6 Best 20 Inch Chainsaw For The Money

Last updated on May 22nd, 2022 at 07:52 am

Are you in hurry? We have selected Husqvarna 455 as the Best 20 Inch Chainsaw for its top notch quality and excellent fuel consumption and is personally tested by us. Grab it now and have a smooth work with your chainsaw.

Are you tired of chopping gigantic logs with your 14-inch circular saw? So, maybe now is the time for an upgrade towards the tough guy! Getting your hands on the best 20 inch chainsaw is the greatest option for critical, heavy-duty chores that require exceptional cutting force and performance.

Chainsaws are an excellent tool to have on board. Their cutting power exceeds that of any other handheld instrument, and they are small and portable, making them suitable for property care and landscaping. 

Best 20 Inch Chainsaw

Below we have included reviews of some of the best brands, along with a comprehensive buying guide which can help you finalize your purchase for the best 20 inch chainsaw, that can last you a lifetime.

So, keep reading the article to find out more about the product you should get your hands on.

Best 20″ Chainsaws Picks

Husqvarna 455
Husqvarna 455
  • Air cleaning system
  • Low vibration technology
  • Safe and secure
Poulan PR5020
Poulan PR5020
  • Low fuel consumption
  • Environment friendly product
  • Prevents arms from getting tired
Echo CS-590 chainsaw
Echo CS-590 chainsaw
  • Easy to start with decompression chamber
  • Automatic chain oiler
  • Value for money

Best 20-Inch Chainsaw

1. Husqvarna 20 Inch 455 Rancher Gas Chainsaw – Overall Best

Best 20 inch chainsaw

If you want demanding maintenance work to be a piece of cake, Husqvarna 20 Inch 455 Rancher Gas Chainsaw can be your best pick. It has a 55.55 cc engine that gives an RPM of 9000. The engine also gives an increase of 20% fuel consumption for smooth work along with low vibration for you to work comfortably.

To extend the lifetime of the chainsaw, Husqvarna has introduced an excellent air cleaning system in this chainsaw that prevents the dust in the engine from being accumulated. It cleans the machine in unimaginable ways making it 10 times more efficient.

This machine provides air flow for the smooth running of the engine. It also provides efficient usage of gas by reducing the consumption of fuel. The automatic oiler system is responsible for keeping the chain lubricated every time which ensures sharp and clean cuts.

Moreover, it provides safety in case of a setback due to the chain brake and a chain guard in the engine. It has a chain tension system that requires tools to adjust the tension on the side of the unit, but that is far better than a knob because not many people are familiar with chain tension system.

Husqvarna gives its customers the freedom of choice when it comes to accessories. This means that you are not bound to buy bars, mounts, etc. from Husqvarna; you can get the accessories from whichever brand you like.

The Husqvarna chainsaw also considers the environmental factors therefore, the x-torque engine reduces the consumption of fuel which in turn, reduces the emissions in the environment. The x-torque engine prevents the old combustion of the chainsaw from being mixed with the new air that otherwise would affect the efficiency of the machine.

It doesn’t matter whether you are a beginner or a professional because at only 12.8 lbs. this power machine is easy and safe to use for everyone. It is also easily accessible for everyone. It is an all-rounder machine and a plus side is that it is quite affordable.

  • Air cleaning system
  • Low vibration technology
  • Safe and secure
  • Slightly heavy for small projects

This chainsaw lasts for a longer period due to the self-cleaning system in the engine. It is highly recommendable for professional work due to its durability and versatility. It has the attributes that one typically requires in the best 20“chainsaw: smooth, safe, comfortable, and little to no vibration.

2. Poulan PR5020 Pro 20 Inch. 50cc 2-Cycle Gas Chainsaw

Best 20 inch chainsaw

Poulan has been making electrical and gas-powered equipment for nearly half a century, according to its creators. The manufacturer’s outstanding expertise and incredible guarantee promises are sure to pique your interest in their terrific products.

Their chainsaw collection is simply incredible. They’ll astound you with their robust construction and seamless performance. The design of this PR 5020 chainsaw makes it consume 20% less fuel and reduces the emission of gases by 70% making it environment friendly.

Once you read the guide, it is easy for you to start the chainsaw as it features a smart start system instead of a typical pull-start. This way of starting the chainsaw also prevents the wear and tear of the product.

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The air filter doesn’t require to be changed frequently unlike other models of chainsaws. The technology in the Poulan chainsaw gives a longer life to the air filter. This saw becomes more productive in the workplace owing to the purging bulb and choke control system. The primer bulb makes it very easy to start the device, which decreases the risk of harm in the long term.

The engine is of 50cc and gives enough power for heavy duty work that other smaller chainsaw models are not capable of. Though the power it provides is a lot but due to its apt design you will not be able to feel a lot of vibration.

This means that you can work all day long and you will not get tired. It weighs slightly more than a regular 20-inch chainsaw, so, it might be difficult for beginners to handle it. For professionals however, it will not be much of a struggle.

  • Low fuel consumption
  • Environment friendly product
  • Prevents arms from getting tired
  • Not suitable for beginners
  • Breaks frequently during usage

This chainsaw is known to make precise and accurate cuts. It is liked due to its safety features and anti-vibration technology. The model is portable and comes with a spacious case that makes your job much easier. The variant is sure to exceed your expectations if you are planning to use it for medium to heavy wood working tasks.

3. ECHO 20 Inch. Timber Wolf 59.8 cc Gas Chainsaw

Best 20-inch chainsaw

Echo was established about 50 years ago. The firm has been producing and polishing pro-grade tools ever since. They’re known for their excellent products and imaginative approach to leveraging technical advancements and producing top-notch ergonomically designed devices.

The Echo CS-590 Timber Wolf chainsaw is undoubtedly one of the best 20 Inch chainsaw that we have on our list. It is a professional-grade tool that’s ideal for a busy householder, or farmer, who’s involved in a variety of creative projects. It’s well-made, and simple to set up, operate, and maintain.

The model has an engine of 59.8 cc, one of the largest made by the Echo company. The engine provides a lot of power that can perform heavy work and can last for a long amount of time.

The Echo chainsaw starts using a rope pull. Usually, it isn’t manageable but the decompression chamber in this chainsaw makes it easy to start. The auto chain oiler in this chainsaw is highly useful as it keeps the chain well lubricated.

While operating, it does not have the annoying buzzing sound which makes it comfortable to use and does not give a headache.

It is slightly on the heavier side as it weighs more than other chainsaws. Even though it is heavier the rear handle is made in a way that it gives you improved control over the chainsaw while you are cutting wooding with it.

Another amazing feature this tool has is that it does not require constant sharpening of the chain. It is known to maintain its sharpness for longer so, you can simply pick it up and start using it right away!

  • Easy to start with decompression chamber
  • Automatic chain oiler
  • Value for money
  • Heavy to carry
  • The guard can crack with time

Despite its immense strength and power, the Echo chainsaw is extremely light and easy to use. So, whether you’re a huge property owner who is always chopping trees and conducting various DIY jobs, or you need a dependable chainsaw for commercial use, this Echo model could be just what you’re looking for. It’s impossible to go incorrect with it. It slashes into wood like a sharp knife and is reasonable as well.

4. X-BULL 20-Inch Gas Powered Chain Saw 58cc

best 20" chainsaw

Are you wanting to replace your existing chainsaw with a 20-inch model? This design by X-Bull might be a perfect fit for you. This 20-inch chainsaw is both inexpensive and of good quality.

Consider buying this equipment instead of hiring a professional crew to help you with cleaning or chopping duties on your property. It may pique your interest and even help your business grow.

Its 58cc engine is quite powerful and can do the toughest of jobs as well. Though the engine is quite powerful, it doesn’t work as well as Echo or Husqvarna does. It is quite easy to start this chainsaw but not very safe because you must lock the throttle.

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The model boasts of an automatic oiling system that keeps the chain and bar lubricated without the requirement of priming it. This improves the efficiency of the machine. Moreover, the plastic casing protects the exterior of your chainsaw, making it much more durable.

It is important to note, however, that accidentally dropping the machine or mishandling it might cause damage to the plastic casing. You can also get a separate chain in case you are not comfortable using the one it comes with.

Even though this 20-inch chainsaw on our list, is quite cheap it is still a good investment if your use is limited. If you are someone who does not want to spend a lot on chainsaw you should certainly give it a try.

  • Budget friendly
  • Outstanding power
  • Cutting trees with large diameter is easy
  • The balancing is not efficient
  • Not very safe to use

If you are looking for a chainsaw that is powerful, cheap, and reliable all at the same time, X-Bull has solved your problems by introducing this model! It can get the heaviest and toughest of jobs done without putting a dent in your pocket.

5. JAWM 20 Inch Bar Gasoline Chainsaw Chain Saw 52cc

best 20 inch chainsaw

Are you scouring the internet for a reliable, efficient chainsaw to use for your varied wood-cutting jobs around the house? You’ve arrived to the correct place! This fantastic and reassuringly affordable device could be just what you’re looking for.

This gas-powered chainsaw is great for chopping firewood, pruning trees, and tidying up after a storm. The Quick Start technology on this saw will appeal to many people.  It contributes to the machine’s longevity and makes for quicker pull starts, in addition to a powerful engine.

The JAWM 20-inch chainsaw has low vibration technology so, when you are using it there will be little to no vibrations and your forearms will not get tired while using this machine. Moreover, this machine is comfortable to use because it has a cushion wrap around its handle.

Finally, Jawm, has included an automatic oiler as well, which keeps the chain lubricated for longer period and prevents the chain from any sort of damage, thus ensuring your chainsaw’s longevity.

  • Portable
  • Ideal for household use
  • Pocket friendly
  • Difficult to assemble

This machine provides you with superior value for money. The manufacturer has an impeccable customer service, with representatives available all round the clock. The most notable feature is the QuickStart technology due to which, it is easy to start the machine without any efforts.

6. Makita EA5600FRGG 20″ 56 cc Ridgeline Chain Saw

best 20 inch chainsaw for the money

Makita is a well-known home improvement brand that creates trustworthy products for both the home and the workplace. This model’s outstanding performance to weight ratio is due to its sturdy 56cc engine and 20-inch chain, both of which are complemented by high-quality operating parts for heavy-duty operation.

This saw is designed to make your task easier and weighs only 12.8 lbs. putting it in one of the lightest chainsaws in its category. Other convenient features include a spring-assisted starter and a carrying bag.

It has an excellent filter system to maintain the airflow which improves the cutting performance while also increasing the efficiency of fuel. This filter system exhausts the air out so that the new air coming in does not gets mixed with leftover combust in the filter.

For maintenance purposes Makita has built a chain system in this chainsaw, that can be cleaned easily and does not require a lot of effort. It has vibration resistant technology which reduces the effort you will put in while using the chainsaw.

Apart from an easy starting system, Makita chainsaw also has an even easier power off system. It has a touch that stops the lever and quickly powers it off, making your jobs easier and lives better.

  • Efficient filter system
  • Compact and light weight
  • Powerful air filtering system
  • Easy to clean
  • The push pin can be loosened over time

For the price, it is a great product with an easy start and power off button that makes it ten times easier to use. It provides comfortability due to the vibration dampening quality it has. The filter system keeps the dust and combust in the engine away due to which the chainsaw tends to last longer and keep you satisfied.

Factors To Consider While Purchasing The Best 20 Inch Chainsaw

Before you decide on a chainsaw, you should think about a few possibilities to ensure that you receive a product that satisfies your demands. You don’t want to be stuck with a device that you can’t use or that fails to meet your needs.

Here are some points to consider before purchasing the best 20 inch chainsaw for your wood working projects.

Number of uses

If you are planning to use the chainsaw regularly you need to make sure that it has anti-vibration technology so that you do not damage your hands and they do not get tired. The handle should have a comfortable foam or cushion like cover that gives you a comfortable grip and more control over the machine.

Starting Procedure

It is essential that you do not spend more a lot of time in starting the chainsaw. You should go for the conventional pull-start mechanism only if you have the upper body strength.

If not, then chainsaw models that can prime themselves, can work really well as it reduces the number of times you have to pull and gather your strength.

20 inch chainsaw reviews

If pull-start technique is a no for you all together then you should look for push start technology. The system does require priming but the strain on your arms will be far less.

There is however, one drawback of this method, if the start button or touch fails then there will be no other method to start the chainsaw.

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Chain Tightening and Service

If you are planning to use the chainsaw very frequently, it is necessary that you go for the one that has a manual tightening because that is more reliable unlike a chain tightening knob. It is important that the manual tightening is easily accessible so that you can do it while you are working.


The very last thing that you want to do after you’ve completed your tasks for the day is to disassemble the saw and clean it. Some versions are more straightforward to dismantle and wash than others. Known brands just like Husqvarna and have made things simpler for their customers to save time and energy.


When it comes to cost, there are a variety of 20-inch chainsaws available in low, middle, and premium price ranges. Although costly does not always imply high performance, it does suggest that you will be purchasing a saw from a well-known manufacturer with outstanding parts availability. It’s also important to keep an eye on the fuel efficiency.


Whether you use your chainsaw on yearly bases due to the weather or on a routine basis, you want to know that it will operate with as little help as possible when you seek for it. It would also be helpful to learn that even if you use it to its total potential, it is capable of handling it.

Although die-cast bodies are more substantial, they will present you with a much more durable tool that can withstand being thrown, knocked down, and even mildly mistreated in the long term. Plastic might be brittle, especially in cold weather, but it’s a decent alternative if you can keep it dry and secure while still wanting a portable device.

Durability is primarily determined by how well you maintain the saw. The more time and effort you put into maintaining and washing it, the longer it will endure and operate.

Maintenance and Cleaning

Chainsaws require regular maintenance to prevent it from malfunctioning and making sure that it performs well. Gas-powered saws require oil change and plug change after every few months for smooth running.

It is necessary to clean the dust after every use so that the carb does not get blocked. To keep your chainsaw reliable and make it last long, it is essential to take these measures.

Handling Power

You may not realize it, but if your chainsaw isn’t up to the job, it will make your tasks much more difficult. If, on the other hand, the chainsaw is well-handled and you can manipulate it fast, things will run smoothly and without stumbling blocks.

Weight of Chainsaw

The heavier the chainsaw is the more difficult it will be for you to carry out your task. This will make you slow, and your entire process will be delayed. So, make sure that you get a chainsaw that you can carry around easily and doesn’t hinder your progress.


To ensure your safety and prevent any accidents it is essential that the chainsaw has adequate safety measures. It should have a handguard, a chain, and a chain brake so that there are little to no risks of any setbacks.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best 20-inch chainsaw?

All the chainsaws reviewed are best in their own aspects but if you are looking for something top of the line then you should go for the Husqvarna 20 Inch 455 Rancher Gas Chainsaw.

Though it is slightly heavy, it provides a longer lifetime making it worth the money you’re spending. It also provides comfortable use due to its vibration resistant technology. If you are a pro-environmental person, then you should consider it as it reduces the emission.

What is the most reliable 20-inch chainsaw brand?

Populan Pro has been known to be a very reliable manufacturer. It is a leading brand name in the chainsaw industry since many years. It is known for its durable, versatile, and eco-friendly products. They always put their customers comfort first and came out with low vibration technology in their chainsaws.

How big of a tree can a 20-inch chainsaw cut?

A 20-inch chainsaw can cut through a tree that has a diameter of 18 inches. You need to think about your daily usage. If you are working on properties in rural areas where you must clear out a lot of trees and bushes, then a 20-inch chainsaw will be the right fit for you.

Does Stihl make a 20-inch chainsaw?

Yes, Stihl is still making a 20-inch chainsaw that is effortless to use and has high performance. Its products are known to be one of the best in the market due to the usage of less fuel and many other facilities that it provides.

Conclusion On 20 Inch Chain Saw Reviews

The above-mentioned 20-inch chainsaws are all high-quality products that can meet most of your needs. For a good experience it is necessary that the chainsaw is comfortable, smooth, quick, lightweight, and durable. Based on the careful analysis of the above-mentioned reviews, following are our top three recommendations:

A robust 20-inch chainsaw can cut through many types of wood with ease. If you really want your equipment to last for a decade, it is important to pick the most dependable machine for all your needs.

By reading these reviews, we hope you can find the 20-inch chainsaw for your work. Prior to indulging in this purchase, make sure that you do your research based on your usage.

You will have to decide the weight that you might be willing to carry and how much effort you can put in the maintenance of chainsaws as it requires constant breaking down and cleaning.

All the saws mentioned above are excellent choices for a wood working enthusiast, whether you require them for household purposes or as a professional. You can rely on to get the work completed if you are on a budget or an instrument shopping spree!