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My wood gear is a blog site run by an expert woodworker’s crew. We provide reviews about power tools that must be in your toolbox in order to maximize your productivity and project quality. 

Every now and then a lot of innovative and upgraded tool models are bombarded to the market. With tons of options available in the market, users get dissonance about which is the best product for them to get their hand on. 

To eliminate that trouble, we provide the customers with honest tools reviews. Without any biased facts and through our personal experience. We present to you every bright and dark side of the tools in order to support your purchase decision in the best way possible. 

We have provided detailed reviews of various woodworking tools. All the features are discussed in detail. You can take this website as a hub of reviews of woodworking tools. 

From high quality products to products that are heavy in duty but light on the pocket with phenomenal features, we cover every possible aspect of the tools. 

We also try to walk you through the major guidelines to follow while going to pick the right product for yourself. 

You can get all the tools reviewed on our website from Amazon. Through the call to action button, attached below every product review, you’re directed towards the amazon page to make your purchase without any hassle. 

We are basically amazon affiliates and get some percentage of commission on every purchase the customers make through our website. 

We make sure to assist you completely regarding all the information about carpentry tools, that eventually would help you to make your purchase butter smooth!

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