5 Best 10 Inch Sliding Compound Miter Saw

Precise cutting and framing is vital to professional woodworking. While miter saws can help you make the cuts and crowns of your choice, some miter saws are better than others for specific cuts. A common cut in woodworking is the 10-inch cut and making it perfectly requires a lot of precision and attention to detail.

Unfortunately, you can’t get such a cut right without having the right kind of tools for it. Hence, I suggest you get your hands only on the Best 10 Inch Miter Saw. With so many brands claiming their miter saws being able to cut 10 inch perfectly, finding the best match can be hard.

I understand that it must be hard for you to wait. You might want me to tell you right away as to which miter saw to choose. So, here it is: the DeWalt DW713 Compound Miter Saw is the best 10 inch miter saw out there. This miter saw has it all, from a great motor to a perfect build, making all your woodworking projects easier and fun.

Top 10 Inch Miter Saws

DeWalt DW713
DeWalt DW713
  • Great capacity
  • Easy to Use
  • Good motor power
Bosch CM10GD
Bosch CM10GD
  • Comfortable usage
  • Solid build
  • Efficient blades
Hitachi C10FCG
Hitachi C10FCG
  • Lightweight
  • Security features
  • Affordable

Best 10 Inch Miter Saws – Product Reviews

Below, I am putting down reviews of 5 of my top favorite 10 inch miter saws. Please note that, while each one of these is amazing and has no match, the reviews are in an order from the best to less-best one.

 1.  DeWalt DW713 Compound Miter Saw – Overall Best

DeWalt DW713

If you are someone who only wants to invest in the best possible brand of miter saws and woodworking tools and are ready to pay a bit extra for the quality, then going with this option would be a good idea.

DeWalt has been in the miter saw and woodworking tools business for years and almost all their miter saws are great in their own way. The DeWalt DW713 is no exception either. It is a portable and travel friendly best 10 inch compound miter saw that has a lot to offer.

Let us begin with its amazing AC/DC power source that runs on 20 Volts of current.

This miter saw comes with a 15 amp motor that is powerful enough to get the saw’s blade moving at a whopping 5000 RPM. This speed is more than enough considering that the motor also ensures a deep cut having 4 ½ inch of cut capacity.

Thanks to the multi functionality of this motor, this miter saw can be used for big and small carpentering projects and the results have always been fantastic.

Not just it’s motor, but this miter saw perfect in terms of it’s blade too. The blade offers smooth action cutting with a blade guard and this definitely compliments the powerful motor when it comes to making precise cuts.

This miter saw boasts a stainless-steel miter detent that has 14 positive stops, letting you cut as you like. The precise fence system of this cutting device is adjustable and lets you work at your own ease and pace.

Coming to the bevels, they can move 48 degrees to the left and 3 degrees to the right. I also want to mention the amazing 2 inch x 6 inch dimensional lumber cross cut capacity that works at 90 degrees.

There is another 2-inch x 4-inch dimensional lumber at 45 degree, letting you work at your best. The miter saw comes with a long cord, allowing you to move around as and how you like. It also has a crown molding nested in it, thereby letting you cater to a wide range of projects.

  • Great capacity
  • Easy to Use
  • Good motor power
  • Offer versatility of use
  • Accurate and precise guide
  • A bit pricey
  • Vibrates a little too much

What is best about this miter saw is its performance as well as the fact that it has remained steadfast even after years of usage. This miter saw has a body of steel, in a literal sense. It can resist rust and dents even with a lot of travel and movement.

Overall, the DeWalt DW713 Compound Miter Saw is a great option for anyone who wants something that provides them with the value for their money, is versatile, and very easy to use. You won’t regret investing in this one if making 10 inch cuts is something that you have to do quite a lot.

2. Bosch CM10GD 10 Inch Miter Saw – Premium Pick

Bosch CM10GD

Next up, we have this best 10 inch sliding compound miter saw from Bosch. Just like the one above, BOSCH is also a name that you can easily trust when it comes to investing in woodworking tools.

Upon its first look, the Bosch CM10GD will come off as an advanced and modern-day miter saw that might get you wondering if operating it would be an easy task. Well, do not worry at all because under all its style and advanced parts, the ease of use is taken care of.

What Power Does the Bosch 10 inch Miter Saw Offer

Starting from the power source, this miter saw comes with a great 15 Amp motor that run on 120V like many other miter saws. This motor is what allows this miter saw blade to rotate at a speed of 4800 RPM, which is more than enough for most professional wood working projects.

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Do not let the 4800 RPM make you feel like the DeWalt miter saw would be necessarily better than this one. For sure, the latter has more RPM, but this one has more torque that makes up for less RPM and makes it as good of a miter saw as the one discussed above.

The intense torque lets you work your way through the densest projects without having to use a lot of manual force.

Features You Will Get with the Bosch CM10GD

The miter saw comes with a 10 inch blade and features spacious upfront bevels made out of solid metal. You would also enjoy the square lock precision fences that will allow you to make quick adjustments to all your projects.

This miter saw also boasts BOSCH’s signature Axial glide system that lets you make wide cuts on cross. This system helps with aligning everything better.

What we really like about this miter saw is that it can provide accuracy and precision in cuts with its range of features. Take the crown chop lock as an example, it locks the head in its place to make sure that you have control over the entire cutting process and also have maximum cutting capacity too.

This miter saw is also very compact, making sure that you don’t have to arrange for a lot of space to work with it. If you feel like your workspace won’t be able to fit in a new miter saw because of space issues only, I strongly recommend that you go for this one because of its compact body.

Lastly, this miter saw is comfortable to use. It has a big, ergonomic, and an ambidextrous trigger handle that comes with foam fitting and allows for a very soft grip.

  • Perfect speed and torque combo
  • Comfortable usage
  • Solid build
  • Efficient blades
  • Impressive cutting capacity
  • Expensive
  • A bit noisy

Reasons Why the Bosch CM10GD is Worth Consideration When Buying a Miter Saw

Overall, this Bosch miter saw is a great investment for anyone who has little space but still wants something big and powerful. Thanks to its premium metallic and solid body, this miter saw can last you decades if taken care of and you might be able to pass it down to your grand kids some day too.

The system comes with a dust collection port alongside a vacuum adapter to allow for a quick and easy cleaning after the work is done.

3. Hitachi C10FCG Miter Saw – Budget Choice

Hitachi C10FCG

Here’s a great option for anyone who is tight on budget but still cannot compromise on the quality of woodworking when it comes to making precise cuts and moldings.

Hitachi C10FCG comes with a powerful 15 Amp motor that uses an electric cord of 2.57 HP to generate enough power to be able to run at a high speed of 5000 RPM.

Add to it some intense torque and a 10 inch blade that can make great cuts in terms of capacity, and this miter saw becomes a perfect package.

Performance of the Hitachi C10FCG

You are going to love the fact that even with a cheaper body when compared to the high-end metal miter saws, this one is making no compromise at all on its performance. The miter saw offers 0-45 degree bevel range to the left to allow for custom adjustments on all your projects.

It also boasts a big and easy to hold horizontal handle that offers secure hold. This feature matters because professional woodworkers like us can use it easily all day long without feeling much pain or pressure on our hands.

The miter saw comes with a large working area in the form of a spacious table that provides you with great arm support. This table also features a secure clamping system, making sure your wood pieces don’t move much as you cut them out.

Coming to the cutting performance, you’d love the sharpness of the blades along with the fact that this miter saw as a whole only weighs 24.2 pounds.

This means more portability and travel-friendliness. Keeping your work area clear using this miter saw is also possible with the dust collector attachment that minimizes the airborne particles and keeps it all neat.

  • Lightweight
  • Security features
  • Affordable
  • 5 year warranty
  • Useless instruction manual

Lastly, I want to give a special shout out to this best 10 inch sliding miter saw for its 5-year warranty that ensures its long life even when it comes with such a decent price tag.

4. Evolution RAGE3 10 Inch Miter Saw

Evolution RAGE3

If you have even a bit of knowledge about miter saws, this one’s proprietary blade feature must have got your attention by now.

Possibly one of the most well-built Evolution RAGE3 10 inch sliding compound miter saws out there, this one has a lot to offer when looked at from the view points of the price tag it has.

This miter saw works with 1 Lithium ion battery and it lives up to any expectations of power with its 10 inch blade that makes up to 750 cuts per minute.

With its intense cutting capacity, this miter saw is able to cut through all of what you you will need. It has an extendable fence guard to help you with cutting longer pieces with absolute ease.

I also want to mention this miter saw’s compatibility with other Evolution tools that will let you handle a wide range of projects with minimal investments made.

  • Great proprietary blade design
  • Smooth cutting
  • Easy to use
  • Affordable
  • Can’t handle all kinds of projects
  • No dust collection system

Another notable thing has to be this saw’s extra large base that offers great space to work on bigger projects without risking your safety and ease.

Overall a minimalist miter saw, this one can work great for almost all your basic woodworking projects that demand precision and great working.

5. Chicago 10 Inch Sliding Compound Miter Saw


The last 10 inch miter saw on our top-favorite list is this Chicago 10 inch from rather an unknown brand.

If you do not want to spend on something pro-level and only need a precise-cutting miter saw for home DIYs and projects, this one if our absolute recommendation to you.

This miter saw comes with a powerful 15 AMP AC sourced motor that can produce RPM of 5000 on the 10 inch blade.

This blade has up to 60 sharp teeth that ensures a great cutting capacity alongside motor’s supplemented torque that makes it easier for these teeth to cut through it all.

The saw also features a dual bevel that can move 45 degrees left and right and has dual liner side rails to ensure better working as well as user’s safety.

While this saw makes a lot of noise and vibrates intensely, it is not a reason to discount this miter saw. Considering the sharpness of its blades and the accuracy with which this saw can make the cuts.

  • Accurately guided cuts
  • Precise working
  • Easy to use
  • Affordable
  • Noisy
  • Vibrates too much

Overall, this one is a good option for those looking forward to something useful for weekend home projects and can’t spend a fortune on their woodworking tools.

FAQ’s about 10 Inch Miter Saws

What Is The Best 10 Inch Sliding Compound Miter Saw?

As you can see, the DeWalt DWS713 reviewed above it the best 10 inch sliding compound miter saw. With so many features that compliment this miter saw’s price, there’s no way you can go wrong with this one.

Which Is Better 10 Inch Or 12 Inch Miter Saw?

It definitely depends on what you want to get done from a miter saw. Both these miter saws are good in their own capacity and using the right one to make the right kind of cut would never disappoint you.

How Thick Can A 10 Inch Miter Saw Cut?

It generally depends on the kind of miter saw you are using but most of the 10 inch miter saws can make a cut that is 5.5 inch wide. Make sure to pick a miter saw that offers cut capacity of your choice.

In case you are beginner, you can also check Best Miter Saw For Beginners

Wrapping Up The Best 10 Inch Miter Saw

Dewalt DW713: This one is a great miter saw with versatile features, powerful motor and great RPM. It comes with a dust collector and is fairly easy to use too.

Bosch CM10GD: A powerful miter saw that wins at versatility, this one has a great torque that suits all kind of heavy woodworking projects. It is a compact miter saw that has a very sturdy body and hence, can last you for generations to come.

Hitachi C10FCG: A saw that wins it at being safe to use, this one is also a versatile warrior with ergonomic features that make it a favorite for those who have to work all day long and are looking forward to some armrest.

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