5 Best Drill For Mixing Concrete 2022 (Mortar & Thinset)

It might get harder at times to find a good drill for mixing materials especially concrete. Most of the drills work well for drilling holes but go down when it comes to material mixing. The reason because the motor needs some extra power to deal with concrete especially.

Makita DS4012 is our top pick for the best drill for mixing concrete. You can count on this one if you don’t have enough time to read the whole article. With its performance and all the great features, it can catalyze your various drilling and mixing jobs. 

But when going to purchase a concrete mixer drill that is equally useful for both drilling and mixing, you can easily get bewildered about what features exactly to look for in a perfectly working drill. To eradicate your research hustle, we’ve maintained a list of the best drill for mixing concrete. 

Best Drills For Mixing Concrete

Why Do You Need a Drill For Mixing Concrete?

Mixing concrete isn’t an easy job. It’s a hard material to handle that can be easily handled with a mixer drill. A concrete mixer drill has paddles and blades attachments that prevent the materials from getting blocked and clogged up. But the task can become even harder if you don’t choose the best drill. An underpowered drill can make your efforts go wasted. 

Top 3 Best Drills For Mixing Concrete

Makita DS4012
Makita DS4012
  • Power Loaded
  • Perfect for both drilling and mixing
  • Offers variable speed
  • No burn outs during mixing
  • Very powerful
  • Wrist protection clutch
VonHaus 10 Amp
VonHaus 10 Amp
  • Ergonomic Design
  • Great controllability
  • Doesn’t create bubbles

Best Drill For Mixing Concrete

All of these drills are best suited for your mixing different thin set especially concrete. All of these machines more or less perform the same functions. But you’ll find slight differences in their features such as prices, speed, and the manufacturer’s warranty. 

1. Makita DS4012 Spade Handle Drill For Mixing Concrete – Best Overall

best drill for mixing concrete

If you’re searching for the best drill for mixing concrete then Makita has got you covered. Makita DS4012 operates on an 8.5-amp motor to deliver a variable speed of 0 to 600 RPM. With this much speed, it can effortlessly deal with various mixing and drilling jobs.

It comes with a D handle that rotates on 360 degrees and offers 24 rotation positions. It means you don’t have to worry about multi-positioning tasks, this drill will handle that for you. The forward and reverse lever add more to the convenience of operation. 

It comes with a D handle that rotates on 360 degrees and offers 24 rotation positions. It means you don’t have to worry about multi-positioning tasks, this drill will handle that for you. The forward and reverse lever add more to the convenience of operation. 

This spade handle ½ “ drill has ball-bearing construction, weighs 6.2 lbs, and has a soft rubberized grip. All of these features ensure easy handling of the machine with extended durability.

Makita DS4012 concrete mixer drill offers a variety of jobs. For instance, mixing of plasters, drywallers, painters, concrete, and tiles installer is no more an issue with this tool. Additionally, it can assist you with a number of plumbing applications as well. 

One of the fatigues that most of the drills come with is the bit changing. But in Makita DS4012’s case, that too is resolved. It has a got an onboard chuck key storage using which bit changing is a butter-smooth job. 

The one issue you might face with this drill is controllability. As it produces a huge amount of torque it sometimes gets harder to maneuver. It might get super aggressive to deal with.

  • Power Loaded
  • Perfect for both drilling and mixing jobs
  • Offers variable speed
  • Maneuverability Issues

Overall, this drill is a great value for money. You can never run out of power to get a variety of jobs done with a power drill. 

2. DEWALT (DCD130B) 60V MAX Cordless Drill For Mixing Concrete

best drill for mixing concrete

DEWALT DCD130B is a cordless drill with e clutch which offers great controllability. It ranks on the second number as our favorite drills which are used for mixing concrete.

It works on a 60V battery to offer enough power to perform multiple mixing jobs smoothly.

This drill on average can mix up to 9 buckets of concrete, 19 buckets of premixed drywall, and up to 17 buckets separately with a single time charged flex volt battery. 

The side handle of the machine allows three different mixing positions. You can set them as per your desire or requirement. 

Three clutch anti-rotation does an amazing job in the motion control of the drill. It can automatically sense the motion and shuts it down when needed. You can detect it through the red LED indicator when e clutch is on the job. 

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Moreover, the DEWALT DCD130B features a variable speed trigger that helps to give great accuracy in the performance. 

The only problem you may face is the loosening of the chuck. It doesn’t stay tight sometimes, so you need to be a bit careful about that. 

  • No burn outs during mixing
  • Wrist protection clutch
  • Enough torque to do buckets of materials
  • Very powerful
  • Chuck gets loose sometimes

Overall, you can never run out of power when using DEWALT’s tools. The same is the case with the DCD130B power drill. You’ll never feel underpowered during its performance. 

3. VonHaus 10 Amp 1/2” Heavy Duty Drill For Mixing Concrete

best drill for mixing concrete

VonHaus 10-amp is a powerhouse for various drilling and mixing jobs. It is our third top pick in the list and is the best drill for mixing Thinset and concrete as well.

The 10-amp motor is capable enough to deliver no-load speed that varies from 0 to 700 RPM. This variable speed features a 360 degree rotation handle. This rotatory motion offers great controllability and flexibility to deal with various drilling and material mixing tasks. 

This VonHaus spade handle drill is quite a versatile tool. You can never run short of power when using it to drill wide holes in sturdy materials like hardwood etc, and while doing the material mixing. 

When talking about controllability, it worths mentioning the forward and reverse buttons. It comes with a lock that can help to secure control when it’s not in use. 

The ergonomic construction of this drill will make you not feel uncomfortable when working for long hours. With its soft grip, it is ideally used for both left and right-handed applications. 

However, the lock of buttons and variable speed adjustment can be a bit problematic sometimes. You need to be a little cautious when doing adjustments. 

  • Ergonomic Design
  • Great controllability
  • Doesn’t create bubbles when mixing materials
  • Variable speed adjustment issues

Overall, it’s a good concrete mixer drill to get your hands on. It’s not unfair if I say that its performance is somehow comparable with the DEWALT DCD130B drill. 

4. Ridgid (R7122) 1/2 in Spade Handle Drill For Mixing Concrete

Ridgid (R7122

Ridgid R7122 is an absolute work horse when it comes to dealing with drilling as well as mixing. This is the best drill for mixing mud with its ½  spade handle. 

The 9-amp featured motor has enough power to deliver for dealing with drilling as well as mixing tasks. The ⅝ inches spindle offers a great amount of torque. This much strength is ideal to impeccably deal with heavy-duty tasks.

You’ll achieve a considerable level of convenience with its spade D handle. It rotates in multiple directions to maintain a certain degree of comfort during its application. 

The bit jams are eliminated in this model, thanks to the reverse and forward switch options. Dealing with high-torque applications is easy to handle with the sturdy steel gear of this drill. 

This concrete mixer drill also features a variable speed trigger. With this finger control trigger, you get high maneuverability for a number of tasks. 

The cord length of the drill is 8 feet that are long enough to approach power sockets easily. Lock-on buttons and a microtextured grip of the drill offer you easy handling and convenience. 

  • Triger controlled
  • Good for heavy duty tasks
  • Variable speed controls

All-inclusive, the drill is a durable tool and worth to be added to your toolbox. 3 years manufacturer’s warranty is quite impressive and a great value for money. 

5. BOSCH Bosch GBM9-16 9 Amp 5/8 Inch Drill For Mixing Concrete

BOSCH Bosch GBM9-16

BOSCH GBM9-16 is our last pick for the best drill for mixing Mortar. Unlike the other mixing drills available in the market, this drill has an extended side handle. This provides extra control to handle when performing a number of jobs. 

The drill machine runs over a 9-amp motor that creates a large amount of torque. Its ball-bearing construction along with steel gears offer great no-load RPM speed. This speed varies from 0 to 700 RPM. 

This amount of speed enables the drill to do seamless material mixing. You can deal with low viscosity materials when the speed is set to a high level. Whereas, the lower speed in combination with higher torque works perfectly for mortar. 

It features a ⅝-inches chuck that increases the compatibility of the drill with multiple drilling and mixing accessories. This is one of feature that helped me in many of my projects.

With its removable torque control handle, which is adjustable to different positions, Bosch GBM9-16 offers great controllability. 

Apart from all the wonderful features, the drill lacks a trigger lock. This can create some inconvenience while mixing materials. If the lock is one of your preferences, then you can count on VonHaus 10-amp for that. 

  • Perfect for mixing mortar
  • Removable torque control handle
  • Good performance
  • Doesn’t last long

Overall, it’s the best drill for mixing mortar that you get from all the tools available in the market. 

Buying Guide For Drills Used For Mixing Concrete

Mixing materials like mortar, cement, and dry-set mortar, etc. isn’t an easy job. An underpowered and weak motor can’t do much in this regard. You need to have a drill which is a work horse and deals with the job efficiently. We have gathered a list of some important features. You should consider them in order to find the best drill for mixing concrete.

Rotation Speed

The rotation speed of a drill is one of the key factors to consider. The rotation speed of a mixer drill is measured in revolutions per minute. An ideal motor can deliver over 700 rotations per minute. But if this much range isn’t under budget you can also pick the one that delivers up to 500 RPM. 

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Unlike rotations per minute, Speed has a different case. Slow speed is best suited for mixing materials with low viscosity such as lightweight concrete. On the other hand, high speed works perfectly for heavy jobs like mixing thick materials such as masonry. 

Mixing capacity

To check the mixing capacity, it’s normally checked that how many kilos of material the drill can mix at a time. A lot of companies usually mention the average capacity of the products on the packaging.

 If you use the less capacity machine with a large amount of material, it may cause the overheating and burning of the motor. So, to avoid any sort of loss, pick your concrete mixer drill as per the requirement of your job.

Ergonomic Design

The construction of the drill decides how comfortable it is to hold it and handle it. AN ergonomic design should always be your priority especially when it comes to handles. You have to work with it for a long time, so if the material of the handles isn’t soft, you should easily guess that it will give you some hard time for handling.

Forward and Reverse Motion

Unlike other traditional drills, a mixer drill works pretty well with forward and reverse momentum. This dual motion makes it easier for the screws guns to drive faster without making any damages to the screws. And this changing spin motion can mix the material excellently well. It helps avoid clog-ups and blocks in the materials while mixing. 

Variable Speed Controls

The variable speed controls in a mixer drill are of great use. You can adjust the speed of the machine as per the materials demand. It helps to avoid bubbles and forms creation while mixing materials. The reason because with a no variable speed button you can’t low down or adjust the speed. So, it’s better to prefer the drill with variable speed controls.


Last but not least, try to pick the drill which is highly durable. Mixing concrete is a task that requires aggressive performance from the machine. So if it delivers high power and RPM speed, the construction of the drill must be sturdy with high durability. Else, the parts will start tearing apart. This will make your drill expires earlier drowning all of your investment. 

Before going to our final thoughts, you can consider all the above factors to choose the mixing drill for you. Moreover, we have tested all of these picks in our workshop to give a better verdict on it.

Final Thoughts On Concrete Mixer Drill

We hope that this article is of great help to you to get the best drill for mixing concrete. We suggest going through the buying guide thoroughly. It will help you a lot in understanding what are the key features to look for in a concrete mixer drill. But if you rely on our suggestion, then go for Makita DS4012 Spade Handle Drill. This big beast is never gonna let you down while dealing with your mixing jobs.


1. What drill is best for mixing concrete?

Makita DS4012 Spade Handle Drill is the best for mixing concrete. It’s a powerful drill that helps to deliver excellent performance. It’s a versatile drill that can deal with a number of mixing jobs. For example, mixing of concrete on the top and other materials like drywallers, plasters, and tiles installers. It is helpful in performing plumbing jobs as well. 

2. What drill do I use for mixing concrete?

For concrete mixing, you should pick a drill that has a powerful motor. As concrete mixing is a tough job, so using a drill that delivers less torque can make the drill run out of power. The job can be much easier with Makita DS4012. It’s the best drill that can effortlessly deal not only with concrete but other sturdy materials as well.