What is the Best Heat Gun for Removing Paint – Paint Stripping

If you’re running short of time, pick PORTER-CABLE PC1500HG. It’s the best heat gun for removing paint. You don’t need to worry about the initial research and customer reviews because we have already done that so you don’t have to!

When you’re planning to repaint surfaces or wood pieces, it’s important that you get rid of the old layers of paint or varnish completely. If the existing coats aren’t removed properly, you may face a hard time achieving perfect and smooth finish with the newly applied product. 

To perform the work diligently, you need to have the best heat gun for removing paint. It might be confusing at times to choose the perfect tool among a myriad of brands available in the market. But the hassle is not for you, because we’ve already got you covered. 

Best Heat Gun for Removing Paint

Stick with us till the end of the article and you’ll end up gaining all the necessary information to make your purchase effortless.

Why Paint Removal Heat Gun Instead of Hair Dryer

Most people mistake an air gun for a hairdryer but that’s not the case. Unlike a hairdryer, a heat gun is a high-powered tool that delivers an extreme amount of heat. Standard heat can blow air ranging from 300 to 120 degrees. That high heat makes the paint and varnish remove easily from the Surfaces. 

Whereas, it’s useless to utilize a hairdryer for the applications that a heat gun performs in a good manner. Both are used for polar opposite tasks. In short, it’s pointless to compare these two devices. 

Best Heat Gun For Removing Paint

We have reviewed and highlighted all the features of these heat guns to remove paint. This list will narrow down your selection and will support your buying decisions in the best way. 

1. PORTER-CABLE PC1500HG Heat Gun – Our Top Pick

best heat gun for removing paint

If you’re looking for the best heat gun for removing paint, then you better grab PORTER-CABLE PC1500HG.  This 1500-Watt heat gun offers dual fan speed settings to make it a versatile tool. 

You can also set the temperature as your job needs with its temperature adjustment feature. 

You can use it to perform multiple tasks such as paint removing, bending plastic pipes, welding plastics, removing adhesive tiles, and shrinking plastic tubing.

It comes with an integrated stand that allows the gun to stand upright, without you having the hassle of holding it for long periods. 

Its handling hook enables you to hang it anywhere in your workshop. It saves space and makes the gun manageable. PC1500HG weighs only 2 lbs that provide easy handling.

It’s jam pack with power but still lacks enough power to deal with high-capacity projects. You can consider it as a downside of this heat gun. 

PORTER-CABLE has made the purchasing of this model easier. The gun has 3 year warranty with 1 year free service, and a money-back guarantee within the first 90 days after the purchase is made.

  • 3 Year Warranty
  • Easy to handle
  • Portable
  • Not suitable for high capacity tasks

Overall, this gun is worth adding to your toolbox to enable you to handle a variety of paint and varnish removing tasks. 

2. DEWALT D26960K With Accessory Kit – Best Heat Gun For Paint Stripping

best heat gun for removing paint

Dewalt can never be out of the league of top-rated power tools. It always successfully secures top rankings in the lists of high-performing machines. 

With that being said, the brand D26960K is our second favorite heating gun to remove paint. 

The gun features a temperature adjustment option, which you can set the right temperature with an increment of 50-degrees. It prevents the device from overheating and overloading. 

With 12Volts electric consumption, it delivers an airflow capacity of 18 FPM. This much power is enough to make the gun effortlessly deal with most of the paint and other finishing removal jobs. 

Tip-over is controlled in this gun, thanks to the built-in innovative kickstand support. The LCD is there on the tool to keep track of the adjusted temperature. 

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It has a cord protector that saves the gun cord from any external damages when it’s used in rough job sites. Hang ring adds to the storage facility so you don’t have to face the hassle of keeping the gun. 

D2690k weighs only 2.9 pounds. You can easily handle this compact machine while working for hours. The ergonomic design adds more to the convenience of holding and maneuvering it. 

The Built-in overload protection is designed to prevent the overheating and burn-ups of the gun. 

  • Temperature controls
  • Storage convenience
  • Cord protection
  • Heat Fluctuation

Altogether, it’s the best stains and paint removal heat gun. You’ll get a 3 years warranty that ensures your safe investment. 

3. Wagner Spraytech 0503008 HT1000 Heat Gun To Remove Paint

best heat gun for removing paint

If you’re in search of the paint stripping heat gun to support your DIY projects, then Wagner Spraytech 0503008 can facilitate you in the best manner.

It stands out from the other available tools of this league with its premium application and extended durability. It has a corrosion-resistant nozzle that lasts longer than ever before.

Its dual-speed fan mode adds to the control ability of the device. You can set the temperature as per your projects needs. 

The temperature switch can make changes in the heat setting ranging from 750 degrees to 1000 degrees. It is located on the handle to provide easy access.  

You can use this heat gun for a variety of household tasks. For instance, to shrink electrical wire, removing paints and putty, paint softening, and other plumbing jobs such as blending pipes, unfasten rusted bolts and nuts, etc. 

There’s an integrated safety stand that allows hands-free operation. This will prevent the gun nozzle from reaching to close to your workspace to effect the intricacy of the work.

Another wowing feature of the device is its quiet operation. You’ll barely get disturbed by any unnecessary noises of the operating machine while working with this heat gun. 

It is an extremely lightweight tool that weighs just 1.48n lbs. Combined with an ergonomic design, provides high control ability and easy handling.

Some people mostly don’t like the plastic-constructed body, but that doesn’t make it lack anywhere in durability and reliability.  

  • Quiet operation
  • Best for DIYers
  • Lightweight
  • Plastic body

All-inclusive, it’s the best heating gun to remove paint. You can enjoy it whilst dealing with a number of your DIY and household projects.

4. CARTMAN Heat Gun With Dual Temperature Settings

best heat gun for removing paint

CARTMAN best heat gun for paint stripping. This tool is for users who demand very quick functioning tools. You turn the power supply on and boom! the gun will heat-up within seconds. 

Temperature Ranges with CARTMAN Heat Gun

It offers dual temperature settings. One is 750 degrees and the other is 1000 degrees setting. Choose the heat as per your need and enjoy it to remove decals, varnishes, flooring, and adhesives, etc. 

On your first startup, a smoke will arise in the first 30 minutes of heat, but the company assures its harmless smoke that is produced from the heat isolation material, mice used in the heat guns construction.  

For safety purposes, the gun has a stable and safe design. That offers more stability and adds convenience in the gun and eliminates the risk of sudden fall downs. 

CARTMAN heat gun consumes 1500 Watt energy to perform seamlessly DIY tasks. You can connect it to any ordinary power outlet available in your home.

The CARTMAN Heat Gun comes with Extra Accessories

This heat air gun comes with 9 multi-purpose accessories. A scrapper with 4 scrapper attachments, 4 nozzles. These attachments can be utilized to effortlessly deal with shrink tubing, epoxy resin, cell phone repairs, vinyl wrap, thawing pipes, and electronic repairs etc. 

You can utilize it to perform small to medium tasks but it’s not that ideal to be used for heavy-duty tasks. 

  • Super quick heat-up
  • Dual-temperature adjustments
  • Safe Tool
  • Not suitable for high capacity jobs

Overall, this paint stripping heat gun is a reliable tool to get possession of. It’s an ideal blend of durability along with the convenience it provides to its users. 

5. BLACK+DECKER HG1300 Heat Gun For Paint Removal


Black and Decker is a brand that is highly recognized for manufacturing high-quality power tools. The brand HG1300 is one of the top heat guns for removing paint. 

Its dual-temperature settings allow you to choose the temperature between 750°F and 1,000°F. This much heat offers effortless dealing with applications like unfastening rusted nuts, stripping paint, and thawing pipes, etc. 

After turning on the gun, it heats up quickly and delivers a strong and consistent heat.

You may feel some burning smell but that doesn’t indicate any fault in the machine. It’s just a mild chemical burning smell that arises on the very first operation.

The gun is compact in design and light in weight. It can be an ideal purchase if you’re looking for a device that is easy to handle and carry. 

When the gun is extremely hot, its built-in stand cools it down slowly and safely.  

This heat gun is much lower in price than the other tools of this league available in the market, for instance, the one by DEWALT. 

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For added security, there’s a cover on the switch. It prevents the sudden and unintentional power startups of the gun.  

The fact that this paint stripping heat gun doesn’t come with any additional attachments or accessories, can cause a little trouble getting them separately.

  • Safe and reliable
  • Portable
  • Dua-temperature modes
  • No additional attachments included

Altogether, this tool is a great value to money. It can assist you in removing through sturdy surfaces. It is worth adding to your toolbox!

6. Wagner 0503059 FURNO 300 Electric  Heat Gun

Wagner 0503059 FURNO 300 Electric Heat Gun

Last but not least, comes our last pick for the best heat gun for paint removal. It’s 0503059 FURNO from the renowned Wagner brand. 

It’s a household hot air tool that offers dual temperature settings, 750 degrees F and 1100 degrees F. You can complete numerous household and crafting projects using this tool. 

This is an ideal device to be used for over 101 applications including vinyl projects, bending plastic, removing paint and flooring, and thawing pipes.

The gun features a number of options to ensure its convenient and safe to use. Its integrated stand is used to perform hands-free operations and to cool down the gun quickly. 

There are two protective sidebars that are attached to the nozzle. They prevent the nozzle touching the work surface. The hanging loop is also there to provide easy device storage. You can easily hang it to a corner of your workshop as it’s compact and doesn’t cover much space.

Moreover, its corrosion-free nozzle and ergonomic design make this heat gun highly useful and easy to handle. 

Apart from all the wowing features, this device can’t accommodate you for long. It has some longevity issues that don’t make it last longer. The company needs to work on its durability. 

  • Corrosion-free nozzle
  • Can perform 101 tasks
  • Easy handling
  • Doesn’t last long

You can get your hands on this heat gun to perform numerous home improvement and varnishes removing jobs. 

Buying Guide For Best Heat Gun for Removing Paint

All of the subsequent features are key to look for in the best heat gun for removing paint. If you choose the perfect equipment, it can be more than just a paint remover. Try not to overlook the following factors in order to get the best out of your machine. 

Type of Nozzle on the Heat Gun

The shape and type of nozzle on your heat gun is the most significant component to consider A heat gun comes with different types of nozzles. Some guns come with fixed nozzles while there are models available which offer detachable noses. 

You can easily direct the flow of air to the surface you want with the help of the gun’s mouth. The most suited types of nozzles for paint removal are fishtail, cone, and flat nozzles. A flat-shaped nose offers a flow reach on a wide area. In the case of a fishtail, you can cover an area even wider than the flat nose. 

With cone-shaped, the heat is blown to a narrow surface. It is mostly utilized for an intricate type of work. You can make your tool versatile using different types of nozzles to deal with a variety of tasks. 

Heat Gun Temperature Variations

The second most important feature to look for is the best heat gun for paint stripping. Because the amount of heat you apply to the surface decides how quickly the paint comes off. The under-heating will make it harder for you to deal with sturdy coatings. Whereas, the high heat may come with a danger of damaging the surface.

Therefore, pick the heat gun either having dual temperature adjustments option or with having a range between 400 to 600 Fahrenheit. The rule of thumb here is, the more the better. A temperature of more than 600 Fahrenheit can facilitate you to deal with a variety of coatings and adhesives. 

Handling and Storage of the Heat Gun

The tool that offers easy handling can make your jobs much easier to handle. Try to grab an ergonomically constructed heat gun. With a smooth handle and lightweight built, your machine can facilitate you in a more convenient way. 

Ease of storage is another added feature in most newly designed heat guns. They come with a hanging hook that offers easy storage. You can hang such a tool to any corner of the workshop without needing any additional storing capacity.

Airflow Adjust ability

The airflow basically the throw of the heat a device offers to melt the paint down. It’s not wrong if we say that the airflow is not more than equally important in deciding how your heat gun performs. The gun has less flow can affect the work precision because you cannot touch the nozzle with the surface to make it work better. 

Most models come with adjustable air flow settings giving options of high and low. We suggest not to be deluded by that setting because it has the least to do with the airflow adjustment. Try to look at the wattage consumption to estimate that. Any tool having power above 1000 watts will make the tasks seamless.

Thermal Cut-off

The thermal cut-off is the feature you can find mostly in high-powered thermal types of equipment. It allows the equipment to automatically turns off when it reaches near the point to get burned out. Most people, not aware of this feature take it as a work interruption and starts bashing about the equipment. 

Whereas, in reality, it is of great significance in saving your money go wasted in the blink of an eye. We suggest you not look over this facility in your heat gun as it’s a life savior for your tool.

FAQ’s Best Heat Gun For Removing Paint

How to use a heat gun to remove paint?

Using a heat gun for paint removal is an easy job. You just need to be vigilant of a few important things to make the process flawless and danger-free. Always remember to wear your safety gloves and spectacles to keep your eyes and hands safe from any sort of heat burn. In addition, the protection of the surface is equally important as yours. Try to keep the nozzle at a distance to ensure the work is done impeccably without affecting the material beneath the paint. 

How to strip paint with a heat gun?

Stripping paint with heat is technical work. It can be even harder if you have to deal with some older surfaces. If there’s a lead paint you have to work on, I’ll suggest that you call a professional. Because if the process isn’t done cautiously, you’ll end up even ingesting or inhaling the paint, that means calling the danger in both ways. 

Wrapping Up Best Heat Gun For Removing Paint

We hope you now have a clear idea in your head about how to choose a heating gun to remove paint. Investing in the durable and finest tool can make your work a lot easier and effortless. You can choose your equipment from Our following top picks for the best heat gun for removing paint.  

PORTER-CABLE PC1500HG is the heat gun that works on 1500 watts of power to deliver seamless performance. It’s a portable and reliable tool to make paint removing job butter smooth. 

DEWALT D26960K offers easy temperature controls. With a 50 degrees temperature increment facility, you can get the work done way easier than ever. 

Wagner Spraytech 0503008 heat gun comes with ease of storage and portability. Its dual temperature (750 & 1000 degrees F) controls make it suitable to be used for DIY and home improvement projects.