The 6 Best Heat Gun For Epoxy Resin In 2023

If you’re an artist or a craftsman, you must have gone through the pain of getting bubbles on epoxy resigns. To settle it down, a heat gun is equipment that can assist you through your craft works and resign art. You can give your projects a smooth finishing by using heat guns over the surfaces.

Chandler Tool Heat Gun is the best heat gun for epoxy resin. We have researched this heat gun and looked at customer reviews, compared it with other heat guns and it came out on top. If you’re in a rush already, pick this tool and you’re good to go!

Finding the right heat gun among a myriad of models available in the market can bring a lot of pain. There’s a high chance of you getting more perplexed when going out for market research. But we have covered some extra miles for you so that you don’t have to.

best heat gun for epoxy resin

In this article, we’ll walk you through a comprehensive list of some top-rated heat guns. Read the reviews and buying guide carefully so that you end up choosing the right Heat Gun for your needs.

Best Heat Gun For Epoxy Resin

Following are the heat guns for resin that you can find out there. You can read through their features and the value to money they offer to support your buying decision.

1. Chandler Tool Heat Gun Dual Temp Hot Air Gun – Overall Best

Features of Corded Circular Saw

Chandler tool heat gun is the best heat gun for epoxy resin that can deal with high as well as low capacity jobs. This is the most convenient tool to work with. 

This heat gun has a variable speed option. The low-speed option is 200 degrees C and a high speed of 300 degrees C. 

It can be set to low speed to deal with intricate and low-capacity work. Whereas, the high speed allows you to effortlessly get done with some high-capacity jobs. 

You can utilize this versatile device to perform multiple crafts, vinyl wrapping, epoxy resin, shrink tube connectors, screen repairing, candle making, and a lot of wire connecting tasks.

Chandler tool heat gun is not just a machine, it’s a full package of jam-packed features. At one low price, you get a lightweight quiet machine with an ergonomic build design. You can never experience any fatigue when holding this gun and working for hours on your longer projects.

The device is built as per North American safety standards that means unlike other models of heat guns, it isn’t a fire hazard and electric shock hazard. It’s a safe and easy-to-use piece of equipment.

Apart from all the wowing features, this compact heat gun lacks nowhere in safety as well. There’s a nozzle cap that comes with it to cover it to keep the surfaces protected from its scorching tip. 

In addition, its insulated body will not burn your hands while operating. That means you can hold it without giving any heat dangers to your hands. 

This resin heat gun can accommodate you for all the repairing and crafting tasks you can ever imagine. Its versatility is appreciable. 

  • Versatile tool
  • Safe to use
  • Variable speed options
  • The item contains lead

You can pick this mini-beast considering it the best heat gun for epoxy tumblers. This tool is worth adding to your toolbox.

2. AMENKER Heat Gun Dual-Temperature resin bubble remover

Heat Gun Dual-Temperature resin bubble remover

Are you looking for a heat gun that is effective in removing bubbles from epoxy resin? If yes, then Heat Gun resin bubble remover has got you covered. 

This heat gun offers two temperature ranges from 0 to 200 degrees C to 300 degrees C.

This multi-function tool can serve you well for DIYs, craft embossing, drying paint, settle down epoxy resin equally, rubber stamping, and shrink wrapping PVC. 

The reason we like this tool the most is because of its excellent safety feature. This heat gun is engineered to keep the temperature under control. When there is any overheating detected, it stops the current flow at once. 

This way, you’ll stay protected from any sudden accidents due to a rise in temperature. In addition, the body of the device is constructed with ABS that has the ability to keep the temperature under control by resisting heat. 

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It features a 6.6 ft. considerably long cord. It extends the reach to the different projects by moving it around the space by staying connected to the power supply. You can easily make it stand on the table.

Heat Gun has heat sinks located at both left and right sides to maintain the internal temperature. When the temperature stays under control, the components keep protected from burning and getting extra heat. This eventually increases the life of the Heat gun. 

You’ll not have to go through extra fatigues to make this heat gun to use. Just follow simple precautionary measures to utilize it safely. Try to heat it up at 45 degrees to stay protected from extra burns it may cause to you. 

Moreover, try to keep at a 3-cm distance from your work and crafts pieces. This will ensure diligence in application and keep the intricacy of work intact. 

The one feature that it lacks is the temperature adjustment. You cannot set it to temperature as per your desire. But you can observe the time intervals at which it reaches different heat levels to make it a bit controllable. 

  • High-temperature ranges
  • 6.6 ft long cord
  • ABS construction for controlled temperature
  • 6.6 ft. long cord

You can get this heat gun with a 12-month warranty and a money-back guarantee. In case you get any issue or don’t like the product for any reason, you can rest assured that the manufacturer has got your back.

3. Wagner 0503008 HT1000 Spraytech Heat Gun

Wagner 0503008 HT1000 Spraytech Heat Gun

Wagner HT1000 heat gun can accommodate you well for high-capacity projects and for professional use. 

You can consider it as one of the best heat gun for resin. It applies a focused heat over the material or surface to offer high accuracy in work done.

With its two temperature modes, low at 750 F and high at 1000 F, it can serve almost all types of household improvement projects.

You can effortlessly meltdown the paint, shrink the electric wiring, and loose rusted bolts as well. 

The heat gun also features two fans that allows the free hand to make any customization to the projects.

It has a corrosion-resistant nozzle that offers extended longevity. And to add more to ease of handling, it has a hanging hook as well. You don’t need to manage a separate space to store this equipment. Hang it to any door to a wall corner and you’re ready to go. 

The integrated stand of the device offers one-handed safe use. It prevents the nozzle tip from making contact with the work surface to affect its neatness. 

Along with all the wowing features for great performance, this heat has some issues with longevity. The company claims a 2-year warranty as well but still, there are some complaints about the matter. 

  • Two (high and low) temperature modes
  • Integrated stand for one-handed operation
  • 2 years manufacturer warranty
  • Have some durability issues

Overall, it’s an effective epoxy heat gun that can serve you for a lot of other crafting projects as well. You can get great value for money when buying this heat gun. 

4. Bubble Removing Tool for Epoxy Resin and Acrylic Art

Bubble Removing Tool for Epoxy Resin and Acrylic Art

Bubble removing tool is another resin heat gun that can help to dry off your work 5x better than a hairdryer. This heat gun can also be used for crafting.

It is engineered on the technology that allows quick and smooth heat-up within seconds. You just plug it into the power source, and it will reach up to 200 degrees C within no time.

This heat gun comes along with a stainless steel-built stand.

The crafting has never been easier with this retractable stand. You can even take advantage of a hands-free operation when making your epoxy resin glitter tumbler.

The ergonomic build equipment is extremely easy to handle and hold able for long working hours. It is 8.8 inches in length and 1.8 inches in width, which makes it effortless for the crafter to hold it with one hand. 

You’ll get a strong grip out of its ABS-constructed body.  In addition, the 38-inches long cord is enough to reach your canvas and to move around without any hassle.

It gives an approximate working time of 3 minutes to deal with epoxy resins. To maintain the fineness of your projects try to use it keeping at a distance of a few cms. 

One downside of this heat is that there’s no heat control and heat resistant system designed in this. The overheating of it may cause the parts to meltdown. So you need to be vigilant when utilizing this tool for flammable objects and objects having low melting points.

  • Gets scorching within seconds
  • Best suited for epoxy resins
  • Ergonomic design for easy handling
  • Low built quality

All-inclusive, it’s a highly useful epoxy heat gun. You can effortlessly utilize it to settle down the bubbles from your epoxy-made items.  It gets heated up within seconds and works like a beast in melting the things away. 

5. Mlife Mini Heat Gun Dual-Temperature Heat Tool

Mlife Mini Heat Gun Dual-Temperature Heat Tool

If you need something that’s more controllable and offers smooth operation for your projects then you need to get your hands on Mlife Mini Heat Gun

This epoxy heat gun that can make your projects more manageable and effortless to deal with.

The gun comes with dual temperature and heat speed settings. You can set it as per the requirement and delicacy of the project you have to work on. 

You can utilize this versatile heat gun to perform multiple crafting and DIY tasks such as making epoxy glitter tumbler, shrinking wrap, and a number of paint removal as well as electronic jobs. 

However, this might not be the best option for acrylic pouring. The reason is that it’s a fan-based hair dryer-like heat gun that might spread the paint around. 

Its 6.5 ft lengthy cord can reach every corner of your larger craft canvas. You won’t have any need to place the project base near the power source in order to keep the wire connected and working at the same time. 

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The compact and pencil-like design of this device will enable it to work for some delicate jobs. You can easily work on every minor detail of the tasks. 

Moreover, this resin heat gun offers hands-free operations to perform jobs like cup acrylic making. The handle of this device is designed in a way that makes it easy to hold and perform the jobs. 

Mlife Mini Heat Gun features a heat sink as well that maintains the internal temperature of the device. This will not only ensure the longevity of the tool but stability in the operation as well. 

On your purchase, you’ll get a 90 days warranty and a money-back guarantee. You can get full payment back in case you are not satisfied with its performance. 

  • Excellent for resin projects
  • Best for delicate projects
  • Ideal for crafting and DIYs
  • Doesn’t last long

Overall, it’s one of the good heat guns for resin that not only offers great application but excellent control ability and easy handling as well. 

6. Epoxy Glitter Tumbler kit Bubble Buster Tool Heat Gun 

Epoxy Glitter Tumbler kit Bubble Buster Tool Heat Gun

The last on our list is this epoxy glitter hot heat gun bubble remover. It can serve you well with this great performance to deal with a number of projects. 

This heat gun is an effective and efficient tool that can help remove bubbles from the epoxy resin. It leaves the work surface smooth and impeccable. You can utilize this device to finish a number of craft-works and DIY epoxy tumblers.  

Its compact and non-skid design can easily fit into your hand.

This pencil-like tool can reach restricted surfaces as well. 

You can make this tool in use to do various jobs such as mixing epoxy, applying epoxy to multiple cups, and DIY epoxy art. 

The shape of the hot heat gun is designed in a way that offers super easy cleaning and storage. The whole kit consists of a heat gun and three epoxy sticks. The sticks can make the application and spread of epoxy effortless. 

It doesn’t have any variable temperature controls so you need to observe when the heat reaches the maximum. This will avoid any extra heating and damages it can bring. 

  • Safe to use
  • Good for epoxy tumblers
  • Useful to settle down epoxy resin bubbles
  • No temperature variation

Get possession of this tiny epoxy heat gun to add more ease and fun to your crafting projects.  This tool gives great value to money. 

Things To Look For In Heat Guns For Resin

Your epoxy craft can be more worthwhile when you’re finishing it with an epoxy heat gun. That’s why getting the very right tool that can serve you well is important. We’ve gathered some of the key features to look for in your piece of equipment to get the most out of your purchase. 

heat guns for resin

Heat capacity

A heat gun is all about heat and it’s vital that you choose the tool that actually serves you like heat and not like a hairdryer. Most of the models offer dual temperatures of 200 degrees C to 300 degrees C. This much heat is enough to melt down the epoxy to settle the bubbles down and make the surface look smooth. 

Material of Heat Gun

If the heat gun is made up of a low-quality and non- anti heat resistant material, there’s a high chance of its components burning down. This type of device cannot serve you for long. Try to choose a heat that is built of high quality and temperature resistant material. This will not only ensure extended longevity but easy handling as well. 

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Temperature controls

The temperature controls in heat is another significant attribute to consider. If the equipment doesn’t offer heat controls, you might face some hard time using it for different projects. Having no heat adjustment controllers can be a deal-breaker. 

User Safety

Dealing with heat tools brings a lot of danger. The fact is that the overheating and temperature rise can cause a fire to lit or the melting down may affect your skin. Try to pick the heat gun that offers basic technologies to avoid any risky situation. The anti-heat resistant system will automatically cut off the current supply whenever overheating is detected. 

This will not only save you from getting into an undesirable situation but add more control ability in your device to deal with multiple tasks as per the heat requirement. 


How to use a heat gun on resin?

There’s no rocket science behind using the heat gun for resins. All you need is to take some precautionary measures to keep the diligence of the artwork intact. Turn the power supply on and let it heat up as per the requirement of the resin. Then bring it closer to the surface but try to keep it at a distance of 3 to 5 cm so that it might not burn the surface.  

What is the best heat gun for resin?

Chandler Tool Heat Gun is the best device to deal with resins.  It’s a versatile tool that offers variable speed mode. It is made up of an insulating material that offers you a convenient grip without affecting your skin from the heat. It’s a safe and effective piece of equipment that can be your next favorite for crafts and epoxy finishing. 

When should i use heat gun on epoxy resin?

You might have experienced while doing the epoxy artwork that when it gets dried, some bubbles appear on the surface. It looks so odd that it can affect the finishing of your project. To give this type of surface smooth finishing, you need a heat gun. 

Wrapping Up Heat Guns For Resin

We hope that after looking through the whole piece of content, you must have decided that type of resin heat gun can accommodate you well. Choose your tool wisely to get the most out of your investment. Our top three picks are considerable choices in this regard. 

Chandler Tool Heat Gun is our top pick that is efficient in performance and great in offering user safety. You can use it to deal with both high as well as low capacity tasks. In addition, it is convenient to use and worth the price.  

Heat Gun Dual-Temperature resin bubble remover is our second choice. It features high-temperature ranges. It’s ABS construction adds to the convenience and ease of holding and managing it. 

Wagner HT1000 is our third top epoxy heat gun. It’s a versatile heat gun with high and low-temperature modes. You can easily make it use a one-handed operation. 

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