exactly where the cut will be made.

Advantages of Cordless Miter Saw

The advantage of a cordless compound miter saw, especially for tradies, is that they have the ability to work on site without using the onsite power supply and also no cords to be tripping over all day. Less downtime in unfolding and refolding the electrical cords every day. Time is money after all!

The saw’s dual bevel mechanism features a high visual bevel scale and the flexibility to move right and left from 0 to 49 degrees with solid stops at varying degrees in both sides. The saw also miters 60 degrees to the right and 50 degrees to the left, featuring a stainless-steel miter detent plate with ten solid stops for quick and easy modifications.

A 120 V power adaptor is recommended to be added to this particular kit from Amazon as it is not included. The AC adaptor I recommend is DEWALT FLEXVOLT 120V Max Corded Adaptor

  • Dual power sources
  • High accuracy
  • Long lasting
  • Can cut dual bevels easily
  • The dust collection is less effective

For further versatility on the worksite, a cam lock miter button lets people lock degrees between detents. It also includes a dust collection bag that can gather up to 75% of the dust it produces. Unfortunately, the grip handle has a lack of cushioning, which takes some getting accustomed to, but it’s initially somewhat awkward to grip.

2. BOSCH Power Tools GCM12SD Sliding Glide Miter Saw

BOSCH Power Tools GCM12SD

Bosch is a high-quality equipment company that employs innovation to better the lives of experts and DIY amateurs alike. This technology is exemplified by their GCM12SD 12-inch miter saw.

The first thing you’ll notice about this sliding compound saw is that it doesn’t have a traditional look. It looks rather like a transformer than the saws you’ve probably seen or used before.

The gliding system is a concept that is in a league of its own. This saw is a little heavy, coming in at 88 pounds, but with that weight comes a lot of longevity. The foundation is extremely stable, avoiding your materials being damaged by tipping.  The motor is 15-amps with a no-load rate of up to 3,800 RPMs.

The saw has a unique Axial-Glide technology, which replaces the traditional sliding rail with an articulated glide arm. This reduces the amount of space the saw takes up on the work site while still allowing you to make broad cuts. It also prevents the saw from under performing owing to dust accumulation over time.

Video Review

Features of the BOSCH Miter Saw

The BOSCH miter saw’s transparent saw guard is built to maintain the user’s vision of the cut transparent throughout the whole procedure. The trigger handle has an aerodynamic grip that may be used easily by both right-hand and left-hand operators, as well as a cushioned non-slip grip. The miter scale digits are engraved onto stainless steel for sturdiness, and the fences are customizable.

The blade is 12 inches long and has a 48-degree bevel capability on both the right and left sides. Right and left, the bevel controls are at 45, 33.9, and one degree. Miter stops are at 45, 31.6, 22.5, and 15 degrees left and right, with a miter capacity of 60 degrees right and 52 degrees left.

It has a four-inch-by-14-inch crosscut capability. The saw has a convenient detent overriding option on the push-button. The detent override option allows you to rapidly set any neighboring angle, allowing you to operate more quickly. With a wide, easy-to-read consistent bevel and stainless-steel miter scales with indicated detents and roof pitch angles, it allows for simple adjustments.

  • Glide system is powerful
  • Accurate and precise
  • Ergonomic grip
  • Dust collection system included
  • No LED light included

We don’t appreciate the fact that this saw isn’t equipped with a laser. We recognize that the laser function isn’t for everyone, but we’ve discovered that it can be rather useful on occasion. Because it is cumbersome and hefty, this type isn’t perfect for folding and traveling. You almost always need someone to assist you, which is inconvenient if you’re using it regularly.

3. Makita LS1019L 10″ Dual-Bevel Sliding Compound Miter Saw

We included the LS1019L Sliding Compound Miter Saw by Makita on our list since it is part of one of the most comprehensive power tool lines available. Makita is known for producing high-quality accessories.

This is one of the models that is excellent for novices or hobbyists. Because many of the functions are geared toward newer people rather than pros, this is the case.

It’s cutting capacity-matching 10″ sliding compound miter saw that competes 12″ saws. If you’re performing 5 inch and 6 inch molding, a 12 inch saw is generally what you’ll need. However, you can acquire equivalent cutting capability with this miter saw instead of the larger instrument and its more expensive blades.

The reality that a Makita miter saw uses a direct drive motor with weak start is one of the main reasons to upgrade. Most other miter saws on the market use a belt drive system. The belt ultimately stretches and needs to be changed, even if it does so slowly. The direct drive engine also provides a more consistent cutting speed on harder materials, which is beneficial to carpenters who need a finished look cut in hardwood.

The saw also has a revolutionary sliding action rail mechanism that allows for a lower footprint. The rails are placed beside the saw rather than stretching out behind it, as Makita has established. As a result, it may be used in tighter locations and in smaller woodworking shops.

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What Jobs is This Miter Saw Best For

This miter saw is ideal if you do a lot of large bases and crown molding. It has a tall fence structure and a cutting depth ability that is outstanding. Makita devised the DXT’s Deep and Exact Cutting Technology, which is a comprehensive set of elements to accomplish this higher cutting capacity.

Features of the Makita 10 inch Miter Saw

In terms of miter and bevel capabilities, the Makita 10 inch miter saw goes all out. You have a 0 to 60-degree miter on both the left and right sides, as well as all the standard detentes. You also have a 0 to 48 degrees left and right bevel. On those rare compound slices, you’ll need to rotate your material over less regularly with full capacity on both sides.

The saw has a big connector at the bottom of the saw arm that may be connected to your dust collection system. This is curved and positioned to gather as much dust as possible as it comes off the back of the blade throughout the cutting, which is a fantastic feature and an outstanding design.

  • Cutting capacity is outstanding
  • Smaller footprint
  • Unique rail system
  • Compact
  • Not suitable for left-handed operators

This Makita 10 inch sliding compound saw has built-in dust collectors, which is a marked improvement over many contemporaries and a major selling point. The slide-out rails vary from those used by most other companies. The Makita rails are solid steel rods twisted into a structural shape from thick gauge steel. When sawing dimensional lumber, they’re ideal for supporting longer boards.

4. Hitachi C10FCG 15-Amp 10″ Single Bevel Compound Miter Saw

Hitachi C10FCG

Try out the Hitachi 10-Inch compound miter saw with an innovative laser marking system that clearly outlines the right cut-line for accuracy cuts if you’re just getting started in carpentry and won’t be performing very complex cutting.

It has a single compound tilt for creating single-direction bevels, and its 15-amp motor will provide enough of cutting power.

It is the smallest model on this listing, weighing only 24 pounds, making it easy to take from home to worksite and back. It is also the best compound miter saw on our list because it’s extensive build quality. Contractors will like the saw’s strong construction, minimal moving parts, and low weight.

You’ll have no trouble picking up this saw and carrying it from place to place. With this low weight miter saw, doing trim work in multiple sections of a building site is now faster and easier. 

Power of the Hitachi 10-Inch compound miter saw

The blade goes up to 5000 RPM in a minute and handles anything you hurl at it thanks to plenty of strength. Admittedly, the combination of this power and the saw’s reliability makes cutting a breeze. The C10FCG is driven by a 15-amp motor. For sawing 2-inch structural lumber, baseboards, and trimming, this model is ideal.

Quality Blades Used on Miter Saw

You’ll obtain even better results if you use a quality blade that’s made for the job, such as a precise woodworking blade with many teeth and a thin kerf. The motor’s last feature is that it is intended to use interchangeable brushes. This simplifies servicing and ensures that the motor will last longer than the others.

 The sole disadvantage is that it’s just a compound miter saw without the sliding movement, which limits the board breadth it can cut in one pass. The C10FCG has an excellent fence, which is one of the factors why it received our best compound miter saw award.

It’s strong and stretches up to 4 inches to hold materials that are too high, such as crown molding. If you must go even higher, the fence has handy hooks where you can connect a piece of wood to increase the height. Ultimately, the experience is simple, secure, and enjoyable.

Features of the Hitachi 10-Inch compound miter saw

For reduced vibrations, it comes with a cushioned ergonomic grip. For extra accuracy, novices will enjoy the laser guide. The laser guide is straightforward and accomplishes exactly what you’d anticipate. It’s perfectly exact and can be used as a guide to create precise cuts. Although this is not a required feature, it can be a time saving and a useful method to double-check the accuracy of your cuts.

Design of Hitachi C10FCG

This miter saw is designed with your health and air performance in mind. It has a port on the rear of the blade shroud where you can connect a shop vac to capture the dust that flies off the rear of the saw blade.

  • Laser guide included
  • Vibration system is reduced
  • Dust collection valve included
  • Angles can be cut in only one direction

This won’t catch the dust completely, but it will help lessen the amount of dust spread in the air, and every little bit counts when it pertains to dust collection. The saw also has a vice clamping mechanism to firmly hold the work piece to the big table for improved material aid.

5. CRAFTSMAN (CMCS714M1) Sliding Miter Saw


If you’re looking for a cordless and strong compound sliding miter saw, the CRAFTSMAN CMCS714M1 is a wonderful choice. This model is easily the best sliding miter saw for the money, and it’s ideal for both professionals and DIYers.

Following its re-launch in 2018, Craftsman has produced a slew of fantastic tools. We’ve discovered one recurring theme as we start to investigate their new offers, and we’re delighted.

While it isn’t flawless, there is a lot to like about this saw’s good feature set. A wide range of users can benefit from this 7-1/4-inch sliding miter saw. It is a winner because of its portability and low price.

Power of the Craftsman Miter Saw

The Craftsman V20 battery system powers this 7-1/4 Miter Saw. The saw can make 585 cuts in 3-1/4-inch MDF boards using the accompanying 4Ah battery. It’s 12 inches in height, 23 inches broad, and 21.8 pounds in weight. The motor’s 3800 RPM provides adequate power to cut down 2X lumber.

Features of the CRAFTSMAN (CMCS714M1)

There is an electronic brake that allows the blade to instantly cease spinning when released. Above the grip, there is a power switch. When a battery is fitted, this is a protective measure to avoid inadvertent starting. The main motivator is a switch that makes it simple to activate while clutching the handle. Furthermore, a single-bevel design enables for complex cuts with up to a 47-degree bevel.

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Of course, anyone who has worked in construction understands that durability and strength are always important considerations. This tool satisfies both criteria to a significant level. A 3,800-RPM, 20V brushless motor powers this miter saw, delivering lightning-fast cutting performance.

Apart from the engine, the saw itself is constructed to last. Because the castings are stainless steel, you’ll have a rock-solid blade that will endure a lot longer. It can also withstand just about everything thrown at it on the job site. If you’re utilizing it for household tasks, you shouldn’t have any problems with durability.

Miter cuts of up to 47 degrees right and left are possible, with nine distinct locking stops for improved precision. When positioned at 90 degrees, the sliding method permits for an 8-inch crosscut capability, and 5.5 inches at 45 degrees. When cutting horizontally, this saw has a 3-5/8-inch stacked crown and a 3-1/2-inch baseboard range.

The motor slides along two rails with a lock for smooth movement and greater safety. When used, an LED cut line provides enhanced visibility and reliability. Clamps were also added by Craftsman to keep the material steady during the cutting process. This saw also comes with an excellent dust collection system, which can allow you to keep your workspace clean. We all know that dirt collectors aren’t ideal, but this one is rather good.

  • Durable and powerful
  • Dust bag included
  • Transportable
  • No adjustable bearings

Who this Miter Saw would be Best For

Overall, this saw is a one-of-a-kind tool that will appeal to a wide range of users. In comparison to full-sized miter saws, the tiny footprint and low weight allow for considerably improved portability. With the gliding capability, you can still make decent cuts, which is likely to be a major worry for anyone considering this saw.

Above all, we appreciate the fact that this item comes with a three-year guarantee. We also enjoy that it has some of the strongest durability and power available. It’s also incredibly portable, which is ideal if you need to transfer it to multiple job sites.

6. Delta Store 26-2241 12-Inch Cruzer sliding miter saw

Delta Store 26-2241

Another alternative from a reputable manufacturer is the DELTA 26-2241 Compound Miter Saw. It is a wonderful choice for both pros and hobbyists because it combines durability and performance.

Delta is making strenuous efforts to re-enter the game. They just released the all-new CRUZER miter saws. The CRUZER has a one-of-a-kind, robot-like arm that allows it to function like a sliding miter saw.

The robot-like appendages of the CRUZERS are made of military-grade aluminum, and we observed them to be quite smooth! As you rotate the saw-head back and forward between, the arm bends rather than slides. We were blown away by the smoothness of the travel provided by heavy-duty rollers. Delta has also included a tension adjuster so you can customize your trip tension.

Front control options that enable you to establish fast dual-bevel miter cuts are another wonderful feature to see on the CRUZER. You may bevel 45 degrees left or right using an incredibly simple bevel switch. There are limits at the most common bevel angles, as well as an override switch that is easily accessible.

Power Delta Store 26-2241 12-Inch Cruzer

The motor on this saw is 15 amps and can spin up to 4,000 RPMs. For increased durability, a stainless movable miter detent plate is included. It has 14 positive stops that you can overcome and then modify to your preferred setting.

Cut Size made by Miter Saw

This miter saw can make 90-degree crosscuts up to two by eight inches. It can reach seven and a half inches with a 45-degree expanded crown capacity. It can slope up to 47 degrees to the right or up to 47 degrees to the left.

There are seven positive stops in total. The miter capacity of the saw is 50 degrees to the left miter, 60 degrees to the right miter, with 10 miter detents and positive brakes.

Features of DELTA 26-2241 Compound Miter Saw

For rapid and accurate synchronization, one-hand front miter adjustments with push button miter detent override and front bevel releasing are available. The cutter head’s displacement is reduced thanks to the unique extending arms.

This saw is built to give you good consistency and accuracy that experts require. The 26-2241 is a large, well-built miter saw with several impressive engineering features. Once you’ve unboxed this miter saw, you’ll see how remarkable it is.

  • Motor is powerful
  • Accessories included
  • Accurate and productive
  • Affordable
  • Safety trigger is not very adaptable

This saw’s safety mechanism necessitates two steps, which might be inconvenient when in use. Another thing we don’t like about it is how loud it starts. When you’re using a power tool, you can anticipate some noise. This alternative, though, is noisier than some of the others we’ve looked at.

7. Metabo (C12FDHS) HPT 12-Inch Compound Miter Saw

Metabo (C12FDHS)

The Metabo HPT C12RSH2 has a lot of street reputation, but it also has a lot of large shoes to fill. It’s the follow-up to Metabo HPT’s classic C12RSH, which has since been retired. Metabo HPT garnered a dedicated following of furniture makers when they developed the first C12RSH by including forward-thinking capabilities.

This saw was a significant deal in a lot of ways, with adjustable knobs for both bevel and miter settings, a vertical grip, and one of the earliest negligible rail systems.

Miter cuts can be made at a maximum angle of 57degrees to the right and 45degrees to the left with the Metabo HPT C12RSH2. The design of this saw is simple. The miter gauge’s positive stops and shutdowns are controlled by a simple lever and knob system.

Features of the Metabo HPT C12RSH2

The C12FDH 12-inch dual compound miter saw with dual bevel characteristics is equipped with an innovative laser marker system for slicing precision. The saw head bevels to the left or right, keeping the material firmly in position for maximum cutting efficiency. It can cut wood, crown molding, plywood, ornamental panels, soft fiberboard, chipboard, and aluminum sashes, among other materials.

It also includes a robust 15-amp motor. The laser function allows you to view the cut line on the boards before cutting, which reduces errors. A rotating barrier is included with the Metabo to make crown molding cutting easier. The elastomer-coated grip on this full-size saw is developed to deter vibration, hand strain, and hand slipping. On a more reasonably priced saw, this is a great and unexpected function.

Metabo HPT Miter Saw Dust Collection

While dust collection on miter saws isn’t often praised, the Metabo HPT’s works quite well. You can probably blame it on the blade’s bigger dust gathering shroud. Sadly, you pay for what you get in dust removal in terms of visibility. As soon as you drop the saw, the dust cover stops the laser.

  • Dual bevel cuts are enabled
  • Laser guide
  • Affordable
  • Sliding is difficult

The laser emits a single line that can be adjusted to depict the blade kerf’s edge. If you can’t recall where you put it last, you’ll have to be daring to work it out. You’ll have to drop the blade by moving the dust shroud aside with your fingertips. There is some space for improvement in this design.

8. Delta Power Equipment S26-263L Slide Miter Saw

Delta Power Equipment S26-263L

Delta Power Equipment Corporation has been in business for nearly a century. They’re renowned for their high quality, dependable equipment. The S26-263L sliding compound miter saw is compact, lightweight, and features a fast 15-amp motor.

This miter saw focuses on practicality, especially if you need to transfer the saw from location to location, with a concentration on easy features and mechanics that will make your cuts exact and fuss-free.

Features of the S26-263L Slide Miter Saw

It’s a 30-pound saw with table expansions on the side to help sustain it if you’re working with lengthy things or materials. It also incorporates a spindle lock that makes blade changes easier, helping you save some time among cuts. It can slice up to 2×12 and has a left bevel inclination of 0 to 45 degrees. 

It also contains a laser, which gives you a precise guide for cutting your materials. A laser guide is beneficial for folks who have trouble reading instrument guides all the time, particularly if they are operating in a low-light or reduced visibility environment. The operator’s efficiency will rise, and time will be saved by using a laser guidance.

Power of the Miter Saw Motor

This miter saw has an electronic brake and an 1,800-watt motor, which makes repeating cuts easier because it pauses the blade quickly. The rope flows from the back of the slide bar, ensuring that it will not be snagged by the blade. With its 15-amp motor, it can do 12-inch crosscuts although being a 10-inch miter saw. For your sense of security, it comes with a 3-year warranty.

Dust Collecting for Miter Saw

The Delta S26-263L offers dust extraction capabilities, thanks to dust holes that may be linked to a Shop-Vac adapter of the right size. It is not only a need for most job sites to maintain your workspace dust-free, or at minimum with a low dust count, but it is also a way of making the air cleaner. You won’t be worried about debris floating around if the machine is simple to set up with a dust removal mechanism.

  • 12 inches crosscut capacity
  • Spindle lock included
  • Front lock control system
  • Can be a bit noisy

Final Thoughts on the Delta Miter Saw

Overall, the Delta Shop master S26-263L is an excellent choice for you if you really want a good miter saw but aren’t too concerned with the cutting capability and bevel options. It contains enough convenience elements, such as an automatic brake and a laser guidance, to make it easy to use, particularly for people in a hurry. It is also a compact item, making it suitable for transporting from one location to another.

9. Milwaukee 6955-20 12″ Sliding Dual Bevel Miter Saw

Milwaukee 6955-20

The Milwaukee 6955-20 12-inch sliding dual miter saw is a beautiful piece of machinery. It stands out from the competitors thanks to its digital miter angle readout, which enables for precise miter readings in 0.1-degree intervals.

For the average enthusiast, it’s pricey, but any builder or expert woodworker will certainly not hesitate to indulge in it because of the construction quality, capacity, and accuracy it provides.

Power of the Milwaukee Miter Saw

A huge 12-inch blade is included with the Milwaukee, which is driven by a 15-amp, 3.3 max hp direct drive engine. That’s a lot of energy, and it’ll let you slice through even the toughest wood with simplicity and precision.

Aside from that, the blade’s rotating no-load speed is 3250 RPM, which does not alter or decrease like other saws when chopping materials. This is critical because it guarantees that the cuts are made quickly and precisely, even when working with extremely hard wood.

Features of the Milwaukee 6955-20 Miter Saw

Another fantastic feature of this Milwaukee saw are the twin lights, one on each side of the tool, that illuminate the blade, cut lines, and materials, enabling you to see the blade and cutting line properly when cutting.

This is quite handy because it improves accuracy since you can easily see the blade and cut line, and you won’t need to purchase additional lights if your workplace is dimly lit. The blade’s electrical soft start function stops the saw from shaking when you turn it on, and it also helps you to slide the blade into the work material without hurting it.

We’d disconnect the mechanism and re-engage it after the blade was in place to move the saw sequentially. A locking knob rests behind the adjustable ring. Before making your slices, Milwaukee suggests using this to lock up the miter angle.  The saw’s distinguishing trait is its enormous weight. It’s possible that you won’t want to carry it around the job site. If that’s the case, a movable miter saw stand could come in handy.

Dust Removal System of Miter Saw

This saw’s dust extraction system is effective but unusual. To make it work with your machine, you’ll have to buy an adapter. With an enormous single bevel adjustment mechanism, the blade may be beveled from 0 to 48 degrees for both sides. Making miter cuts is now even easier thanks to the 9 positive detents and detent-overrides, which allow the operator to quickly dial in precise miter angles.

  • Cut capacity is increased
  • Dust collection included
  • Inbuilt lights available
  • No vacuum hook up attachment available

Overall, the 6955-20 sliding dual miter system is one of the most durable items on the market. It also comes with several innovative features. For anyone searching for a skilled shop equipment, contractors, or genuine DIYers looking for quality, this is a fantastic piece.

10. Skil MS6305-00 10 Inch Dual Bevel Miter Saw

Skil MS6305-00

The Skil MS6305-00 is the solution if you’re looking for a low-cost, high-quality dual-bevel moving compound miter saw from a reputable tool manufacturer.

This is a compound miter saw with a 10-inch blade that will enable you to produce all the multiple kinds of crosscuts you want on the workplace or in your shop. Even though it has practically all the functionality you require, it is priced quite reasonably.

Power of the Skil MS6305-00

The 10-inch blade coupled to the 15-amp motor rotates at 4800 RPM no loading time, enabling you to perform each cut with remarkable sensitivity and efficiency. This affordable Skil 10-inch miter saw also includes an LED shadow line blades positioning system, which projects a silhouette of the blade’s kerf on the transect line, enabling you to see where the blades will slice through when you bring it down.

Cut Sizes Made by Skil miter saw

The MS6305-00 can create bevel cuts on both sides up to 50 degrees, as well as 90-degree and 45-degree cuts on 2x12s and 2x8s. 11 positive miter detents on the left and right make it easier to set and operate the saw for a multitude of conditions such as crown moldings and trim construction.

Features of the Skil Dual Bevel Miter Saw

We found it simple to transport the Skil miter saw to and from the worksite. It only weighs 48.8 pounds. This is closer to the low end of the scale of the weight range found on most 10-inch sliding compound miter saws. We attribute this to the cast aluminum foundation, which saves a significant amount of weight.

Replacing the blades on this saw is a pleasure. Skil’s onboard wrench fits safely on the saw’s base and allows you to swiftly replace out the blade. When you really need to replace a blade, on-tool housing eliminates the need to search for equipment. The two-ended wrench is used to extract the blade bolt as well as unscrew the blade bolt cover screw.

Sliding fences on the left and right are also included in the Skil saw.  These have a wide range of applications. You can use them to make nested crown cuts and then slide them away to make more impressive compound and bevel cuts. The 10-inch miter saw has table extensions on both sides for bigger boards. When more help is required, they are available. Every table extension can also be locked in any configuration, from completely closed to fully open.

The MS6305-00’s slide mechanism allows for a very deep cut. When completely stretched, it measures around 40-1/2inches from front to rear. As a result, this saw is particularly fit for outside use. If you’re going to use it in your shop, ensure that you have enough space. Another point worth mentioning is the guard, which Skil has precisely located. On the route up or down, the guard remains out of the path and avoids hitting your thumb.

  • Affordable
  • Lightweight
  • Motor has great power
  • Can move during operating

Final Thoughts on the Skil miter saw

Overall, if you’re looking for a low-cost, high-quality dual-bevel sliding compound miter saw with all the properties and capabilities you’ll need to complete even the most intricate cuts on the task, the Skil MS6305-00 is a good choice.

What are the Best Miter Saw Types?

As you know Miter saws are used to make angled cuts. They’re used for crosscutting, or sawing wood against the plane. Miter saws are further divided into two categories: standard and compound.

Standard saw

Basic cutting or construction work are usually done using a regular miter saw, also known as a chop saw. It can cut at 90- and 45-degree angles, as well as miter and crosscut cuts.

Compound saw

A compound miter saw is required for more intricate work, such as crown molding. These saws may simultaneously cut mitered and beveled cuts. A typical compound saw can perform miter cuts at any inclination and bevel cuts by tilting to the left.

Sliding Compound Miter Saw

The most adaptable of all are sliding compound miter saws. The saw moves forward as well as backward on a track, enabling you to perform broader cuts in addition to miter and solitary or dual bevel cuts. They feature a substantially larger crosscut capability than normal compound miter saws, ranging from 12 to 13 inches as opposed to 6 to 8 inches.

Buying Guide For Choosing The Best Miter Saw

Whether you plan to use it commercially or else just at home, a sliding compound miter saw is an important purchase. The qualities required in a miter saw are determined by the sort of woodworking projects. A person who merely wishes to use a miter saw to create crosscuts on hardwood floor strips will not require the other features that an experienced trim carpenter would require to trim crown molding.

Therefore, you should be aware of the qualities to prioritize while limiting down your alternatives. Please remember that a saw is a strong and potentially hazardous tool. You don’t want to settle for any old saw.

Rather, you should look for the ideal one for your specific job. You should also keep in mind that a good miter saw isn’t always the costliest, but rather the one that best meets your needs. Therefore, we’ve put up this in-depth buying guide to help you find a good compound miter saw.

compound miter saw

Power of Miter Saws

When it comes to sliding compound miter saws, power may be the key factor to consider. You would like a saw that feels as if you’re slicing through cheese with a hot knife. This necessitates the use of power, which necessitates the use of a high-quality motor.

Consider how much power you believe you will require for your tasks individually. Also keep in mind that a faulty motor will most likely fail to deliver the outcomes you require. A motor with a minimum of 15 amperes and a rotational speed of minimum 3,500 RPM is desirable. If you intend to use your saw effectively, this is the lowest amount.

If you’re simply going to use it for household projects, though, you won’t need that much energy. You’ll want to consider which projects you intend to finish and then match that with the amount of energy you believe you’ll require. Finally, while power should be considered when buying any saw, it should not be the deciding factor. When using sliding compound miter saws, you want to produce precise cuts at the end of the day. 

Size of the Miter Saw Blade

Miter saws are classified according to the blade size they may use. The larger the blade, the bigger the board that the saw can cut. Not everybody requires the maximum blade size; in fact, some people like a small blade because it is often less in weight and easier to use.

To figure out what blade size you’ll need, you’ll need to understand what projects you’ll be working on. You’ll only be allowed to use blades that are 12 inches long if you buy a 12-inch saw. You won’t be able to swap them out, so choose the smallest choice if you believe you’ll need it.

Tooth Count on Blade

When it comes to selecting blades, size isn’t the only factor to consider. You should also think about the number of teeth you have. Each saw will have a different number of teeth. The bigger the blade, the more teeth it has, and the shorter the blade, the less teeth it has.

On average, the cleanliness of the finish improves as the tooth count rises. A carbide blade, for instance, produces a precise cut with a lower danger of tear-out owing to the blade’s tooth number. You’ll want a smaller tooth count if you’re going to be cutting into dense material.

Corded or Cordless Miter Saw

All miter saws were corded until several years ago, and many are currently corded, however corded miter saws can only be used where there are electric outlets. Cordless miter saws are the newest inventions, and they normally run on 20-volt lithium-ion batteries that can be recharged.

 Battery life varies depending on how frequently you cut and how hard the wood is, but anticipate making 150 to 275 cuts on a full charge. Batteries for cordless miter saws are usually brand particular, so a DEWALT miter saw would only take a DEWALT cell, and a Milwaukee miter saw would only take a Milwaukee battery.

Safety Features on a Miter Saw

Saws, as we all know, can be extremely dangerous. Many makers, though, have included safety features to make them a little less harmful. The first piece of safety equipment to consider is a saw guard. It will prevent any unexpected mishaps by performing precisely what its name implies.

Electric brakes are the second item to consider. They allow you to put a stop to the blade when necessary. You can stop it from rotating by doing so, and you can typically do so fast. Electric blade saws frequently allow you to halt the blade from moving in less than three seconds. If you have a mishap and must turn off the saw right away, this is a very important safety feature.

If the saw contains a lockout button, the blade will not spin unless the lockout button is likewise pushed when the operator pulls the trigger. Accidental cuts are avoided with this double-safety technique.

Dust Collection on the Miter Saw

Miter saws, produce a lot of fine dust, which can aggravate the eyes and lungs. If the saw includes a dust-collection outlet, the user can connect a conventional shop-type vacuum cleaner hose to it, and the vacuum’s pressure will catch most of the dust before it goes flying.

Please remember that no dust-collection method will be flawless. Saws produce a lot of dust, and assuming you’ll be able to find a dust collection system that will capture all the fine particles drifting around your workplace may leave you dissatisfied.

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Additional Components of Compound Miter Saw

There are a few characteristics that are particular to sliding compound miter saws that you may have not considered when making your purchase. These aren’t necessarily standard, so if you want one or several, make sure they’re available with the saws that you’re thinking about. They are listed below.

Laser Attachment

Laser attachment is a technology that is becoming increasingly common, with several models now including it. Professionals, on the other hand, are normally unconcerned about this aspect. However, most amateurs and those working on personal projects at home appear to enjoy this aspect. It allows you to see exactly where your blade will rest. If you aren’t particularly self – confident to maintain your cuts precise, this is typically worth the extra expenditure.

Depth Stop

Furthermore, a miter saw with a depth stop allows the operator to control the cut depth. This lets the user to carve a groove in the substance without slicing through it completely.

Sliding and Flip Fences

Some miter saws include sliding fences that extend out on both sides, allowing the user to place the material firmly all along the fence.

Interlocking stops are included with flip fences, and the operator can lock one or more stops and simply flip them up or out of the way of cutting a new length. When cutting boards, flip fences come in helpful when the operator wants to switch between one or more sizes.

What Type of Miter Saw To Choose?

Choosing a miter saw is a difficult undertaking. It can be difficult to choose amongst so many models and brands in the marketplace. You should select a sliding miter saw that meets your woodworking requirements.

You should use a sliding saw that can make all the fundamental cuts and has a sliding mechanism to maximize the cutting capacity. For example, the Dewalt miter saw on our list is a terrific choice for both beginners and specialists.


What is the best miter saw you can buy?

According to our listing, the Dewalt DWS780 12-Inch Sliding Compound Miter Saw is the best product on the market currently. It has a 15-amp motor that rotates the blade at 4000 RPM without any load, enabling swift and precise slices even through hardwood products. Miters can be cut up to 60 degrees to the right and 50 degrees to the left with ease, thanks to ten positive detents at widely used positions, making this the best saw on the market.

What is the best sliding miter saw for the money?

The CRAFTSMAN CMCS714M1 Sliding Miter Saw is the best saw for the money owing to a lot of innovative features. Because of its mobility and inexpensive cost, it is a bestseller. With the included 4Ah battery, the saw can perform 585 cuts in 3-1/4-inch MDF boards. The 3800 RPM motor can cut down 2X lumber. All these characteristics make it an excellent choice for a variety of woodworking projects.

How to use a sliding miter saw?

Begin by dropping the blade and aligning it with the material you’ll be chopping. Then, return the blade to its original position and switch on the saw. Hold the saw’s head completely and push the blade into the material. Press the trigger but keep the head in place. Elevate the blade after it has come to a complete halt and make the cut.

Wrapping Up The 10 Best Miter Saw

There’s nothing like a sturdy and dependable miter saw for framing and completing work. These useful tools are available at a range of prices and include features like lasers, ergonomic grips, rotating arms, and much more. Each of the top ten products in our evaluation might well be regarded the greatest sliding compound miter saw on the market. However, to help you out, we’ve included our top three models below.

  • DEWALT DHS790T2 FLEXVOLT Sliding Compound Miter Saw – It completes the task quickly, precisely, and neatly. Crown and base molding are both easily accommodated by this high capacity cutting machine. The Dewalt devices, are built to withstand the environment. It’s also praised for its quiet and seamless performance.
  • BOSCH Power Tools GCM12SD Sliding Glide Miter Saw – It features a compact form that is ideal for small task sites, and it also users to quickly reach the border of a larger workpiece. With this tool, crosscuts and miter cuts are a breeze. It has a dual bevel mechanism that allows people to make bevel cuts by tilting the saw left and right.
  • Makita LS1019L 10″ Dual-Bevel Sliding Compound Miter SawThe saw has a direct drive engine, which allows for a steadier cutting speed in hard surfaces, which is ideal for carpenters who need a finished look when cutting hardwood. It also features a ground-breaking sliding action rail system that allows for a smaller footprint.

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