4 Best Budget Dust Collector of 2023 (Cheap & Valuable)

If you’re into woodworking, either a professional or a beginner, you must be aware of the job site mess. The post-cleaning of workspace after woodworking and finishing projects is never easy. If it isn’t cleared out at the time, it can make the work slower and affects productivity as well. So in order to keep your workspace clean and tidy, you must be having a dust collector. 

If you are in hurry we have selected POWERTEC DC5370 as the best budget dust collector after testing its output and overall performance of the motor on our projects. On the top it has air suction capacity of 800 CFM.

It might be confusing for you to pick the best budget dust collector. Because there is a myriad of products from multiple brands available in the market. But you don’t need to be perplexed about it anymore because we’ve already got you covered. Our list of top picks for the dust collectors will help you a lot with your buying decision. 

Best Budget Dust Collector

Why Do You Need To Have a Budget Dust Collector?

Working in a filthy environment can not only affect your productivity but the quality of tasks as well. It’s not only concerned with the work but your environment as well. If the air your surrounding isn’t clean enough to work in, your health can be badly affected. So to keep the job going at its best, you must be having a budget dust collector.

Best Budget Dust Collector

We have shortlisted these good dust collectors. It will eliminate your efforts of going through the rigorous process of market research to find the best machine for your shop. Pick any of these as per your need and get your job started!

1. POWERTEC DC5370 Wall Mounted Budget Dust Collector – Overall Best

best budget dust collector

Whenever you’re looking for the best dust collector, you can easily count on the POWERTEC DC5370 wall-mounted dust collector. This compact device is jam packed with excellent dust collecting features. 

The 1 HP motor generates two voltages, one of 120V at 7-amp and the other of 240V at 3.5-amp. The motor overall delivers 340 RPM speed and an airflow capacity of 537 CFM.

With this much power, it can make your space clearing job easy. You can effortlessly collect sawdust, extract wood-chips and make your workspace mess-free. 

Your purchase will include a wall-hanging dust collector along with a 2.5-micron dust collector filter bag.

All you have to do is to fasten this wall-mounted dust collector’s hose to your desired machine. The rest of the job will be handled by the machine and the dust collector.  

POWERTEC DC5370 dust collector is highly versatile when it comes to mounting. Using its mounting bracket and clamp and bolt locking system, you can hang it to multiple locations, be it on the wall, workbench, or floor. 

The level of dust can be observed from a window attached to the dust collection bag. When the collector starts working, you’ll feel the optimum quality air exclusive of all the debris and dust. 

  • Well Constructed
  • Collection bag is thick
  • filters the dust well
  • Its a Bit Loud

You may find the bag that the quality of the bag clamp is cheap and not satisfactory.  And secondly, you’ll also have to bear with the loud noise of the machine is also a bit louder. 

But overall, this device is a great value to money. It’s a good quality dust collector that you can buy for your shop. 

2. DEWALT (DWH161B) 20V MAX – Best Budget Dust Extractor

Best Budget Dust Collector

The dust collects separator is of high efficiency, helps prevent suction loss and clogged air filters, DEWALT DWH161B is one of good dust extractors.

This dust collector performs efficiently to collect up to 99.5% of the debris in the air stream. Moreover, it protects the fan blower from getting harmed by the waste in any way.

This dust separator works on modern cyclone technology. It allows this wet/dry dust collector to function freely without any extra hassle of frequent filter replacement and clean-ups, hence gives a prolonged filter cartridge life. 

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DEWALT DWH161B is a versatile dust separator. With its 2 in 1 multi-functionality, it allows the dust collector to efficiently deal with a variety of materials. For instance, drywall dust, wood dust, cold ash and soot, animal hair, concrete dust, etc. 

The 48mm fitting port is compatible to be fitted with multiple hoses. It comes with a hose of 2.1M in length. This long hose is easily reachable to the far surfaces around the dust collector. 

The size of the all stainless steel tank gallon is 10 GAL attached with 360 rotational tires. You can easily move it around your workspace. 

  • captures upto 99.5% of the debris
  • Highly durable
  • Deals with multiple materials
  • Vacuum isn’t included

Overall, DEWALT DWH161B  is the best cheap dust collector with excellent durability. You can get your hands on this one to make your shop mess-free. 

3. Delta Power 50-723T2 1 HP Budget Dust Collector

Best Budget Dust Collector

If you’re looking for a dust collector that gives a powerful performance, Delta 50-723T2 1 hp dust collector is your product. 

This is a dust collector that comes with a 2 micron, 6 mil plastic chip filtration bag. The bag contains a fast sewn-in and snap-in filter ring. 

The bag indicates to the user when it needs to be cleared out. It allows a quicker and efficient performance. With this ring, you no longer require cam-over-lock clamps. 

Delta 50-723T2 1 hp dust collector runs on a TEFC induction motor. The motor ensures that no harm is caused to the machine when collecting dust particles. In addition, it makes the machine runs faster and performs the job efficiently and effectively. 

Apart from great suction, it is highly portable as well. The strong steel-based wheels bear all the weight of the bag and machine. You can easily transport it and move it around your working area. 

One thing that isn’t appreciable about the brand is that there is no user manual that comes along with the dust collector. The users have to figure out the working and assembly by themselves. That might be a pain in the head and can consume a lot of time to understand how it exactly works. 

  • TEFC induction motor
  • Efficient dust collection
  • No cam-over-lock clamps needed
  • The user manual isn’t included

All-inclusive, considering all the features, it’s a cheap dust collector that one can buy for great performance. 

4. SHOP FOX W1727 1 HP Budget Dust Collector – Best Value

Best Budget Dust Collector

SHOP FOX W1727 1 HP Dust Collector is our pick for best value dust collector. It operates on a 1 HP motor to offer an excellent suction capacity of 800 CFM. 

The plastic dust collecting bag of the machine has two storage bags. The lower bag has a storage capacity of 2.1 cubic feet. The upper bag passes the air-filtered dust to the lower bag. 

The collected dust keeps falling in the lower bag. You can disconnect the bag with the help of a bag clam and get rid of all the collected dust when needed.

This compact dust collector is 54-½ inches in height can easily fit into your small shop.  It is highly portable, you have any issues with its mobility. 

One of the most highlighted features of the SHOP FOX W1727 1 HP Dust Collector is the safety switch. It has a key attached to it that ensures the machine doesn’t turn on unnecessarily. 

This large power control paddle provides turn-on/off convenience. Slightly hit the paddle and you’re ready to go. 

  • Easy assembling
  • Good suction power
  • High mobility
  • Delicate

All-inclusive it’s a good machine to consider for small applications. But you cannot use it for your multi-stage wood-shop. It might be not that powerful enough to deal with plenty of tasks at a time. 

How to Pick Dust Collector That Comes In Budget

To get a dust collector you don’t just go for any of the top-rated machines out there. The main thing to consider is how it adds value to your need. We tried to make it easier for you to choose a dust collector that wont hurt your pocket. Consider these factors when you plan to make the purchase and you’re good to go. 

Power of the Motor

The performance of the motor of the dust collector is one of the key factors to consider. A smaller motor means low performance and a bigger motor indicated high power delivery. You need to have a motor that delivers more power to collect the dust. The motors with 1HP power aren’t that efficient in performance. 

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Try to look out for a 1.5 HP motor because it delivers high power to make your job easier. This much power is suitable for both professional and low-duty jobs.

Capacity of The Air Filters

The capacity of the air filters is another significant feature that determines the value of a dust collector. An average airbag filter can filter out dust particles that are about 2 to 2.5 in diameter.  This capacity is sufficient for a cheap dust collector to capture debris, pollen, pet dander, and smoke as well.

Space of Your Shop

The size of the shop doesn’t only matter to pick up the size of the dust collector but to measure the requirement of work capacity as well. For a larger shop, a machine that collects the volume of dust easily is more preferred. The dust collector that can’t handle more workload won’t last long and may end up burned out soon.

Concluding Dust Collectors

We hope that after reading this thorough product reviews and buying guide article, you now have a clear idea in the head which dust collector you should go with. If you have decided to go with our top pick i.e. POWERTEC DC5370 wall-mounted dust collector, we wish you luck and believe that you also find it as the best budget dust collector. Make your decision considering all the aspects that we tried to describe in the article to make the best out of your purchase.


1. What is the best budget dust collector?

POWERTEC DC5370 wall-mounted dust collector is a dust collector that you can get to clear out your mess. With the 2.5 microns dust filter bag, it can make your workspace mess-free using its great suction capacity to suck all the debris and dust. Moreover, this versatile dust collector can be mounted to walls, workbench, and floor as well. 

2. Who makes the best budget dust collector? 

POWERTEC, DEWALT, and Delta are some of the brands that make good budget dust collectors. Less price doesn’t mean that these dust collectors lack some features. These are highly efficient in performance, durable, and offer great air filtration benefits. You can get your hands on any of these dust collectors to keep your shop more organized and tidy. 

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