The Best 6 1/2 Circular Saw Blade – Reviews

Are you on the lookout for the Best 6 1/2 Circular Saw Blade? A 6.5 inches model could make your work easier and cuts more accurate than ever before!

You can purchase the most expensive circular saw on the market, but the accuracy of your cuts will largely be determined by the blades you choose. When you have a lot of chopping tasks to complete, it’s wise to invest in a good blade to go with your saw.

DEWALT DWA161240 is our top pick for the Best 6 1/2 Circular Saw Blade as we have tested many of them and had the best ever experience with this blade in terms of quality and good cuts!

Circular blades do not fit all types of saws. They are tailored to match the dimensions of your circular saw easily. Some blades are well-made, while others can only be used for a few weeks before breaking down.

Best 6 1/2 Circular Saw Blades

In this article, we’ll find out the best 6 1/2 circular saw blade on the market, depending on the blade’s performance as well as other crucial factors.

6 1/2 Circular Saw Blades – Product Reviews

1. DEWALT DWA161240 6 1/2 Circular Saw Blade – Overall Best

best 6 1/2 circular saw blade

Dewalt is a well-known power tool brand. This brand is ranked first on our list because of its dependability, adaptability, and longevity.  The Dewalt DWA161240 6 1/2 circular saw blade is an excellent choice when you wish to frame or crosscut anything.

This blade measures 7.78×0.4×8.34 inches and has 40 tungsten carbide teeth for quicker and better cuts. This model works well for both cordless and corded saws.

The ideal blades for your intended cuts are determined by the tooth shape. For this rotating saw blade, Dewalt has designed an excellent Tough Track innovation tooth layout.

The Alternative Tooth Bevel with Raker Tooth Grind throughout this design gives precise straight cuts by eliminating leftovers from the cutting tunnel while still allowing tracking. The blade is built of robust tungsten carbide.

It has a strong anti-stick covering on the outside that decreases friction greatly. The kerf releases the particles readily without adhering thanks to this layer. It also features a reinforced shoulder for increased impact protection.

The blades’ resistance and stability are increased thanks to the strengthened shoulder. When sawing wood with nails stuck in it, this feature will come to the rescue!

  • Reduced friction and gumming
  • Comfortable to use
  • Resistant for nail embedded wood
  • Not suitable for ripping narrow boards

 DeWalt’s revolutionary DWA161240 6 ½ circular saw blade features innovative body slots that minimize vibration considerably. It is assured to provide you with an amazing user experience when combined with its tiny kerf. You won’t find a better alternative for framing and crosscutting than this.

2. Diablo by Freud D0641X Finishing Saw Blade

best 6 1/2 circular saw blade

The Diablo D0641X 6.5 circular saw blade could be one of the safest bets for performing superb tears and crosscuts in hardwood, flooring, or plywood, not only for homes but also for worksites. The blades’ mega thin kerf shape enables smoother, faster, and easier cuts than traditional framing blades.

Diablo’s blade compositions, which incorporate a high-density blend of Micro grain carbide and titanium, use TiCo technology.

By designing multiple forms of carbide for each function, our TiCo blade enhances cutting performance and life.

The Diablo D0641X’s revolutionary laser-cut stabilizer vents absorb noise and vibrations, allowing it to slice through materials with comfort and precision while preventing the blade from warping.

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Coated blades are far superior to non-coated blades in terms of durability, tooth edge hardness, and slickness. The Perma-Shield Non-Stick Coating has been added to this variant, allowing the blades to minimize drag, rust, resistance, and gumming.

Thin kerf saw blades waste less wood and produce minimal sawdust. These narrow kerf blades are commonly used for ripping projects. Diablo D0641X, on the other hand, has an ultra-thin kerf that will provide you with faster, more durable, and smoother cuts.

  • Less chipping
  • Highly durable
  • Smooth cuts
  • Handy and easy to use
  • Tends to heat up

Simply described, it’s a saw blade that eliminates material waste while putting the least amount of strain on the saw. It delivers professional-grade results without breaking the wallet. With a heavy-duty steel plate and robust industrial carbide teeth, the model is also engineered to last long. 

3. Makita B-57342 6 1/2″ – Best 6 1/2 Circular Saw Blade For Plywood

best 6 1/2 circular saw blade

This Makita improved blade is an excellent choice for anyone who wants to use a circular saw to chop wood, MDF, or laminated substances. It can make up to 140 percent more cuts than the regular Makita blade for portable circular saws owing to its revolutionary design with a small kerf.

Workers should experience less vibration and calmer cutting with this blade. The laser-cut holes and sturdy carbide tips make it all achievable.

You’ll also benefit from greater resilience with the latter. The blade is fluorine-coated and has a narrow kerf, catching minimal residues on the pitch.

You should choose this model if you are looking for the most precise cuts possible. The forked carbide improves overall accuracy during cutting, as well as moving wood dust away from the kerf for increased precision on subsequent cuts.

  • Provides 140 percent increased cuts
  • Minimal pitch buildup
  • Lesser vibration
  • Quiet operation
  • Not suitable for beginners
  • Can only entertain cordless saws

How could this model not stand out from the rest of our entries, with reduced drag, greater cuts per battery charge, and Makita’s legendary quality? The cherry on the top is the fact that this blade has indeed been properly sharpened! It shouts for flawless, high-quality cuts since it’s made of steel plates that have been skillfully hand tension-ed.

4. Norske Tools NCSBP281 6.5 Inch Circular Saw Blade

Norske Tools NCSBP281 6-1/2-inch Circular Saw Blade

Are you searching for a circular saw blade that can slice through tough steel and other metals like butter? This model from Norske Tools can be the ideal pick for you. This 6.5 circular saw blade with 48 teeth comes from an inventive manufacturer and is highly versatile.

It has a wide range of applications, from roofing to flooring to a variety of other tasks. Poly-crystalline Diamond- which is a diamond grain blended with a catalytic metal, is topped on this distinctive cement saw blade. Furthermore, the PCD tip of the blades is exceptional in terms of high strength and wear resistance.

The blades’ extended gullet takes away debris such as dust and chips. This gullet is meant to prevent the blade from overheating and the substance being cut from ever being scorched. Due to sawdust entrapment, higher friction may occur if the blades do not have a wide gullet.

It has a hook angle that reduces the chances of overfeeding or blocking. The improved triple chipped grind and C6 micro-grain carbide ends also help the blade to slice efficiently.

 Because anti-vibration and expansion holes are included, the blades can operate with minimal vibrations. They reduce the amount of noise generated during the cutting process.

  • Can cut fiber cement easily
  • Minimal dust
  • Precise and smooth cuts
  • Low heat emission
  • The number of teeth is less
  • Can require sharpening

As a 6.5 saw blade featuring diamond knockout mechanism, it cuts through all types of steel pipes and bolts with ease. Incorporated with a ripping feature, the triple chip grind adjustment, that makes it feel like it’s chewing steel, Norske has indeed done its job well!

5. Oshlun SBNF-065060 6 1/2-Inch Circular Saw Blade

Oshlun SBNF-065060 6-1/2-Inch Circular Saw Blade

The Oshlun round saw blade cuts a great deal more than mild steel, making it yet another exceptional metal-cutting choice. It’s a 6 1/2-Inch 48-tooth blade with a triple chip tooth grinding and a diamond knockout 5/8-inch arbor.

It works with copper, aluminum, and brass. With a reliable brand like Oshlun, which provides impeccable customer service, nothing less than an enjoyable experience is to be expected. Oshlun’s 6.5-inch circular saw blades are made of C-6 carbide.

To render the blades sturdier, the carbide used in the tooth grind transfers heat to the scraps formed by the blades while cutting. It also includes a triple chip grind, which creates a hole with steep sides. This grind combines a consistent cutting force, minimal tooth dragging, and easy chip flow.

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Cutting through non-ferrous materials is a breeze with this teeth configuration. Finally, a laser-cut expansion groove in the blade absorbs vibration and prevents warping or distortion. It also reduces the heat generated by the blade’s tension during the cutting process.

  • Saves time with faster cuts
  • Keeps the material cool
  • Easy on the pocket
  • Carbide formulation
  • The diamond knockout can have issues
  • Can throw hot chips which harm your face

This blade is built of a mixture of C-6 micro grain carbide and titanium, rather than pure carbide. As a result, it lasts a long time and cuts quicker while producing the fewest potential sparks. That isn’t to suggest you won’t need a face shield for safety, but it is still an excellent addition.

Important Point Before Buying Best 6 1/2 Circular Saw Blade

If you want the sharpest and cleanest cuts possible from 6 1/2 circular saw blade, you should not skimp on quality when purchasing these blades for your operations.

There are various 6 12†circular saw blades to choose from, but the central question is how will you choose the ideal one for you? However, before finalizing your purchase, we have some tips for you to consider.

Corded or Cordless

Some round saw blades are only compatible with corded circular saws. Others are specifically developed for cordless models. Of course, the finest ones should work with both these two models. It is, without a doubt, an important factor to consider.

Design of the Slot

The design of the slot of a circular saw is also a crucial factor to consider. It has an impact on the entire cutting procedure. The anti-vibration slot can keep vibrations to a minimum.

The expansion slots, once again, serve to minimize noise and distortion. If you wish to integrate the two slots, look for rotors with plugged expansion slots. It can do all the functions of the other slots.


The saw blade should be dependable as well. Irrespective of which blade model you choose, make sure it is always accessible on the market.

This will make it simpler for you to obtain spare components when they are required. Circular blades are likely to get damaged, which you should be aware of. Even in transportation, they might be ruined.

You can find a wealth of information on various types of circular saw blades on the web. You can also read user reviews to assess the blade’s strength and dependability before buying a product.

Type of Work

What do you plan to do with the blade? As previously said, not all blades are supposed to be equal.

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Various sorts of blades are only meant to be used on certain types of material. For example, some saw blades are built specifically for cutting metal. When compared to blades used on timber, vinyl, or plastics, these blades are far more durable.

Carbide Tips

When the circular saw blade’s teeth close with carbide edges, you’ll get much more strength and adaptability out of it. Typically, carbide tips are specific in usage. And you can foresee them to be huge in size to allow easy and precise sharpening over time.

Tooth Grinds

Triple Chip Grind, Alternative Bevel Top, Plain Top Grind, Wide Alternative Top Blade, are the most common tooth grinds, available in 6 1/2 circular saw blades.  The Triple Chip Grind tooth arrangement is the least susceptible to degradation as well as the most efficient for symmetrical slicing of solid surface substances.

Number of Teeth

Given the size of the blades, not all the blades on a 6.5-inch circular saw have the very same teeth. Depending on the use, they usually have a varying number of teeth. Employ blades with a greater number of teeth if you need a sharper and more precise cut.

The Kerf

In general, if you want to buy a blade which will last a long time, choose one with a stronger kerf. Blades with a narrow kerf, on the other side, will give you a finer edge. Furthermore, the cuts are made at a faster speed with these finer kerf blades.

Size of the Gullet

The gap between the blade teeth is referred to as the gullet. The number of materials cleaned while the blade rotates is also determined by the length and depth of the gullet.

Frequently asked Questions

What is the best 6 ½ circular saw blade?

Dewalt’s DWA161240 circle saw blade is the best 6 1/2 circular saw blade for plywood, hardwood, and other tough woods. The saw blade is well-known for its superb blade control, longevity, and speed. It offers all the attributes that any craftsman would want to have in a saw blade.

What circular saw blade size is best?

7 and 1/4 inches is the most frequent and helpful size for Diy enthusiasts. Saws of this size can cut through material up to 3 inches thick, and they have the most blade options for cutting materials apart from wood.

Concluding Best 6 1/2 Circular Saw Blade

A saw can only benefit you as much as its blade allows. Choose a high-quality brand if you really need best 6 1/2-Inch circular saw blade and get the most out of them. You have a lot of choices, from Makita to Diablo or Norkse.

You now even understand which aspects make a significant difference. So, you seem to have everything you need to make a worthwhile investment. Nevertheless, we have listed our top three recommendations below to make things easier for you.

  • DEWALT DWA161240 6-1/2-Inch Circular Saw Blade– It is an excellent choice for roofing, paneling, and concrete form work. It features plate technology, which reduces vibrations and improves cutting performance.
  • Diablo by Freud D0641X Finishing Saw Blade– For its extremely thin kerf, because of which, you’ll get faster, more durable, and smoother cuts, as well as the Perma-Shield Non-Stick Covering, which reduces drag, rusting, irritation, and gumming.
  • Makita B-57342 6-1/2″ Circular Saw Blade– This blade has gone through a complete hardening process! It shouts for flawless, high-quality cuts since it’s made of steel plates that have been skillfully hand tensioned.

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