5 Best Jigsaw Blades For Plywood & Hardwood 2023

Jigsaws are so versatile that they may be found almost anywhere, from household tool kits to building sites to infrastructure projects.  Blades, as you’re probably aware, play a critical role in the shaping and outcome of your work.

Just in case you are in hurry, DEWALT (DW3742C) Is our top pick and best jigsaw blade of the year. It is known for the great quality and performance of the blade and clear markings as well. You can proceed with the article for the complete review this durable blade.

Best Jigsaw Blade

The finest jigsaw blades can chop just about any substance the DIYer or experienced user chooses with the correct blade, which accounts for a significant portion of their desirability. Wood, fiberboard, plastics, metal, porcelain, and even cloth and polystyrene all can be cut by using jigsaw blades.

Life of a typical saw blade can be extended by resharpening but that is not how it works when it comes to jigsaw blades. Regardless, if you choose the best jigsaw blades, you can maximize the efficiency of your work that will prove to be economical for you as well.

If you are looking to make intricate patterns without putting much effort, then you are at the right place. Continue reading this article for reviews and buying guide regarding the jigsaw blade out there!

Best Jigsaw Blade

1. DEWALT (DW3742C) Jigsaw Blade Set with Case – Overall Best

Best Jigsaw Blade

The first and foremost thing that you should know about the Dewalt jigsaw blade is the value for money that you are getting. At a reasonable price you will be getting 7 different blades. Four of these blades are there for woodwork, one is for laminating, and the other two are for metals.  

This gives you a lot of options, and you get high-quality blades from the company that has always made the best power tools, making it our top pick for the best metal jigsaw blade. Teeth range in texture from 6 TPI to 32 TPI, with a quick pace of 6 TPI.

You can work with a wide variety of polymers and woods owing to the variety of blades available, since you’ll always get the proper blade for the job. Do you want to work with metal? No issue – the two blades included for sheets and moderate cuts can easily cut through the bulk of metals you’ll encounter.

In case you have this fear of misplacing the blades or bending them then you do not have to worry because you get another one for backup. So, in total you are getting 14 blades: a steal-deal indeed!

If you are planning to travel with your blades, then you need not worry because the set of 14 Dewalt blades comes in a sturdy plastic case that is portable making the purchase decision easy for you.

  • Durable and reliable
  • Provide great performance
  • Two-sided case included
  • Markings on each blade are clear
  • The plastic on the case is thin

Dewalt provides two blades in each of seven TPI counts in this package. T-shank blades are a good choice for beginners and advanced woodworkers who are just getting started with their blade collection. Dewalt items can be found at your local big department store or on the internet easily.

2. BLACK+DECKER (75-626) Jigsaw Blades Set, Assorted, Wood and Metal

Best Jigsaw Blade

Do you have a jigsaw that requires a U-shank fitting? If yes, then the Black & Decker Jigsaw blades set is the perfect variant for you.

The set comes with 24 blades, each measuring 3 inches in length and manufactured of high-carbon steel.

They come in different sizes from 6 TPI for quick wood cutting to 24 TPI for slicing sheet metal. For carving narrow curves in wood, use a slim 10 TPI scrolling blade. If you are on a budget, then it is one of the cheapest options, providing a vast quantity of 24 intricate blades.

Finding sturdy blades, which have a profound impact on the success of your job – isn’t as straightforward as it appears. Not only is this crucial in terms of quality, but it can also be a costly pastime if you must replace blades on a regular basis due to poor design.

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Fortunately, the 75-626 blade kit does not suit this description, as Black + Decker offers some of the most robust blades available in the hardware shop. If you shatter or bend a blade, which is a sad but unavoidable event, you’ll have plenty of backup alternatives thanks to the large number of backup blades included in the bundle.

  • Affordable
  • Five blade styles
  • Can cut metal and wood
  • The blades are not very sharp

Black and Decker has made wood cutting simple by using premium quality materials, which not only make the blades exceptionally durable, but also ensure that all cuts are accurate and efficient, making it one of the best metal jigsaw blade on our list!

3. WORKPRO 25-Piece T-Shank Jig Saw Blade Set

Best Jigsaw Blade

Generally, people associate cheap prices with low quality products. They believe that if a jigsaw blade is inexpensive, it’ll be thin and break or bend easily, even while cutting something as simple as wood.

Well, surprisingly, this is not the case here. Workpro is well known to create power tools which last longer, and they have balanced cost and quality in their blades. Their T-Shank jigsaw blade is not only economical but also provide efficient and precise cuts dutifully.

Seven blade varieties are included in the 25-piece T-shank set, spanning from a 3-inch metal-cutting blade with 21 TPI to an uncommon 5-inch blade with 5 TPI on one side and 10 TPI on another

While specialist blades should always be used, when possible, this alternative is a fantastic all-rounder or destruction blade that can cut through wood, aluminum, and plastic products.

  • Storage case included
  • Available in different types
  • Best for beginners
  • The blade can wear out easily

Another benefit of this jigsaw blade set is that it comes with a 2-year warranty for further added security. However, as compared to other products in its category, the overall design or dependability supplied by this jigsaw blade is not the finest, but the low price tag justifies it well.

4. SKIL 94913 U-shank Jigsaw Blade Set – Best Jigsaw Blade For Plywood

best jigsaw blade for plywood

The SKIL 94906 5-piece set, is one of the finest options on our article today, for someone who wants dependable and good quality blades, from a trusted seller.

Skil provides the fundamental blades you really need for metals and wood working projects, without spending a fortune on the fancy embellishments.

It is the best jigsaw blade for plywood. Even though, it can be used to cut through metal, it is primarily used for woodcutting. Because these are U-shank blades, they would only suit U-Shank jigsaws and other jigsaws with a U/T shank mixture.

The shank’s structure is highly robust, which avoids breaking and results in more enduring blades for your use. The set constitutes of 13 blades in various sizes and multiple properties. These blades are available in three woodcutting styles, as well as a multi-purpose blade and a metal-cutting blade.

 It’s crucial to remember that while one blade is meant to cut across metal, they’re still predominantly woodcutting blades, which can have an influence on the effectiveness of your job. Although, the number of blades is less but the blades are quite sharp for heavy-duty applications which justifies the price tag.

  • Reliable
  • Affordable
  • Greater performance due to sharp blades
  • The number of blades in the set are less

As a beginner if you don’t want to spend much on jigsaw blades then you should consider investing in Skil 94913. It’ll help you polish your skills with high quality blades that won’t put a dent on your pocket.

5. Bosch Thermo technology T-Shank Contractor Jig Saw Blade Set TC21HC

best metal jigsaw blade

The TC21HC jigsaw blade set is the blade collection you need when speaking about flexibility. Developed for contractors and multi-purpose handymen who come across several applications on the workplace. 

These are superior quality blades with HCS, HSS, and BIM, as well as unique characteristics including sequential tooth pitch on certain blades for multipurpose slicing. These blades have a better grip and rigidity than other blades, allowing for a speedier cut without the danger of bending while in use.

The set includes 21 T-shank blades in six types, with TPIs ranging from 6 to 24 and lengths varying from 358 to 514 inches. The package comprises all-purpose Progressors variants as well as two specialty blades for fiber and cement, in addition to the basic metal and wood blades.

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The provided case is dubbed Brute Tough by Bosch, emphasizing its toughness. Even though this jigsaw blade set is more costly, the performance and reliability make it a good investment for both amateurs and professionals.

  • Highly flexible
  • Six different blades
  • Progressive tooth pitch
  • Slightly expensive

If you are a professional and looking for a jigsaw blade with heavy-duty usage you do not need to think more. Bosch TC21 is the answer to all your DIY projects. Moreover, it can fit a wide variety of jigsaws, which truly makes this model one of the best jigsaw blades for hardwood.

Factors to Consider While Purchasing the Best Jigsaw Blade

It can be quite confusing to decide the best jigsaw blade that will work for you. Some kits provide versatility but lack efficiency and some vice versa. Keep reading to figure out the key features that a jigsaw blade should have.

Blade Count

Different sets come with different number of blades. Although, the number of blades does not affect the quality of the work, but it has an impact on flexibility.

You might require certain type of blade for a particular material or application. Therefore, it is essential to go with models that have large number of blades.

Thickness and Length of the Blade

To prevent the risk of the jigsaw jumping out of the cut, the blade should be longer by half inch than the thickness of the material. The blade won’t snap if it is longer. The blade shouldn’t be too long because then it will be at the risk of bending, which affects the quality of the cuts.

best metal jigsaw blade

Tighter curves can be cut using a thinner blade but then it will be more prone to breakage, whereas a thicker blade might not be able to make tighter curves but will last longer.

Carrying Case

If you ever want to carry all the blades with you at the same time, then a set that comes with a case will be quite handy for you. It will not only keep them organized but will prevent them from any kind of damage.


For your satisfaction you should consider getting jigsaw blades that have at least 3-year warranty. In case the product that you are going for provides a 2-year warranty then that should work fine too but 3 years warranty is the ideal case.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to change a jigsaw blade?

You’ll be frequently required to change the jigsaw blade, so it is necessary that you know how to do it yourself.  Firstly, find the blade release lever and disengage it.

Next, keep open the blade release lever and insert a new blade into the blade holder. Lastly, to make sure that the blade is in its position re-engage the release lever and you are good to go.

What kind of jigsaw blade to cut laminate countertop?

Cutting through a laminate requires certain traits. There are a few things that should be kept in mind if you are purchasing a jigsaw to cut laminate.

The tooth count should be large. Next, you should look for the tooth alignment. If they are all in the same direction, then the cut through the laminate will be quite smooth and clean. Lastly, a carbide-tipped blade will provide a smooth cut through laminate, but it will cost you a lot so bi-metal blade can also be a great alternate.

DEWALT (DW3742C) is a jigsaw brand that is quite famous for its laminate cutting properties and can be a great investment.

What is the best jigsaw blade?

The DEWALT (DW3742C) Jigsaw blade is an all-rounder blade that provides flexibility due to large number of blades in the kit. It is known to cut through toughest of materials and is undoubtedly the best jigsaw blade for plywood and hardwood on the market.

What type of blade fits Black & Decker jigsaw?

It is important to remember that not all blades will fit all jigsaws. The blades are classified with respect to their shanks which varies from one jigsaw to the other.

T & U shank blades are known to be consistent with Black & Decker jigsaws’ shanks. Bosch sets that have metal and wood blades are known to fit Black & Decker jigsaws.

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Wrapping Up The Best Jigsaw Blade

For accurate results it is highly important that the blade you are using with your jigsaw is correct. We have reviewed some of the best jigsaw blades that will be suitable to your needs.

This detailed buying guide along with the reviews are intended to clear the haze in your mind and to make your investment well worthy of the money.

If you still have some confusions, then below are our top three recommendations for the jigsaw blades that will be suitable for you:

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