5 Best Dewalt Miter Saw of 2024 ( Reviews & Top Picks )

DeWalt has produced millions of products spanning a spectrum of power tools for both commercial and personal usage since its inception in the business in 1924. It’s no wonder that they’re one of the most well-known tool manufacturers, and their miter saw line will be no exception.

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Selecting the best Dewalt miter saw is a difficult task. This is due to a plethora of DeWalt items on the market. Choosing just one device from their vast range is thus extremely difficult, and without the correct knowledge, you may wind up with a product that is insufficient for your Home or professional needs.

We’ll be examining some of the top DeWalt miter saws on the marketplace, and why they’d be ideal for your needs, because DeWalt is one of the finest brands in the business when it comes to producing high-quality items. So, let’s go right into these DeWalt miter saws reviews so that you can make an informed decision.

Best Dewalt Miter Saw – Product Reviews

As promised, below I am being as honest and raw as I can with my reviews of my most favorite DeWalt miter saws. Let us begin with Dewalt miter saw comparison and here’s to hoping you can get the miter saw of your dreams from here:

1. DeWalt DWS780 Sliding Compound Miter Saw – Overall Best

At first impression, the DeWalt DWS780 miter saw appears to be a serious tool. It also has a similar appearance to the well-liked DW718 miter saw. The color scheme of black, yellow and chrome is unmistakably distinctive.

The DeWalt DWS780 miter saw has lots of “push” thanks to its 3,800 RPM, 15 amp engine. It glided easily cutting a little part of crown molding or a 44 pressure treated post. It never feels as though it lacks the necessary power to complete the task.

One of its most useful additional features that DeWalt has ever offered is the XPS Cross Cutting Position System. DeWalt uses a small yet strong LED light right above the saw blades rather than a laser.

The blade’s shade is formed on the substance underneath by the light. The shade of the sawing blade severely limits as it falls, revealing the precise breadth and position of the cut. It may be used on any cut, miter, or bevel, and with any blade.

Several bevel cuttings may need a small head inclination to observe. The nicest aspect is that the shadow cutline can be seen outside in direct sunshine. Outside, laser guides degrade and become worthless.

The XPS technology also had an added benefit more than a laser guide in that it does not lose precision when it is bumped.  When laying hardwood floors with a groove ceiling and a tongue, the LED XPS cut line technology comes in handy.

Rough incisions that do not have to be precise to the nearest 1/16 inches (since they’d be hidden by cove, base or other trim) were very speedy. an individual is able to easily glance, cut, and finish the work using the XPS light system.

The rear fence was yet another feature of the DWS780 that is to be quite useful. This feature allows the user to boost the typical cut thickness on 1X product to a whopping 16-1/8 inches at 90 degrees. A 212 may even be cross-cut at 45 degrees. 

This incredibly useful function alleviates the “usual” difficulty of cutting broad materials with a dewalt chop saw. An option for dual bevel cut comes in handy when creating a cut on crown molding or 18 caps base for front porch pillars.

The DWS780, apart from a single-bevel saw, lies over for bevel cutting in both directions. It is not necessary to flip the 16 ft. crown components over. It’s possible that fresh drywall was damaged as a result of this.

Two fold-away stop for both left right and left bevel offer cutting at 22.5 degrees and 33.9 degrees, respectively, to make the process entirely automatic. As you might expect, if you’re sawing a lot of molding, this might save you a huge amount of time.

Fast cuts and much more alternatives to possibly quicken up the process are made possible by having such stops conveniently accessible as well as defeat able.

  • It is very safe to use
  • The design is impressive
  • Accurate cuts
  • There isn’t a cutting guide included

The DeWalt DWS780 meets all of the criteria for an excellent miter saw. It has a sliding element that boosts cutting capability, and its sheer power makes it simple to tackle intricate cutting jobs. It’s also lightweight, making it simple to take around. This is the best DeWalt sliding compound miter saw in town.

2. DeWalt DCS361B 20V MAX 7-1/4-Inch Miter Saw – Premium Pick

DeWalt DCS361B

For numerous experienced carpenters, owning a good cordless miter saw gives them greater freedom in terms of where they may work.

When laboring in a remote area, one of the unknowns is that if you will be capable to acquire a stable power source for your big compound miter saw or not. Unless, of course, you possess a cordless miter saw such as the DeWalt DCS361B.

Because it is cordless, it does not necessitate a power source and can thus be utilized anywhere. It’s driven by a DeWalt conventional 20-volt motor, which can be found in all of the company’s tools.

In DeWalt DCS361B cordless miter saw, you of course get the carbide-tipped blades with a size of 7-1/4 inches.

The proper wrench is included with the item so that you could detach, attach, or replace the blade. The materials clamp is included in the kit for holding the work piece you’re sawing. A user’s handbook is also supplied, as you might anticipate.

The one who already possess a DeWalt power tool, though, there may be a silver lining. Because their products’ batteries are universal, you may utilize the motor or battery you currently have in your other tool with this miter saw.

If not, you’ll have to buy a charger or the battery separately. This miter saw is lightweight, weighing only 30 pounds, making it suitable for operations that need several locations. The blade has a diameter of 7-14 inches with carbide-tipped blades for accurate cutting. Because you have so many possibilities, you may make those cuts in a variety of ways.

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Crosscutting may well be performed approximately to 8 inches long and at 45 degrees to 90 degree angles, and molding cuts from 3-5/8 to 8 inches long, depends on if the work piece is horizontal or vertical.

A dust collector to collect unwanted particles as well as an LED lighting to highlight your work are also included. In terms of design, it’s traditional, well-made, and advanced. The strong stops on the miter scale are one of the features that many like regarding this design.

  • It is budget friendly
  • It is easy to handle
  • It has components for measuring quality
  • The run time is not good

So even when you have any problems, the handbook should have a fix. It’s one of the finest bargains out there in terms of pricing.

3. DeWalt DWS715 12-Inch Miter Saw – Budget Pick

DeWalt DWS715

The simplest way to characterize the DEWALT DW715 miter saw would be that it comes without any ultra-high-tech whistles or any bells, but it light in weight. It is durable, strong, and flexible too.

The DW715, which works at an extraordinarily high level and does not take up a lot of room or it is not so hefty that you want help carrying it.

This tool will appeal to those who require anything larger and much more competent, and which is compact at the same time.

The DEWALT compound DW715 single miter bevel saw is driven by a powerful 15 amp engine that produces a stable 4,000 RPM no-load performance.

This makes cutting bracing or molding, as well as a variety of other miter-cutting and cross cutting jobs, easy and simple. The saw is extremely light, weighing in at only 42 pounds, and this equipment also includes a nice carry grip to make transporting it much simpler.

It’s not an uncomfortable carry since the weight is evenly distributed. The miter system has an adaptable steel which is stainless detent plate along with 11 solid stops for quick setup, allowing you to resume working without constantly pausing to readjust.

The cam-lock miter handle accomplishes the same for miter angles, with detent override. This prevents the saw from sliding into the miter detents when configuring the miter setting. The DW715 features a pretty large miter capability, extending between 0 till 50 angles or degrees to the right and left, which adds to its flexibility.

The saw’s high fence structure can accommodate vertically stacked 5-1/4-inch crown molding and nesting which is 6-1/2-inch base molding. When you want to make any bevel cuts, just move the fence out of the way.

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You may also make bevel cutting with angles ranging from 0 to 48° for the left and for right 0 to 3 degrees, allowing you to handle larger projects when necessary.

One of the most appealing aspects of this miter saw is how it fills the gap from smaller, lower powerful versions and bigger miter saws designed for heavy-duty applications and bulky workplaces.

The angle clamping system on the saw feels solid, and every adjustment is swift, allowing you to continue working without stopping in between for adjusting it.

  • Not that heavy
  • Has wider miter capacity
  • No warranty

The DEWALT DW715 is yet another proof of the corporation’s continued dedication to producing great saws that emphasize all of the key features while also allowing for simplicity and versatility.

4. DeWalt DWS779 Compound Miter Saw

The DWS779 is a strong tool that delivers both strength and precision, making it perfect for the dedicated DIYer, cabinet builder, or carpenters who require the highest level of joint perfection.

The Dewalt DWS779 miter saw is solidly constructed and performs admirably on a variety of cuts. It offers true cuts with no interruptions and adapts in a flash. For its dimensions, this item is incredibly attractive and portable.

The machine gives appealing diversity in cutting inclinations, with bevels ranging from 0 to 48 degrees. You can also quickly set your miter sawing orientation thanks to ten incorporated positive stops, which saves time.

The DeWalt sliding saw has 10 positive miter stops in addition to offering you a choice of your own custom bevel angle. These are factory-predetermined cutting angles that allow you to quickly switch between them for unique joints.

This saw is satisfyingly compact, measuring 24.75 x 17 x 17 inches, without sacrificing cutting strength. The DeWalt DWS779 stand has pre-drilled connection points so it can be securely fastened to your workstation without occupying too much valuable workspace.

A dust sack is built into the back of this saw which the manufacturer claims eliminates 70 to 80 % of cutting waste.

As per studies, inhalation of sawdust can cause nasal cancer, so this effective DWS779 dust collecting system serves to protect you from the dangers of inhaling sawdust. This compound saw is all about precision, which is good because you don’t really want your DIY frames or side tables to seem like they were produced by an inexperienced person. 

The sliding rails contribute greatly to the precision of this equipment, which is enhanced by the customizable bevel settings and positive steps.

Even when sawing wood bigger than six inches in thickness, a revolutionary clamping system, sturdy twin runners, and interior linear ball bearings provide high precision cuts.

Compound saws are useful woodworking equipment, but they have limitations. They can usually only manage bevels of up to 45 degrees, and they have a hard time with larger wood. Sliding compound saws like the DWS779, on the other hand, can handle far more significant materials.

With its rail function and fences, the Dewalt saw will slice 2 x 14-inch wood at a 90 degree angle and 2 x 10-inch wood at a 45 degree angle, making it a perfect tool for DIYers and furniture makers who require more cutting capacity.

The fact that this saw weighs a whopping 56 pounds isn’t a deal breaker. This bulk provides reassuring solidity and is a testimony to the long-lasting steel detent plates, which is essential if you’re filling the machine with large, heavy timber.

The DWS779 Dewalt Sliding Compound offers 3800 revolutions per minute and is powered by a 120-volt internal engine. This power and speed should suffice for the overwhelming bulk of DIY and carpentry projects.

A sturdy carbide-tipped 12-inch blade and wrenches are included with the saw, in conjunction to the saw, dust bag, and perpendicular material clamp. This allows for easy tightening and state of the art adjustment without having to dig out your adjusting spanner.

  • Miter plate made of stainless steel
  • Bevels ranging from 0 to 48 degrees
  • Warranty is for three years
  • Efficient dust collection
  • There is no laser guide

Furthermore, this machine comes with a three-year product warranty, giving you even more reassurance that this is indeed the best dewalt miter saw for the money.

5. DeDEWALT Miter Saw DWS716, Double-Bevel, Compound, 12-Inch, 15-AmpWalt

The DeWalt double-bevel compound miter saw is one of the best you’ll find in its price range. The saw has excellent cutting capacity and accurate bevel adjustment settings for an affordable price. Compared to the previous model — the DWS715 — this miter saw has better crosscut capacity and a dual bevel feature.

Before looking in depth at what you can expect from the DeWalt double-bevel compound saw, here are some of its specifications. The stainless-steel miter detent has 14 positive stops for increased accuracy. However, it’s possible to adjust the miter to any position from 0 to 50°. And its double-bevel design allows for angles between 0 and 48° to the left or right.

Of course, when you buy any DeWalt power tool, you can be sure you’re buying quality. But why has the DWS716 made it into the list of top miter saws for 2023? Here are a few things we like about this compound saw.


The DeWalt 716 miter saw is made from high-grade stainless steel, and the stock blade is superior to other models. The unit has been calibrated precisely, meaning your cuts will always be at the correct angle. In addition, whether you are making crosscuts or miter cuts, the powerful tool will slice through stock easily.

Cutting capacity

One of the excellent features of this affordable compound miter saw its cutting capabilities. For example, the miter range extends to 50°, which is above the industry standard. In addition, it’s easy to set up to cut at common angles or use the cam-lock for any angle you require.

If you must cut bevels, you’ll soon discover that the DeWalt DWS716 is a “cut above the competition.” The bevel adjusts left or right up to 48° and is ideal for trim molding and baseboards.

Typically, you can cut an 8” board on a single pass and up to 10” by removing the back fence. This feature increases the miter saw’s cutting capabilities. And it also makes excellent miter cuts and can easily manage 4×6” on a single pass.


The overall design and construction of the DeWalt 716 mean it’s light enough to carry but sufficiently robust to be a sturdy workhorse. The unit weighs 44 lbs., so it won’t strain your back when carrying it. And to make things easier, it has a useful carrying handle. In addition, compared to other portable compound saws, this model has a smaller footprint.

Dust collection

One of the biggest pain points with portable miter saws is their poor dust collection capabilities. And the DWS716 is about what you’d expect. The included dust bag doesn’t do a great job collecting sawdust and debris. Therefore, you should plan on attaching a shop vac to the dust port. However, the dust collection issue may not be a problem if you typically work on a job site.

What’s the difference between the DeWalt DWS716 double-bevel miter saw and the DWS716XPS?

The primary distinction is the LED positioning cut line system. Buy using LED lamps, the 716XPS model creates a shadow line exactly where the cutting blade will contact the stock. Other differences include mitering limit and blade angles, both of which are superior on the 716XPS model.

However, if the price is a concern and you are on a tight budget, the DWS716 is the best option. It provides excellent cutting capabilities and is cheaper than the XPS model

DeWalt DWS716 Pros and Cons


  • Lightweight and portable
  • Powerful motor
  • Cheaper than the similar DWS761XPS model  


  • Lacks a sliding arm
  • No LED positioning cut line


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Are Dewalt Miter Saws Worth it?

Dewalt is one of the most well-known power tool manufacturers, thanks to their reputation for producing high-quality instruments at reasonable rates.

Their products are also covered by warranties ranging from two years to a lifespan, providing excellent value to their consumers and ensuring that their products are devoid of manufacturing faults. Dewalt miter saws are, thus, well worth the investment.

best dewalt miter saw

FAQ’s About the Best Dewalt Miter Saw

What is the best Dewalt Miter Saw?

The best Dewalt miter saw on our list is undoubtedly the DWS780 Sliding compound miter saw. This 12 inches double-bevel miter saw is powered by a 15A engine that spins at roughly 3,600 revolutions per minute.

The Dewalt DWS780’s twin rail sliding technology enables you to produce secure cross-cuts with ease, making it a top rated product. 

What is XPS technology on dewalt miter saw?

Dewalt’s XPS work light technology is far more popular among woodworkers than prior laser light choices. The LED light is placed right above the miter saw blade, casting a shadow of the blade kerf onto the work piece.

What is the best Dewalt cordless miter saw?

The Dewalt DWS780 is the best cordless miter saw. When working with wood, this precise miter saw makes the best cuts possible, resulting in expert finishes and a refined appearance.

Wrapping Up Best DeWalt Miter Saw

All of the top Dewalt miter saw reviews provide the most relevant information to help buyers make quick selections when buying a power tool.

Reading these reviews will give you a clear picture of how each item works and what characteristics it has. However, we have also listed the top three products to make your search more precise.

DeWalt DWS780 Sliding Compound Miter Saw: This miter saw is capable enough to support all of your heavy-duty projects with ease, thanks to its 15 amp engine that can provide 3800 rpms. The saw’s LED light slicing guide will also come in handy, allowing you to cut into wood with greater preciseness.

DeWalt DCS361B 20V MAX 7-1/4-Inch Miter Saw: The 20V Max energy sharing platform is one of the grounds as to why this type is so famous all across the industry. This not only saves you time, but it also allows you more variety inside your own range.

DeWalt DWS715 12-Inch Miter Saw: The motor on this miter saw is set at 4000 RPM, so producing precise cuts isn’t a problem. The saw is also quite accurate, and as a result, it can cut through large chunks of wood with little waste.

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