6 Best Circular Saw Under 100 – Budget Picks

A circular saw is a most needed versatile tool that almost every person who’s into woodworking somehow needs the most. It can be of great use to bring life to your woodworking projects.

SKIL 5280-01 is our top pick for the Best Circular Saw Under 100 We have selected this model after keeping it under observation on our projects . It’s worth adding to your toolbox to provide you with a seamless cutting capacity and good work quality. 

But finding the best circular saw under $100 can bring some extra hustle. You might get confused about picking the saw that is no less in features and performance and yet meeting this tight budget as well.

Best Budget Circular Saw

We are here to save your time and extra efforts for finding the best budget saw for yourself. We did rigorous research and tested different tools so you don’t have to. So, you can rely on our shortlisted circular saws list to make the most out of your budget circular saw purchase. 

Why Choose Best Circular Saw Under 100

If you’re a beginner or a woodworker that has little to no experience of using those high-end aggressive circular saws available out there. Or if you’ve selected a budget as low as 100 and don’t want to spend more than that, then the saws available under 100 are best suited for you. 

There’s a misconception you might have come across is, that low price means to compromise on great features. But I believe that’s not the case. You can remain within your budget of 100 and yet can find some amazing circular saw for yourself.

Our Top 3 Best Circular Saw Under 100

1. SKIL 5280-01 Single Beam Laser Circular Saw – Our Top Pick
2. DEWALT (DCS391B) 6-1/2-Inch 20V Max Circular Saw – Professional Choice
3. Worx WX429L 4 Amp Electric Compact Circular Saw – Under Budget Choice

Best Circular Saw Under 100

These top picks for budget circular saw can be of great help to you. You can go through the features, pros, and cons of each product to choose your best pick!

1. SKIL 5280-01 Single Beam Laser Circular Saw Under 100 – Overall Best

best circular saw under 100

SKILSAW is renowned for making the best budget circular saw. Considering the usability and powerful performance, one can never go wrong with SILKSAW’s power tools. 

SKIL 5280-01 Circular Saw is one of the best circular saw under 100. It’s a powerful saw that can deal with a variety of woodworking tasks effortlessly. 

The saw features a laser guide that assists the user with the cuts throughout. You can get accurate and precise cuts this way.

It operates on a 1-amp motor to produce a substantial speed of 5,300 RPM. This speed is enough for the saw to make impeccable cuts through lumber. 

With its 7.25 inches, 24-tooth carbide blade, it provides 2-inch cutting depth capacity. And the changing of the blade is easier than ever with the help of a wrench through the spindle lock. 

You can create flawless bevel cuts of up to 51 degrees using this circular saw. 

The woodworker’s most favorite feature about this saw is the dust blower. It makes a clean and dust-free way for the saw to cut through which increases the workspace visibility as well.

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SKIL 5280-01 can assist you with narrow cuts as well. Its anti-sang lower guards ensure that there is no snagging when the cuts are made.  

Excepting all the useful features that it provides, it somewhere lacks in user safety. And to add it in I would say that the blade guard quality is a bit disappointing. SILKSAW needs to pay some attention to that as well in order to ensure high user safety. 

  • Laser beam for accurate and precise cuts
  • Easy blade changing
  • Powerful performance
  • Less user safety features

Overall, this circular saw is a great value to money. You can work on a number of your woodworking projects comfortably with the help of SKIL 5280-01. 

2. DEWALT DCS391B 6-1/2-Inch – Best Circular Saw Under $100

best circular saw under $100

DEWALT is a highly recognized brand for manufacturing power tools. When you’re searching for the best budget circular saw under 100, DEWALT DCS391B can be of great help. 

The saw runs on a 5150 rpm motor to make it a saw for everyday use. It has a bevel capacity ranging from 0 to 50 degrees. With this much range, it can make a variety of bevel cuts on different wood materials. 

It has a 6-½ carbide-tipped blade that can impeccably make cuts at angles of 90 degrees and 40 degrees. 

A sturdy and lightweight magnesium shoe the saw has, offers great longevity with excellent cutting accuracy. 

There is no doubt in the durability and precision of performance of this circular saw. The company offers 3 years warranty with one year of free service and 0 days money-back guarantee. 

This makes a whole package of affordable and super-powered circular saw which offers the capacity of dealing with a number of woodworking jobs impeccably. 

Like every tool, this saw has some downsides as well and that is, it has a brushless motor and no dust collection port. With these lacking features, you may face some hard time during cutting through woods. 

  • Accurate and precise cuts
  • Magnesium shoe for great handling
  • 3 years warranty with 1 year free service
  • No dust collection system

All-inclusive, it’s the best inexpensive circular saw that you can get your hands on to deal with your daily woodworking tasks. 

3. Worx WX429L Electric & Compact – Best Budget Circular Saw

Worx WX429L

The next pick that makes you go wow is the Worx WX429L compact circular saw. This best budget circular saw will provide you with great cutting proficiency and portability. 

Worx manufactures its tools based on cutting edge technology. These are engineered to offer great durability, cost-effectiveness, and above all the reliability. 

Running on a 4-amp motor it produces 4100 RPM power to cut off up to 2inch stock lumber smoothly. The versatility of the saw doesn’t end here. You can even cut metal, plastic, and tiles as well. 

The blade of a circular saw is one of the key features that indicate how powerfully it can cut through. Worx WX429L has a 24T carbide-tipped blade that allows you to deal with plenty of woodworking tasks smoothly. 

The blade has a left-sided optimization that allows you to see clearly the cutting target. This way, you can achieve a great level of accuracy and precision in the cuts.  

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In order to keep the workspace tidy and managed, the vacuum adapter comes along. The quick adjustment option of the tool lets you set a bevel adjustment level ranging from 0 to 45 degrees. 

Furthermore, the tool isn’t left behind in providing safety as well. You can easily approach the integrated safety switch located on the handle. It provides convenience of use and high controllability. 

  • Easy depth adjustments
  • High portability and maneuverability
  • Impeccable cutting capacity
  • Not suitable for heavy duty tasks

You can set the depth of cuts with its depth change scale. It can be found besides the blade and can be reached easily. Furthermore, this compact table saw weighs 3.9 lbs which makes it great for portability and maneuvering. 

4. Ryobi One P505 Cordless 5 1/2″ Circular Saw

Ryobi One P505

Here we go again with adding another amazing pick to your bucket of the best cordless circular saw under 100.  Ryobi One P505 is a cordless, battery powered circular saw that is highly portable. 

However, the battery and charger aren’t not included with the purchase and you have to buy them separately. It supports an 18-volt battery and a number of battery models. The versions count from P100 to P108 excluding P101 and P106. 

The tool is very comfortable to handle with its rubber-coated handle mold. It offers great friction and can be held even with sweaty hands. There’s also a side handle that you can use for extra grip and control on the cutting material and over the device itself. 

It has a polyethylene blade guard that offers excellent visibility to analyze the side of your cut by side. 

When it comes to cutting, how can we forget about the adjustable foot of the saw? Using it you can adjust the cutting angles up to 50 degrees to make flawless cuts for various applications. 

In order to make the blade changing a hustle-free process, there’s a wrench placed in the onboard compartment of the saw. You can quickly change the blade using the wrench and you’re ready to go.

Ryobi One P505 is the budget circular saw that can serve you for a variety of woodworking applications. It’s equally useful for DIYers, professional woodworkers, and homeowners as well. 

This robust circular saw can serve you for hours on the battery capacity without giving any power interruptions. 

At your first impression of the saw, you might think it is inferior because of the plastic body construction. But don’t rely on the first impression because it’s built with high-quality ABS material. The saw is lightweight and durable as well. 

  • Durable and reliable
  • Best for both professionals and beginners
  • Smooth cutting capacity
  • Vacuum blower attachment isn’t available

The saw is worth adding to your toolbox to give life to your multiple woodworking projects. 

5. Rockwell RK3441K 4-1/2 inch Compact Circular Saw

Rockwell RK3441K

Rockwell RK3441K is another budget circular saw that is not only easy to handle but versatile in functionality as well. You don’t have to work with a ginormous circular saw anymore to cut through 2x4s wood pieces while this mini best is here. 

Most of Rockwell’s tools work on Zero Quit. The term means that all the components of the tool work to the best of their capability.

It indicates that you can expect the extreme of performance at the most demanding jobs with this compact circular saw. 

The saw draws power from a 5-amp motor that delivers 3,500 rpm to make seamless cuts. This saw features a 4-½inch inches blade having kerf thickness half than that of a 7-¼inch blade. 

This compact circular saw offers a cutting capacity equals to that of a standard saw. The impeccable cuts of 1-11/16 inches depth can be achieved at 90 degrees and of 1-inch inches depth at 45 degrees angle. 

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It also features a blade at the left hand to ensure the optimum visibility of cuts. It provides easy quick depth adjustments with the help of a depth gauge lever. 

With Rockwell RK3441K, you won’t have to face the struggles of blade changing. All you have to do is to grab the blade key that is included with the purchase and remove the blade easily. 

The ergonomic grip enables you to hold the saw comfortably gaining more control over the saw without losing balance. 

  • High cutting line visibility
  • Works zero quit
  • Low durability

You can count on this circular saw to add more distinction to your woodworking projects. 

6. BLACK+DECKER BDCCS20B Cordless Circular Saw


Last but not the least, here comes the BLACK+DECKER BDCCS20B Cordless Circular Saw. It has 5-½ inches blades that offer a wide variety of cuts with easy adjustments. 

This circular saw features a high torque motor that can effortlessly deal with medium to high capacity tasks. You can conveniently do bevel adjustments at 45 and 90 degrees. 

It can be easily set to other tool-free depth adjustments as well. You can choose the depth as per your task’s requirement. 

You’ll find this metal-constructed circular saw highly portable and convenient to use. It can be easily carried to different job sites and isn’t troublesome for keeping in small shops at all.

The functioning of the tool is based on the entire BLACK + DECKER 20V MAX* system. This cordless saw gets power from a 20V lithium battery. But you won’t be that pleased on hearing that the battery and charger aren’t included with the purchase. 

  • Easy to use
  • Easy depth adjustments
  • Not suitable for heavy-duty tasks.

This best budget circular saw offers 2 years of manufacturer’s warranty. It’s a good option among the other cordless circular saws available in the market. You can get your hands on it to add value to your woodworking projects. 

Buying Guide For Choosing Circular Saw Under 100

Picking up the best budget circular saw can be challenging especially when your budget is under $100 only. You can still find some amazing and useful products but it’s inevitable that one way or another you have to compromise on some of the features. The reason is that a low-budget product can’t be as good as a high-end one.  

With that being said, we are here to accommodate you in the best way we can to make your purchase decision butter smooth. We have to mention some of the significant features that you must look for to buy the best circular saw under 100. 

Type of blade

The type of saw is one of the significant features that can never be ignored when you’re buying a circular saw. The cutting capacity and types of cuts depend on the type of blade of your saw. If your job is to deal with sturdy materials, then prefer getting a carbide blade. 

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Moreover, if you more often require smooth and fine cuts, then look for a blade with fewer teeth. Because that blade deals with materials without affecting their delicacy and neatness. On the other hand, if your requirement is making aggressive cuts then pick the one with fewer teeth. That would be of great help in this case.

Size of the Blade

The saw you’ll get on a low budget is often used for small to medium jobs. The ones that deal with heavy-duty jobs are expensive too. So, to be able to work well for that level of task, you need to choose a blade that has a diameter ranging from 5.5 to 7.25 inches. This dimension will be of great help in your case. 

Cutting depth and Cutting Capacity

In order to determine the cutting capacity as per your work requirement, check out what depth the saw gives at 45 and 90 degrees. This will enable you to have a clear idea about how much depth you can achieve for different angles of your work piece. 

You can ideally pick up the saw which cuts 3 inches deep at a 45-degree angle and can calculate the rest accordingly. 

RPM speed

RPM or rotations per minute determines how effortlessly the saw can cut through woods. A high RPM speed is always ideal for achieving the best cuts. The more the RPM speed is, the more fine cuts your saw can make. Dewalt and PORTER cable are among the top brands which deliver 5,300 to 5,500 RPM speed to tear apart materials even under a low budget. 

Concluding Budget Circular Saws

We hope that this thorough article is of great help for you to pick your nest best circular saw under 100. We tried to provide you with a range of top-of-the-line saws that fall under this tight budget. The buying guide provides all the necessary information that you need to know about before going to pick the best inexpensive circular saw for yourself. 


Which company is known for the best circular saw under 100?

There is a considerable number of companies that are best known for providing the best circular saw under 100. SILKSAW, Dewalt, Worx, and Ryobi One are one of the highlighted ones. Their tools are jam-packed with all the necessary features of a circular saw that needs to work efficiently. You can get your hands on these ones for great value for money. 

What is the best cordless circular saw?

Ryobi One P505 is the best cordless circular saw that runs on a battery to deliver impeccable cutting capacity. It provides easy handling and can make a considerable impact on the wood pieces it works with. It’s one of the best budget saw that you can get to work on your dream woodworking projects.

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